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Best Xiaomi Products you MUST own in 2021

by Jenny Xiao
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Best Xiaomi Products

Xiaomi has gone from strength to strength and they are not only an electronics company anymore. They make other gadgets too. Xiaomi’s products range from smart toothbrushes to vacuum cleaners. We’ve listed the TOP Xiaomi products that you need to own. 



Xiaomi is conquering the world. They are one of the largest electronic companies in the world and compete with the likes of giants such as Samsung, Apple and others. They started off as a Mobile phone manufacturing company and now they have ventured into various other electronic products and non-electronic products as well. Frankly, some of their products are absolutely fantastic. Check out our list of the Best Xiaomi Products you MUST own in 2021 for all the details.

Every year Xiaomi releases new and innovative products in the market. And this year we at BestXiaomiProducts have created this list to cover the best Xiaomi products of 2021. Your life will be enriched with these must-have Xiaomi products. After all, Xiaomi products are high in innovation and quality but are super affordable at the same time.

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Top Xiaomi Products 2021

Awesome Xiaomi Products

Latest Xiaomi Products

Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

This Xiaomi Mijia EraClean Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is probably the most useful products of all time. Not only does it help thoroughly kill harmful viruses and other harmful microbes but it also helps remove all kinds of stains and stubborn marks that have accumulated over time. It’s one of the Best Xiaomi Products you MUST own in 2021.

  • Most importantly, this device is extremely versatile and can be used to clean various everyday items such as glasses, jewellery, make-up brushes, grooming tools, baby products and really anything that can fit in the box. It is one of the best Xiaomi Youpin Products.
  • However, you should make sure these items are waterproof as this device uses a unique combination of regular tap water, a high-frequency vibration of 45000HZ and a 360-degree stereo cleaning technology to thoroughly remove all types of stains, smudges, bad odor and microbes
  • The box is designed to be compact and can hold multiple tiny objects at the same time. Usage is also fairly simple as it only requires the user to fill it water and press the button located on the surface.

The ultrasonic vibration forms bubbles by separating the air from the water. These bubbles rupture and cause a force which helps wash the surface of the object. These rupturing bubbles not only effectively remove all the stains but also kill the microbes. Most importantly, it does so without damaging the object itself.

Roidmi NEX 2 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Roidmi NEX 2 Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is one of the latest Xiaomi products that’s taking the market by storm. This powerful vacuum cleaner not only has a beautiful and ergonomic design but it also has fantastic features that can cut through dirt and debris in a matter of seconds. It’s one of the Best Xiaomi Products you MUST own in 2021.

  • Featuring a futuristic yet minimalistic design scheme this vacuum cleaner functions as both a vacuum and a mop, saving you a lot of time and effort as it requires no extra tools. It also uses modern technology and displays real-time performance and detailed status while cleaning on it’s OLED color screen. This supportive display is extremely clear and vibrant, making it one of the most useful features of this product.
  • This second-generation Roidmi vacuum cleaner has improved significantly compared to its predecessor. It has a stronger performance, considerably lower noise emission, and longer battery life.
  • It uses a BMS-X 2.0 battery system, which uses 8 LG/Samsung lithium batteries to provide up to 70 minutes of power on a single charge. With respect to the area is can easily last for 450 square meters.
  • It uses an upgraded Air-X 2.0 technology for efficient air dust separation. Basically, it utilities 8 air tornadoes to separate the dust from the air and transfers it into the collection cup. this reduces suction and power loss. And helps avoid frequent cleaning of the filter.
  • As mentioned earlier this vacuum cleaner is both a filter and a mop, it is equipped with an all-round roller brush that can deep clean across all floor types. You can even switch from hardwood floors and to carpets without any hassle. The bumpy design of this NEX-V brush can even clean the dirt in the crevices of the floor.

This Xiaomi Roidmi Vacuum Cleaner uses Novaron ion antibacterial material to disinfect the floor and prevent epidemics. Most importantly, it has a six-level filtration for effective and deep cleaning.

Key features

  • Six-level filtration
  • Uses antibacterial materials to disinfect the floor
  • Works as both a mop and a vacuum
  • Has a unique brush
  • 8 cyclone technology for efficient dust separation
  • Lasts for 70 minutes on a single charge
  • Strong performance with a brilliant design
  • OLED screen

Xiaomi BUD Juicer

The Xiaomi BUD Juicer is one of the latest products from Xiaomi that’s taking the world by storm. This Xiaomi product is far from your everyday juicer. In fact, it’s a brilliant appliance that can separate the pomace and juice with astonishing levels of precision. Basically, this juicer wrings out every single drop of juice from the fruit/vegetable. Of course, it also comes with other amazing functionality that makes this product one of the Best Xiaomi Products you MUST own in 2021.

