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Best Xiaomi Car Accessories | As cheap as $10

by Mike Xiao
The Best Xiaomi Car Acessories to make your car a Future Car!

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Price range: $10 - $100

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  • Xiaomi Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Xiaomi Car Bluetooth Speaker
  • Xiaomi Dash Cam
  • Mi Air Car Purifier

Xiaomi Car Accessories

Xiaomi’s Car Accessory range has expanded by leaps and bounds. Their car accessories range from portable car cleaners to the super popular dashcam. From a price range of $10 to $50, you can get everything you need for your car from Xiaomi.

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For most of us, our cars are our second home. We love our cars and love to spruce it up as much as possible! When it comes to me, I drive a Hyundai i10, that is a pretty basic car. It doesn’t have airbags, not it has a reverse helping camera and so on. So I need a major upgrade to make my car driving experience better. Who better than Xiaomi?

Xiaomi is a super unique company. They are there in every category and Xiaomi Car Accessories are some of the best in the business. So what range of products does Xiaomi have that will suit your car?

Xiaomi Car Gadgets

Xiaomi Car ProductsLink
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Xiaomi Dash CamClick here
Xiaomi Car ChargerClick here
Xiaomi Car Vacuum CleanerClick here
Xiaomi Car BluetoothClick here
Xiaomi Portable SpeakerClick here
Xiaomi Car Tire Pressure MonitorClick here
Xiaomi Car Power InverterClick here
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#1 – Xiaomi Car Incense

Let’s start off with the small one. Cars are closed spaces and can start smelling really bad very quickly. If you have started your car after a heavy downpour, you’ll know. I like my car smelling great and that is why I always buy a car incense. But most of them are designed weirdly, where they are placed on the dash and whenever I enter my car, I don’t get the aroma of the incense.

Xiaomi has a pretty innovative solution for that. The Xiaomi Car Incense is attached to the AC Vent and that why when you turn on the air conditioner, the incense flows out and spreads across the car. This is a pretty cool car accessory that everybody needs to get.

Xiaomi Car Incense

Price at Aliexpress – $5.69

Price at Gear Best – $23.98

#2 – Xiaomi Dash Cam

We have covered this one pretty extensively in our review here. But will talk about a bit briefly. The Dash Cam is an indispensable part of car driving in many countries as it is mandated by law. The Xiaomi Dash Cam is one of the most popular car accessories from Xiaomi. It’s super highly rated and has awesome features such as 24 hour monitoring, Night Vision, 140 degree viewing angle, Voice Control.

It also lets you know through the smartphone app when another vehicle bangs into your vehicle when it’s parked. It also informs you about the distance you maintain with the vehicles in front of you and also lane departure warning.

Overall, this is a must buy car accessory from Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Dash Cam

Price at Aliexpress – $54.99

Price at Gearbest – $57.99

#3 – Xiaomi Car Charger

There is one car accessory that we all can’t live without and that is the car charger. There are many types of car chargers and a few cars have a USB option built into the car itself. But the truth of the matter is, it isn’t fast enough. The charging takes ample time and the quality of the charge is highly questionable.

The Xiaomi Car Charger is a different beast altogether. It has the Qualcomm Quickcharge 3.0 feature, which means the charging is blazing fast. It works with iOS and Android devices.

Cars can get hot especially when parked outside in the sun and for this reason, there is a smart temperature control that is enabled.

It can dole out 36W of power, which is pretty good.

Xiaomi Car Charger

Price at Aliexpress – $12.59

Price at Gear Best – $13.33

#4 – Xiaomi Car Vacuum Cleaner

The car is one of the dirtiest places that we visit on a regular basis. The muck from the outside is carried into the car by your shoes. We leave snacks and other eatables in the car and eventually, it needs to be cleaned.

But instead of doing a a major clean up every once in a while, it’s best to do a quick consistent cleanup. But how do you do that when there aren’t the right tools?

Xiaomi has THE perfect tool for that. The Xiaomi Car Vacuum Cleaner is a super tiny and powerful device that can help you clean up your car in a jiffy. It’s size is the major factor and it can go below the seats, behind the seats, underneath the steering wheel and dash and also in the boot.

