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How to check Xiaomi warranty and serial number 2020

by Jenny Xiao

Recently a colleague of mine decided to pick up a Xiaomi smartphone from a second-hand retailer who had informed us that the device was new and barely used. However, upon further inspection, the device was refurbished and passed off as a new smartphone. We were able to figure out the age of the phone and caught the seller in the act by checking the IMEI number and the phone’s warranty. Read our guide on How to check Xiaomi warranty and serial number for specific details.

This incident made me think. Not a lot of people know how to check the activation date and warranty of their Xiaomi smartphone and about the best practices when it comes to warranty/authentication. Although Xiaomi Smartphones are cheap and amazing device they can easily be refurbished.

So, we decided to compile this How to check Xiaomi warranty and serial number guide/tutorial to help you keep a track of the warranty and to help you authenticate your phone.

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How to check Xiaomi warranty and serial number

IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity

Typically a barcode which consists of 15 decimal digits that is assigned to a particular device. The IMEI number of a Xiaomi smartphone typically includes information like the origin, model, serial numbers of the device. 

The IMEI number can be used at times when you’ve lost your mobile and even assists in determining if the smartphone you’re using is fake or not.

How do we find the IMEI number on a Xiaomi smartphone

Getting an IMEI number on a Xiaomi smartphone is rather easy, the manufacturer has thought this through and provided you with numerous methods on how you can retrieve the IMEI number.

#1 — On the Box

On Xiaomi smartphone boxes the IMEI number can be found on the sticker containing the specifications of the smartphone. It would be located below the barcode and you will find either one IMEI number or two depending on if the smartphone is a dual sim card device or not. Along with the IMEI number, you will see an MEID (mobile equipment identifier) and the phone’s serial number.

#2 — On the Phone/In the Box

Xiaomi has started placing IMEI stickers within the box for safe keeping. You’d normally have a set of two white stickers found within the owner’s manual in the box. These stickers would contain the IMEI, MEID and serial number that can be kept aside in a safe place incase you may lose the phone and box.

  • IMEI numbers are also found on stickers that are stuck at the rear of the smartphone. These are important stickers that include information like the phone’s IMEI number (Identity), SAR value (Specific Absorption Rate for cellphone radiation), serial number, storage and model information, and other details about the device. 

The stickers do not pose any threat if they’re removed from the phone, the reason multiple are provided is just in the instance you happen to lose the phone and box you’d be able to track your phone down using the extra stickers that were provided to you.

#3 — Via the Smartphones Settings option

Another way to find the Xiaomi IMEI or serial numbers are via the settings option. To access the serial numbers you will have to 

  • Unlock your device and open the “Settings Menu”
  • Scroll down and tap on “About Phone” followed by “Status
  • Within “status”, scroll down to “IMEI Information”. The next page will provide you with your MEID and IMEI numbers. Most Xiaomi devices will have two IMEI numbers based on the number of Sim Card slots available in the smartphone. 

#4 — IMEI through the dial pad

Locating the IMEI number on Xiaomi via the dial pad is the same procedure to be followed for any Android device, all you need to do is punch “*#06#”. Upon hitting dial, a pop up message appears on the display with the Mobile Equipment Information that includes the IMEI number and MEID of that smartphone.

Benefits of the IMEI number for your Xiaomi smartphone

Manufacturers like Xiaomi have been registering their devices with IMEI numbers for three major reasons:

Block a stolen device 

Ever since smartphones had started getting increasingly popular, thefts increased ten-fold. In the case of theft of your mobile phone, you can use the IMEI number registered to your device to block network connectivity to your stolen phone by reaching out to either the police or to your network service provider.

Identify the model and origin of the Xiaomi smartphone 

An IMEI is designed uniquely to each phone and manufacturer. The first 8 digits represent the TAC and would be used to determine the origin and make/model of the device. The manufacturer of the device can be identified by using the last 6 digits of the IMEI number. This lets you know how old the smartphone is and if the phone is a new (fresh-off-the-shelf) or an older second-hand smartphone.