  • The Xiaomi bud Juicer is tough and durable with a beautiful design. It has two channel/shafts that separate the juice and the Pomace. This separation ensures 100% un-contaminated fresh juice.
  • It’s also extremely easy to clean this Xiaomi device, all you need to do is pour clean water and press the reverse key to automatically clean the juicer. It takes less than 16 seconds.
  • You can eliminate the complication of cutting fruits with this juicer. Since the Xiaomi Juicer comes with a 78 mm large diameter opening, you can directly insert the whole fruit to save time. But, be sure to wash the fruit before you insert it.

The Xiaomi BUD Juicer is equipped with an 8 section spiral graphite shaft that destroys the cell wall of the fruit and squeezes the juice while reducing oxidation. This low oxidation and minimal heat generation function results in the retention of more nutrients and active enzymes that are extremely beneficial for the body. Most importantly, the taste is absolutely brilliant.

Key Features

  • Tough and durable with a beautiful design
  • Double Channels to separate the Pomace and the Juice
  • Easy to maintain
  • 8 Section Spiral shaft
  • Low Oxidation
  • Retains more nutrients and active enzymes
  • Amazing taste

Xiaomi Bedside LED Lamp 2

The Xiaomi Bedside LED lamp 2 is one of the latest products from Xiaomi that is truly worth the price. It has a colorful RGB soft light and covers a wide area. It is packed with a bunch of amazing features making it one of the most top selling xiaomi products of 2021.

  • This lamp provides a kaleidoscope of colors. You can change your mood to your lighting or match your lighting to your mood. The range of colors and brightness can help you with your sleeping patterns. You can even sync it to your gaming system and it’ll change colors accordingly.
  • You can set timers and wake up to morning sunlight like brightness. It can also help you sleep with it’s sleep assist feature.

It works with Mijia Home app and the Apple home kit. Basically, you can use these to control the light settings and features through your phone or through voice commands.

Key Features:

  • Control the colors and brightness
  • It has features like “sleep assist” and “waking up” to help with your sleep pattern
  • Control remotely through your smartphone or even through your voice

Xiaomi Smart Power Strip

The Xiaomi Smart power Strip is one of the latest products from Xiaomi that is a true testament to their innovative philosophy. This smart strip is packed with useful features and is design for safety.

  • This smart power strip comes with 6 plug points and 3 USB charging ports. So you can basically charge your portable power bank while using your vacuum cleaner. It also has a 2A quick charge function to rapidly charge your devices.
  • It looks quite beautiful for a power strip. The sleek and minimal design can easily blend into any environment without looking out of place. The build is definitely made from high-quality plastic and even the writing is made from the finest copper. Xiaomi even claims that the user can plug in their devices 5000 times before there is any sort of deterioration to the build. It also comes with a set of non-slip feet that prevents any accidents.

It is literally the epitome of safety. Its material is fire-resistant, so it actually can’t catch fire. It also has overload protection, child safety locks and rubber pads on the bottom to prevent sliding.

Key features:

  • 6 Plug points and 3 USB charging ports
  • Light on the button to indicate power
  • Safety features like overload protection, child safety locks and safe internal copper wiring
  • Made from fir-resistant material.

Yeelight Smart LED Bulb (color)

Xiaomi’s new products are taking over their respective segments. Xiaomi’s Yeelight Led Light Bulb is an amazing take on the ever simple lightbulb. This Xiaomi smart home appliance offers a wide range of color tones that range from a warm to cool temperature that can be controlled remotely. 

  • The best feature of this Xiaomi product is the 11-year life span of this bulb. You will not even have to think about a bulb for the next 11 years! 
  • These lights come with a timer function. So, you can either sync it with your alarm to wake you up in the morning or set it to dim down when it’s time to go to bed. All in all, it’s an extremely handy feature.
  • You can perfectly integrate this bulb with your game ecosystem and have it change colors or even flicker when gaming. For example, it can emulate an in-game alarming even by turning red and flickering. Additionally, you can sync the light to your music player and watch the colors change with the rhythm of your favorite tunes.
  • This smart light works with pretty much all smart home ecosystem and Ai assistants like Xiaomi Ai, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, Samsung SmartThings and Amazon Alexa.