This is a must need device for clean freaks, who’d like to keep their car clean. This alternately can be used at home as well.

Xiaomi Car Vacuum Cleaner

Price at Aliexpress – $47.27

Price at Gear Best – $63.43

#5 – Xiaomi Car Bluetooth

Talking on the phone and driving is an offence across the world and it can be highly distracting and you’ll need both hands to drive. But how do people still talk on the phone and drive? With the help of the car’s Bluetooth. In many cars, this is built-in and you can speak hands-free. But what if your car doesn’t have this feature.

You can easily purchase the Xiaomi Car Bluetooth and ensure that you receive and take calls and listen to music through the Bluetooth system.

This is one of the must required devices for a car.

Xiaomi Car Bluetooth

Price at Aliexpress – $18.33

Price at Gearbest – $19.44

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#6 – Xiaomi Portable Speaker

A road trip is no fun without music. You need music in the car for the journey. But a lot of cars don’t have speakers in the front, except to the sides of the seats. So if a person is sitting in the front, they can barely hear anything.

If you have those sort of issues, then you can consider a portable speaker from Xiaomi. This can be placed anywhere, it’s super powerful and will fill up the car with sound. This is one of the best portable speakers out there and this is a must need device for every road trip.

This product was one of the first Xiaomi products that became popular.

Xiaomi Portable Speaker

Price at Aliexpress – $31.59

Price at Gear Best – $42.68

#6 – Xiaomi Car Tire Pressure Monitor

Another important aspect of car maintenance that is forgotten by most car owners is the the car’s tire pressure. When your car’s tire pressure is low, then the odds of it getting punctured are very high. Especially when driving for long distances, you need to ensure that you car’s tire pressure is maintained. The best way to check that is by getting a car tire pressure meter that Xiaomi manufactures. This is a simple device that tells you the numerical tire pressure of your car and with this decision, you can choose to fill in the air in your car.

So how does this work? There are sensors that you receive along with the car tire pressure monitor which you place in the dash of your car. The sensors give you data on the pressure of each tire in the car and help you take a decision. This is perfect for hassle free driving.

Xiaomi Car Tire Pressure Monitor

Price at Aliexpress – $61.99

#7 – Xiaomi Car Power Inverter

Have you always wanted to have more power in the car? Many a time I spend a lot of time in a car without driving and I end up wasting time because I don’t have enough juice to power my devices. The Xiaomi Car Inverter is an incredible device which makes your car a mini-home by letting you charge a host of devices.

The Car Inverter converts the 12V from your car into 220V. This power can charge devices such as Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Powerbanks, Speakers, Cameras, Game Boys and even Tiny Refrigerators.

Xiaomi Car Power Inverter

Price at Aliexpress – $34.29

#8 – Mi Air Car Purifier

Our cities are polluted and the air we breathe is not clean. Air purifiers at home have become a big thing. They help rid the air of all the bad pollutants. But what about your car? Your car is right in the middle of one of the most polluted sections of each city – The roads. It makes sense to purify your cars when you are using it, as there are a lot of pollutants in the air.

The Mi Air Car Purifier is a top product that is portable and is designed for the car. It has straps that you can attach anywhere in the car. Near Kids, behind the driver, wherever you wish.

Mi Air Car Purifier

Price at Aliexpress – $110.79

#9 – Xiaomi Dual Charging Port through Lighter

When you have a car with lots of people in it. It gets hard to charge all devices at the same time. Xiaomi has predicted this problem and created an interesting product called the Dual Charger for the Car. Basically, the connector attaches to the cigarette lighter and you get two charging ports.

Xiaomi Dual Charging Port through Lighter

Price at Aliexpress – $19.19

Xiaomi Accessories

One of the most popular Xiaomi product is the dash cam. If you are looking to buy any of the Xiaomi car accessories, then be sure to take a look at the dash cam. Apart from that, the Bluetooth receiver and the chargers are also quite popular among Xiaomi fans.

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