Track the device in case it’s lost 

The IMEI can be used in instances where you’ve lost your device and want to try and find it instead of giving up hope. By handing over the IMEI number of the smartphone you lost to the police, with the help of network service providers they will be able to track your phone’s current whereabouts and would end up retrieving your phone for you.

Activation date and Warranty for Xiaomi smartphones

What is the Activation date on a Xiaomi smartphone?

An activation date is a specific date which indicates the first bootup of the phone. This helps in reflecting the phone’s usage and age. Phones that are new will have a more recent date whereas older models will have dates from maybe a year or two ago.

  • When a Xiaomi smartphone is taken off the production line and packed to be shipped, the phone is basically set to factory settings and powered down. The first power-up of the smartphone post-purchase sets the activation date for that particular model. This helps the company (Xiaomi) and the customer know if the device falls within the warranty and is a new phone.

What does Warranty have to do with the Activation date of your Xiaomi?

Xiaomi’s smartphones come with a one-year warranty and this means that within one year of purchasing the device, Xiaomi will have any software/hardware changes made for free or a minimal cost 

  • This is available only on new phones retailed from Xiaomi or any of their retailers. Warranties don’t apply to old phones which have passed their warranty deadline, any phone that has crossed or has its warranty void would have to be serviced and repaired by being paid in full.

The reason why Warranties and Activation dates are interlinked is because the Activation date acts as the timestamp from when the device was first booted and when the warranty started on the device. 

How to check the Warranty and Activation date of your Xiaomi smartphone

To check the Activation date of the Xiaomi smartphone is a rather easy process to follow and Xiaomi has made it easier with the Official Product Authentication webpage.

  • Start by searching for the IMEI number on the Box of the smartphone. However if you’re unable to locate the IMEI number on the box then you can try any of the alternate methods listed above and retrieve your IMEI number.  
  • Proceed to copy or write down the IMEI number on a piece of paper if you’ve taken the IMEI from the phone settings tab and not the box. 

Open Xiaomi’s Official Product Authentication webpage 

  • You are provided with two major selections; Verify your phone purchase and Xiaomi Product Authentication. Upon selecting Verify your phone purchase, you’ll be asked to key in your IMEI number or S/N number followed by a verification code. 
  • Upon entering the relevant details, hit “Verify”. The page will reload with the basic specifications of our smartphone, production date and activation date.

To check the Warranty status of your Xiaomi smartphone you can try three different methods. 

  • Start by checking the purchase date on the physical receipt of the smartphone. Usually, purchase bills include warranty information and the purchase date. Similarly, you can also refer to the warranty booklet found within the smartphone box.
  • However, there are instances where you won’t be able to find the bill or may have lost it while shifting houses, in this case, you can check the Xiaomi Mall App by logging into your registered account and proceeding to “Service centre” > “After-sales service”. Here you’ll be notified if you still have a valid warranty or if it has expired.

Lastly, using the Product Authentication webpage, you’ll be able to check if your device is still within its warranty.

  • While checking for your warranty in the Product Authentication page, you’d be asked to enter a security code. This security code is found on the authentication label, a holographic Mi sticker that has a small coating to its side. Scratch this coating off to reveal the security code. 


Having a number of methods to validate the authenticity of your device is ideal. With a fake market that’s rampant and millions of smartphones getting stolen or lost, it’s a good idea to understand why these numbers are plastered over the device and why there are many such stickers found within the box.

IMEI, serial codes, identification numbers and warranties are what make each smartphone unique. These help you in ways you never imagined, from a lost smartphone to one that’s been stolen. Recovering phones and blocking lost phones are now an easier process than earlier. 

We hope this guide helps you understand How to check Xiaomi warranty and serial number. Feel free to hit us up with any questions by using the comment section below.

How can I check my mi warranty online?

You can check your mi warranty online by heading to the Product Authentication webpage. Here you’ll be able to check if your device is still within its warranty. However, you will be asked to enter a security code. This security code is found on the authentication label, a holographic Mi sticker that has a small coating to its side. Scratch this coating off to reveal the security code. Check our guide on How to check Xiaomi warranty and serial number for more details.

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