This range of the Xiaomi product line also delivers something else: The bulb reduces stress, improves concentration and even regulates sleep patterns with its wide range of warm colors. Also, If you buy multiple buys you can control the color of each bulb. 

Key features:

  • Wide range of colours that affects your mood
  • The various hues reduce stress, improves concentration and even improves sleep patterns
  • You can control this light through the Mi home app as long as you have the gateway
  • You can also control through your voice

Click here to check out the Yeelight Store – All YEELIGHT bulbs and lighting

Mijia Pen

Xiaomi recently launched an interesting object. A pen, yes a pen. Which left most of us wondering, why? But, it turns out this Xiaomi pen is really amazing. 

  • The sleek and sexy pen comes is 9.5 mm that is super easy to grip and write. It comes with a 120-degree rotational tungsten tip.
  • This pen comes only in a black or white color. This brilliant pen is bound to make your writing or drawing smooth and easy.

The best part is that the Swiss PREMEC refill pen is made from a type of Japanese Ink “Mikuni” that doesn’t overflow. 

Key Features:

  • Sleek and super easy to grip
  • Comfortable to write with
  • 120-degree tungsten tip
  • Special Japanese Mikuni ink that doesn’t overflow
  • Limited edition black or white

Mi Wi-fi Amplifier and Repeater

If you need high speed wi-fi without that irritating lag when streaming or gaming, the combination of the Mi Wi-fi Amplifier and Repeater do a brilliant job. 

  • This device is a beast as it has the ability to connect up to 16 devices without comprising a single iota of speed. In fact this device comes with 2 powerful high gain antennas that boost the WI-Fi giving it a wider coverage making it ideal for a large home.
  • No need to switch on the hotspot as this Xiaomi product enhances the Wi-fi signal while boosting the coverage of the existing wi-fi by two times.

The transmission rate of 300mbps matches any mainstream router if not better. Using the Mi Wi-fi Amplifier and repeater is extremely simple as it just plug and play.

Key Features:

  • High speed internet without lag
  • You can connect 16 devices
  • Boosts the coverage of the Wi-Fi by two-times

Xiaomi Wireless IP Security Camera

All Xiaomi products are on the higher end of technology, but with this device Xiaomi is going above and beyond when it comes to make you feel secure in your home. The Xiaomi IP security camera is so bolstered with modern tech that it does some really unbelievable stuff.  

  • This Xiaomi product can actually intelligently detect motion to prevent false alarms. You have complete control over this feature.
  • The security camera has a 1080p full HD resolution that captures huge areas with its 130-degree ultra-wide-angle lens. You even have a 2K video option that can capture the finest details of any intruders.
  • Oh, the features don’t end there. Like I mentioned earlier, they are going above and beyond with a night vision scope that captures everything so clearly in the night. It uses a 1.4 aperture and a 6P high-quality lens. The f1.4 aperture of the lends ensures that the camera capture enough light even when the lighting is poor and the lens ensures clarity.
  • It even has an AI humanoid function that has an algorithm that helps make the alarms accurate. This is done by filtering out invalid/false alarms that usually occur when there are housekeepers or grandparents.
  • This device is compatible with multiple devices like tablets, laptops and even Xiaomi’s own touchscreen speakers. One of the most useful aspects about this device is that it’ll let you play the video in 16x speed. So, you can go through the days footage without wasting too much time.

This device also has a two way communication feature so you can literally check in on you in your living room on your phone while sipping pina coladas in Bali.

Key Features:

  • Motion detect
  • 1080p full HD resolution video capture
  • 130-degree capture
  • Night Vision
  • Two-way communication

Xiaomi’s Mi Backpack

Xiaomi is making its way through into the lifestyle products, especially with this waterproof urban lifestyle backpack. 

  • This lightweight has a carrying capacity up to 10 kg. The nylon material is water resistant
  • Although this bag isn’t smart like most Xiaomi Products, it’s still made from high quality materials and will easily weather the contents from the environment.

The 4 grade water repellent material effectively resists the rain.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • 18L capacity
  • 15.6-inch laptop holder

Latest Xiaomi Phones

Xiaomi Redmi 9

The Redmi 9 is one of the latest mid-range beasts from Xiaomi. This latest Xiaomi phone is equipped with a Mediatek Helio G80 Octa-Core Chipset which is 82% faster than the previous Redmi 8. The combination of this CPU and it’s Mali-G52 MC2 GPU results in an unprecedented level of performance when compared to all the Redmi Phones. It has AI Quad Camera setup at the back and a 5020 mAh battery. It’s actually amazing that a phone with these overbearing specs can actually be considered a mid-ranger. Especially since it’s only priced at 240$. It’s an absolute steal.

Mi Note 10


The 6.47-inch Mi Note 10 is an absolute beast of a phone from Xiaomi. It’s primarily known for its 108-megapixel camera which is probably the best in the world. It also has a 5260 mAh with 30W fast charging. If you love a great camera and great battery life, then this is the one to go for!

Redmi K30

The latest smartphone released by Xiaomi is the shiny new Redmi K30. It has a 6.67in display screen with 120 Hz refresh rate – I mean gaming on a Redmi K30 is out of this world and it has great performance too! Thanks to the update in the refresh rate, the smartphone almost never freezes even if too many apps are open. This phone features four rear cameras and dual selfie camera. So you know the picture quality in this camera is pretty great. It also has 4,500 mAh battery and with 27W fast charging. If you love gaming or Netflix on your phone a lot then Redmi K30 is the one for you!

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T

What stands out about this beauty is that it comes with NFC support unlike its sister Redmi Note 8. Also, performance-wise this phone is great considering its price. It comes with a 4000 mAh battery and 18W fast charging. The phone battery will easily last the entire day and the 18W fast charging will charge your phone over 90% in about an hour. he Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T comes with quad camera and a 13MP selfie camera. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T is your best option if you want an affordable option with NFC support.

Xiaomi Smartwatches

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The latest smartwatch released by Xiaomi, the Mi band 4, features a 0.95in AMOLED display which is the best thing about this smart band compared to its predecessor.

  • The display screen also comes with an anti-fingerprint coating to avoid smudges. It’s also waterproof up to 50-meters which is great for swimmers!
  • The battery lasts about a week and also has automatic heart rate detection.

What I absolutely love about Mi Band 4 is how customizable this smartwatch is! You get access to over 50 watch faces in the Mi Fit app. You can also set notifications for individual apps and so much more!

Key Features: 

  • AMOLED Display
  • Anti-fingerprint and anti-smudge
  • 50-meters waterproof
  • Weeklong battery life
  • Mi fit app

Amazfit GTS

This latest smart band by Xiaomi, the Amazfit GTS, sports a 1.65in AMOLED screen display. It’s an extremely fashionable watch with six unique colors. You also get various wrist bands that further elevate the beauty of the watch. In addition to the pleasing colors, it is also has amazing texture and feels smooth to the touch.

  • The AMOLED display with 341ppi is unbelievably vivid and bright and is still visible even when you’re under direct sunlight. It has various watch faces that are editable. So, you can personalize your user experience and truly turn this smartwatch into a one of a kind device.
  • It has a battery capacity of 220 mAh that’ll last you about two weeks.

It’s resistant to water up to 50 meters and can track activities like elliptical workout, swimming, mountaineering, trail running, skiing, other than the common activities. Amazfit GTS is definitely a worthy buy!

Key Features:

  • 1.65 inch AMOLED Display
  • Battery life of two weeks
  • Water-resistant
  • Sports modes

Amazift Stratos 3


The most awaited Amazfit smartwatch for a long time is the Stratos 3. It’s a professional sports watch with an amazing reflective display. It’s beautiful, stylish, functional and powerful.

  • Basically, the brighter it is outside the clearer the display gets. The 1.34-inch display is full touch with a very respectable 14-day battery life.
  • It has a dual-chip with a dual operating system. SO you can easily change between the professional mode and daily life mode.

It’s a sports watch with about 19 sports modes. For example, a mode which has 70 hours continuous GPS and constantly tracks your location and fitness levels.

Key Features:

  • Reflective display
  • 14-day battery life
  • Dual operating systems
  • 19 sports modes

Xiaomi Electronics

#1 – Xiaomi Airdots

#2 – Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headphones

The Mi Sports Bluetooth Headphones are one of the most unique headphone available in the market. First of all, the design is intuitive and sits on your ears perfectly.

  • The tracker for the Mi sports is similar to that of the Mi Band. They are touch-enabled, which means you can control your music through them.
  • Xiaomi provides you with 5 different ear tips that enable anybody to use the headphones seamlessly.

Attached to the wire is a button and a microphone to take calls. The Mi Sports Bluetooth is a solid Bluetooth headset for somebody looking for a state of the art headset at an amazing price!

Key Features:

  • Mi sports tracker
  • Touch-enabled
  • 5-different ear tips

#3 – Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers are perfect for people who love music and are on the move all the time.

  • It’s not big and can be easily stored in any bag and can also be carried in your pocket.
  • Its equipped with a DRC dynamic range compression algorithm which basically prevents distortion of sound. So, with this algorithm in effect you can expect clear music with clear lyrics.

This is power-packed speaker that lasts for up to 8 hours of use and can be charged full within 2.5 hours. This is a perfect companion for road trips and travels.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • DRC dynamic range compression algorithm
  • 8-hour battery life

Best Xiaomi Home Products

Xiaomi Smart Home Hub

One cannot build their Xiaomi smart home of their dreams without the Aqara Gateway hub. This is the central piece that connects to all the Xiaomi smart home products such as window and door sensors, motion sensors, wall switches, cameras, LED lights and others. This is a must purchase to build a Xiaomi smart home.

#4 – Xiaomi Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp

The Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp is an amazing smart lamp from the house of Xiaomi. It’s a plain white lamp that blends into any room. It has a bendable structure that can be extended to spread the light.

  • The Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp has two lights, the primary one and the secondary in the back of the lamp which acts as ambient light.

As this is part of Xiaomi Mijia, you can use it with your phone to control the smart lamp. There are features such as timer, remote control and more!

Key Features:

  • Flexible body
  • Two lights
  • Since its a smart lamp it can be controlled through your phone or through your voice

#5 – Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum

You might have heard of the Roomba. If you haven’t, Roomba is a device, which automatically moves through your house and cleans up any dust that layers your floor.

  • It has an intelligent AI that controls the Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum. This AI plots the the path and figures out what to clean.
  • It has two hours of battery life and covers up to 250 metres. It also has a dust box capacity of 250 metres.

You also have a user-controlled cleaning option. So, all in all, it’s extremely useful products that worth the money. Personally, It’s saved me so much time.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent AI controls the path to cover most areas
  • 2 hours of battery life
  • 480ML dust box capacity
  • 5200mAH battery, covers up to 250 metres
  • User-controlled area cleaning.

#7 – Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners are designed for efficiency. They are fast and suck up the maximum dirt in a matter of minutes. The vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi competes with Dyson’s vacuum cleaners and is pretty effective.

  • Xiaomi’s Vacuum Cleaners are designed to blend into any household. Even the grip is designed to relieve stress on the wrists during long cleaning sessions.
  • This vacuum cleaner comes with a bunch of attachments that can clean any nook and cranny.

It also has a revolutionary 9 cyclone technology that improves airflow and increases the suction power.

Key Features:

  • Minimalistic and futuristic design
  • Multiple attachments
  • Superior suction power
  • Battery life of 60 minutes.

#8 – Xiaomi Humidifier

A humidifier is opposite of a dehumidifier. A humidifier makes your home or office more humid. This is perfect for cold and dry places which can make your lips dry, make your skin dry and more. The Xiaomi humidifier adds a bit of water vapur into the air and adds much-needed humidity into your room.

  • It can humidify a dry room effectively. This dehumidifier can accurately detect indoor temperature so you humidify accordingly.
  • It has a timing function and also three adjustable gears of fog quantity are designed for meeting different needs.

The Xiaomi humidifier has a large capacity water tank which is perfect for daily use. It also has a fantastic supercharging turbine design that pumps out wind easily. And most importantly it emits very little noise.

Key Features:

  • Can accurately detect indoor temperature
  • Has three adjustable fog quantity gears
  • Supercharging turbine design.
  • Large capacity water tank
  • Low noise
  • Automatically shuts-off if there is no water in the tank

#9 – Xiaomi Smart Home Sensor Kit

The Xiaomi Smart Home Sensor Kit makes your home a safe and secure place within a budget. In this kit, you get numerous products that help with safety and protection of your home. The items you get are door sensor, motion sensor, wireless switch and temperature sensor. The door sensors can also be connected to Xiaomi lamps in your room, in which case, when your door opens, your lights get turned on.

#10 – Xiaomi LED lamp with remote Wi-fi control

The Xiaomi LED lamp is a cheap and awesome way of making your normal home a smart home.

  • You can control the color of the light and brightness.
  • This Xiaomi LED lamp has a lifespan of 10-years, so you can save some serious money on light bulbs.

This Xiaomi LED lamp comes with a wi-fi feature to it. Which means, you can control the LED lamp with a remote or with your smartphone. Say bye-bye to switches and get a Xiaomi LED lamp for cheap.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful design
  • You can control the color and brightness
  • Control the bulbs remotely through your smartphone

#11 – Xiaomi Mi TV Box

If you want a smart TV experience, but don’t want to shell so much for a smart TV, then you can get one of these nifty boxes.

  • The Mi TV Box gives you all the settings of smart TV and has pre-built apps like Netflix and other commonly used apps.
  • The OS is stock android and has all the features of an Android device.

With the help of the Mi TV Box, you can install gaming software and play games with the 8GB of internal storage.

Key Features:

  • Get all the settings of a TV and stream you favorite content
  • Access to Netflix and other commonly used apps
  • Stock Android OS

#12 – Xiaomi Body Composition Smart Scale

Weighing yourself with a normal scale? It’s time to tech-up! Get the Xiaomi Smart Scale and verify your weight accurately. This Xiaomi body composition smart scale can give your body data beyond your wildest imagination.

  • Apart from your weight the Mi Body Composition Scale checks your body fat percentage, water content, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, height, basal metabolism, water content and more.
  • It extremely worth it if your serious about your health and fitness.

The best part is that it can sync with the Mi fit app. This combination can give you more in-depth data and much more.

Key Features:

  • Extremely Accurate data
  • Gives you data on various components of the body like water content, muscle mass, bone mass, etc
  • Works seamlessly with Mi Fit App

#13 – Xiaomi Mosquito Repeller

Are mosquitoes annoying you? The Xiaomi Mosquito Repeller can help you. If placed next to you and switched on, then the mosquitoes won’t show up. A simple solution to a timeless problem!

  • This mosquito repeller comes with a colorless and fragrance -free repellent. It also has a fan that helps spread this odorless repellent.

The Xiaomi mosquito repeller can be connected to the Mi app. This allows you to control the timer setting of the repeller and even check if the status of the repellent tablet.

Key Features:

  • Emits a colorless odorless
  • Can be connected to the Mi app

#14 – Xiaomi Electric Kettle

xiaomi electric kettle aliexpress cheap

The Xiaomi Electric Kettle is a seamless and wireless electric kettle that can be used anywhere without a wire. This is a perfect product for a large house where the kitchen is far from the rooms. If you want hot water in your room, you can get it quickly and wirelessly with the Xiaomi Electric Kettle.

  • It has a beautiful design that blends well in any house. The curved outlet is designed to create a smooth flow of water that doesn’t easily spill.
  • This kettle also has a patented connector ring which prevents electric shocks.

The Xiaomi kettle has 1800 W high-power shaped heating ring at the bottom. This heating ring uniformly heats the water from the bottom up. It can prepare boiling water in 5 minutes flat.

Key Features:

  • Beautiful design
  • High power heating ring
  • Patented connector ring which prevents shocks.

Xiaomi Personal products

#15 – Xiaomi Massager

Don’t have the time for a dedicated massage session. Then worry not. The Xiaomi massager can help you. This is a simple device with a massage patch that gives you a massage anytime and anywhere.

  • The controller vibrates at different levels and massages your muscles, in turn relaxing them.
  • Each patch lasts for 100 massage sessions and can be replaced for cheap.

It’s lightweight and can be fit inside a shirt without people getting to know. Make your day, a relaxing day with the Xiaomi massager.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Vibrates at different levels and massages your muscles.
  • Lats for 100 sessions

#16 – Xiaomi Sonic Electric Tooth Brush

One of the most popular personal grooming products is the Xiaomi Sonic Electric Tooth Brush. It’s more expensive than your normal toothbrush, but this you don’t have to replace every 3 months. The toothbrush heads are cheap and reasonably priced.

  • The sonic toothbrush has four modes that are Cleaning Mode, Sensitive Mode, New Hand Mode (For new users) and Whitening Mode.

It is waterproof, has standby of 25 days and helps you get a better brushing experience.

Key Features:

  • Four cleaning modes
  • Waterproof
  • Battery standby of 25 days

#17 – Xiaomi Electronic Nose Trimmer

Finding nose hair troublesome? Don’t rely on scissors! Xiaom’s Electric Nose Trimmer is created for this exact reason. It works with AAA batteries and annihilates your nose hair seamlessly and without pain.

  • It has a curved hypoallergenic stainless steel blade that can be used to trim both nose and ear hair.
  • This nose hair trimmer has a smooth motor and a safety cone that not only prevents the blade from touching the skin but also efficiently trim the unwanted hair.

It has a 2W power and weighs only 30 grams. It has a 360 degree rorating blades that are concealed and on contact with skin does not affect your skin, but removes your hair effectively.

Key Features:

  • Hypoallergenic stainless steel blade
  • Safety cone
  • Cordless

#18 – Xiaomi Hair Dryer

The Xiaomi Hair Dryer is a ceramic-based dryer that looks beautiful and works seamlessly.

  • Made of an aluminium alloy, the device itself is sturdy and the parts don’t break easily as the plastic dryers do. Also, the alloy ensures the device does not heat up too much.

It has a 3 gear system and generates 1800 watts of power that blow dries your hair in a jiffy. It’s a much-needed product for people who want to move to a superior hairdryer.

Key Features:

  • Aluminium alloy casing
  • It has a 3 gear system
  • 1800 watts

#19 – Xiaomi Amazfit Shoes

The Xiaomi Amazfit Shoes is from Xiaomi’s Ecological line. It’s also their foray into the shoe market. The rubber on the sole is from the Goodyear rubber company. It has a breathable fabric, that let’s air seep through and keeps your legs cool, all the time.

  • The ERC materials are stretchable and the Jacquard fabric makes sure that you can use these shoes in any environment. That is for climbing, running, at the gym and also in water.
  • It’s also water-resistant.

You can attach a smart chip, that is sold separately, to these shoes in order to track your movements. The smart chip can be synced to your Mi Fit App and you can access data such as steps and running distance. Basically, accurate data a band can’t provide.

Key Features:

  • Soles made from Goodyear Rubber Company’s Rubber
  • Breathable and water-resistant Jacquard fabric
  • Attach a smart chip to access accurate data.

Cool Xiaomi Products

#20 – Xiaomi Portable Fan

In summers, it gets hot! And if you don’t have access to airconditioning then you can be in a load of trouble and sweat. The solution? Get the Xiaomi portable fan!

  • The portable fan can be kept on a table and can be angled towards your face. This way, you can get fresh air and cool down from the heat. You can carry it around anywhere and use it wherever you go. While travelling or when you are camping or even when going to the other room.
  • It’s completely noiseless. So, it won’t bother you when your sleeping or studying.

But the coolest feature is the touch control. You can literally tap anywhere in the top portion of the fan to turn it on or off. Isn’t that fantastic?

Key features:

  • Portable
  • You can connect it to a USB port to activate it
  • Touch panel on the top portion of the fan

#21 – Xiaomi Portable Blender

Who doesn’t like a juice or a shake from time to time? Everybody does. But what if you are at work and really crave a shake? It’s too time-consuming to go to the smoothie shop and get yourself one. Xiaomi has a unique solution with a portable blender.

  • Just with a few cut fruits, this portable blender can give you a smoothie anytime, anywhere. It’s small enough to carry with you during your workouts or anywhere else.

It has a four blade cutter that can shred almost anything. It’s a must buy product for fitness enthusiasts and smoothie lovers!

Key Features:

  • Portable Blender
  • Powerful blade

#22 – Xiaomi Cable Organizer

The Xiaomi cable organizer aims at solving a simple but prevalent problem. Cable management. When we use a multitude of devices, cables get tangled, fall on the floor and we run over them with our wheeled chairs or we step on them.

  • A simple fix is the cable organizer that can be stuck anywhere on the table or underneath the table and you will be able to organize them cleanly. For a few bucks, get yourself a clean table.
  • This cable organizer is equipped with a double sided adhesive which can attach itself easily on to any platform. The best part is that it’s completely reusable.

The Xiaomi Cable Organizer has a unique magnetic holder with a clip separating design. This can help keep your cable tidy. The best is that it comes with holes for cables of different diameters.

Key Features:

  • Reusable adhesive
  • Unique magnetic holder with clip separating design
  • Placeholders for cables with different diameters

#23 – Xiaomi Car DVR Camera

The Xiaomi dash cam is a boon for car drivers. It has a 200-megapixel camera and has a voice activation feature that lets you control the device purely with your voice.

  • It has a night vision feature that works well in the dark. You can playback and download videos through the Wifi app.

The Xiaomi dash cam has a 130-degree angle that lets you cover a wide spectrum of the road and not only a straight angle. If you want a dash cam, this is the one to go for without a doubt.

Key Features:

  • Night vision
  • Captures video even when the car is stationary
  • High-resolution video capture

Xiaomi Products Reviews and Questions

Is Xiaomi a good brand?

Xiaomi is an amazing brand and it’s one of the biggest brands in China and all over the world. In just 8 years, they have grown by leaps and bounds to become on the largest and affordable consumer brands in the world. Although Xiaomi’s lines of products are affordable, the quality of tech and engineering is absolutely amazing. There of course other brands such as Huawei that deliver phones with a similar price range of Xiaomi smartphones. But, Xiaomi is really pushing the envelope when it comes to gadgets. Check out our reviews to get a good idea about Xiaomi’s products.

Which is the best Xiaomi smartphone?

Hands down the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. Equipped with an unbelievable 108 mega pixel camera we are heading towards the future with this phone ladies and gentlemen. The phone has a really solid battery life. The best part, However, is the fact that this phone is at most only one-third of the price of the highest-end phones. So this phone straight-up delivers a the highest tech while priced as a mid-tier phone. Unbelievable. The Mi Note 10’s camera and battery leave the iPhone 11 miles behind. If your not a camera person then that’s fine because this phone still dominates in every other feature.

Is Xiaomi better than Samsung?

Ever wondered how those budding Chinese phone brands like Xiaomi lasted this long? Well, it not that complicated. While Xiaomi is definitely not as wealthy as big brands like Apple or Samsung. They Lasted this long purely due to quality. They actually sold pretty high-end tech and managed to snag some of Samsung’s market share because they priced it at one-third of Samsung’s. So, it is indeed better than Samsung in terms of tech. However, Samsung’s brand value is really high so its an up hill battle for Xiaomi.

Do Xiaomi phones last long?

A diplomatic answer would be that as long as you maintain it well, without through it around then it will be in good shape for years to come. But, to be honest Xiaomi phones last long especially with the constant software updates under the condition you take care of it.

Where to buy Xiaomi products for the cheapest? 

Well, if you are like me and is obsessed with Xiaomi products, then you might be wondering where you could buy it for super cheap. The truth of the matter is, the more middle men you have and more the logistics that your product has to go through to reach you, the more expensive your product will be.  So, to buy it for the cheapest, you can get Xiaomi products from Aliexpress or Dhgate.

Why Aliexpress or Dhgate? Both these platforms are direct selling platforms (seller to buyer) where Xiaomi lists the products directly and the products gets shipped from Xiaomi’s factories in China. So if you want the best cost, then it’s best to buy from one of these e-commerce platforms from China. 

Is it safe to buy a Xiaomi phone from China? 

Trust me the best thing to do when in doubt regarding tech is check out the user reviews, just have a look at the reviews for Xiaomi phones on Aliexpress. You will see thousands of reviews. Now a lot of these reviews are from different users from various other countries. Now you may think these reviews are fake. But they are not.  These platforms have stringent laws that don’t allow for fake reviews.
So, buying a Xiaomi phone through Aliexpress is no hassle and is very safe. The sellers ship Xiaomi phones to all parts of the world
However make sure to buy from only authorized sellers. Look out for sellers who have the ‘Top Brand’ tag and also look out for reviews and the order count. If you buy from a genuine seller, you will get a much trustworthy and affordable Xiaomi phone shipped directly to your house. 

Xiaomi New Products in 2021

What are the new Xiaomi products in 2021?

Redmi K30 Pro
Amazfit GTS
Xiaomi Thermometer
Xiaomi Car Charger
Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Is Xiaomi affected by the Google Ban?

Xiaomi being a Chinese company is within the radar of U.S. Government agencies. But, Xiaomi does not have any backdoor entries to collect data of U.S citizens and hence is not affected by the Google ban. All of Xiaomi’s phones work with Google and is available in the U.S. Market.

Is Xiaomi banned in the USA?

Xiaomi is not banned in the USA. It’s very much available.

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