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How to use Xiaomi Enchen Hair Trimmer?

by Jenny Xiao

With the Barbershops closed, grooming at home is the only way we can stay safe. Although most hair trimmer can take care of the grooming bit, the good ones cost a lot of money. Money that most of us don’t have. And investing in a subpar trimmer can result in injuries. Xiaomi as always as come up with a affordable and effective solution to this problem with their Enchen Hair Trimmer. Check out our “How to use Xiaomi Enchen Hair Trimmer?” for all the details.

The Xiaomi Enchen Hair Trimmer is absolutely fantastic. Not only does it have a brilliant design but it is also loaded with a bunch of features that will save you a lot of time and effort. This latest gadget from Xiaomi is a must-have product.

However, how exactly do these features work? Read on to find out How to use Xiaomi Enchen Hair Trimmer?

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How to use Xiaomi Enchen Hair Trimmer?

Inside the Box

The Xiaomi Enchen Hair Trimmer comes in a sturdy white cardboard box like most Xiaomi products. One unique thing about the packaging is that the white box is inside another brown cardboard box. On the front portion of the brown box, you will find an illustration of the trimmer. On the inner white box, you will find the technical specs and the features on all sides and an image of the box on the front portion. Inside the box, you will find:

  • The Trimmer itself
  • A type-C charging cable
  • Oil for the Hair clipper
  • Cleaning brush
  • And an instruction manual

Enchen Cordless Electric Hair Clipper – Design

Xiaomi’s Hair clipper is minimal in appearance. In fact, it is reminiscent of those old school bulky hair clippers. However, the design scheme makes it look futuristic and elegant. It is pretty light weighing only 142 grams. This Xiaomi Hair clipper has dimensions of 43 x 164 mm making it one of the most compact trimmers in the market.

  • The Xiaomi Enchen Boost Hair Trimmer comes in two colors black and white. White both having an elegant glossy look and smooth texture. Every inch of the device is made from high-quality materials. The exterior is made from ABS plastic which quite sturdy and durable.
  • On the face side of the Xiaomi hair clipper, you will find a power button and two LED indicators. Near the head of the device is the Enchen Logo which is an important indicator of authenticity especially since there are a ton of fakes out there. Enchen is part of the Xiaomi Youpin Ecosystem.
  • Behind the trimmer, you will find some technical specs and a button used to control the hair guard/comb. This gaurd also acts as a measuring device. Unlike most hair clipper that have a separate measuring guard that you add on the Xiaomi Enchen has made it extremely simple for their users with the one button-hair lock system. Which we’ll get to in a bit.
  • Next to the button are measurements marks from 3 to 21. This basically means you can cut hair from 0.7 to 21 mm. The hair comb has bendable tips which is super useful to prevent injuries.
  • On the base, there a simple port for charging. This port is specifically meant for a type-c cable. So, you can actually charge it from a power bank instead of a plug socket like other trimmers.

The head of the Xiaomi Enchen Hair Trimmer is made from a nano-ceramic material that is 1.6 times stronger than stainless steel. Not only does this improve the durability of the product but it also increases the quality of the cut itself. It also has rounded of edges to prevent injuries. Most importantly, this ceramic cutter head actually emits noise of 55 db making this Hair trimmer more quiet than your average stainless steel clipper.

Xiaomi Enchen Hair Trimmer – Set-up

Interestingly, this hair trimmer doesn’t have a relatively complicated set-up process like most of Xiaomi’s devices. All you have to do is connect the charging cable to the Xiaomi Hair trimmer and plug in the cable in to a power bank for about an hour.

Once this is done, you can start using it. Yup, that’s pretty much it. There’s no smartphone/ Mi home feature so it doesn’t connect to your mobile device.

So, how to use Xiaomi Enchen Hair Trimmer?

Using the Xiaomi Enchen Hair trimmer is fairly simple. Once, you’ve charged the device. Flip the trimmer over and using the the button of the positioning comb choose the measurement of hair you want to cut. You have an option to go as low as 0.3 and as high as 21 mm.

Once, you’ve chosen the length of hair you want to cut. Turn it on by clicking the button on the front of the device. You’ll see both the LED lights light up and the blades vibrating. This basically, means you can start cutting the hair. Place it on the subjects hair and start gliding. You don’t need to press the device down unless you’re going for a short cut. Be sure to use it according to style of hair you’re after.

You have the option to switch speeds. If you long press the button you get to uses the turbo mode which is more useful for thick hair. Of course, you can also change the position of the comb as and when you think it’s appropriate. This device will last for 90 minutes in one go so you can go at it without and issues. You also don’t need to be concerned about hurting the subject as the blades are rounded off to prevent injuries.

Key features

  • This Xiaomi Hair trimmer certainly has some useful features. For example, the one button sliding comb is super useful as it saves you the time and effort of adding multiple combs and attachments. With this one button slidong comb you can vut your hair from 0.3 to 21 mm. Of course, you also have the zero option.
  • The head of the Xiaomi Enchen Hair Trimmer is made out of Nano-ceramic which is famed to be 1.6 times stronger than stainless steel making it extremely durable and even resistant to rust and other environmental factors. So, yes you can actually expect decent longevity from this trimmer. Most importantly, it is much more quiet when compared to your other clippers as this ceramic cutter doesn’t emit more than 55 db’s of noise.
  • The ceramic cutter head also doesn’t generate any heat so you don;t need to be concerned about burning your self or electrocuting yourself through discharges.
  • Like all Enchen Products this device also comes with The Energy Smart Manager which is the brainchild of the Enchen ecosystem. The ESM offers two functions: energy management and efficient motor function.
  • The energy management works during charging and during regular use. During charging it activates multiple guarantees to extend the life of the battery and ensures safe charging. During regular use it basically, trickles the charge to ensure a long-lasting charge of 3 months. The motor master function basically, prevents hair from getting inside the device when the battery is low and the blade speed is reduced.
  • It has a R-type rounded corners. This Xiaomi trimmer has a rounded off cutter head and positioning comb to prevent injuries and provide comfort when cutting hair.
  • And most importantly, the Enchen Boost hair clipper uses a frequency conversion technology and a powerful 280-type motor that provides two speeds that you can easily switch between in fluid manner. The basic speed is around 4500 rpm for regular hair and a turbo mode with an output of 5800 rpm for thick hair.

Xiaomi Hair Trimmer – Performance

Well, after using it for around three months. I think its safe to say this is one hell of a clipper. It’s hands down one of the best. Especially if you’re in a hurry.

  • The Xiaomi hair clipper works great and is perfect for thick hair. The one button slide will help you easily measure and set the length as and when you use without having to stop and attach a different comb and resume the process. It’s very fluid and the soft bendable nature of the guard and the cutter let’s you move comfortable without and hesitation which I really loved. I totally relied on this device and pushed it down on to my skin near my nape and i didn’t get a single nick.
  • As i mentioned I have thick hair. So, i was on Turbo mode the entire time. I never really felt a major difference between the Turbo and Regular mode. Either way it was extremely easy and effective and there was no heat generation or electrical discharge of any kind.
  • However, i did notice something after i was done cutting my hair. Enchen claims that their EMS technology provides energy management and efficient motor function. While the trimmer did last for about 2.5 months on a single charge the motor function had some issues. Basically, Enchen claimed that device won’t pull of catch hair. While this didn’t happen i did notice quite a bit of hair had made its way into the the head of the the trimmer.
  • While this isn’t too big of a deal it still has a chance of messing with the motor. So, be sure to remove the head and give it a clean after your done using it. Another issue was the noise. While it’s true the ceramic cutter is quiet, the positioning comb actually rattles when it’s above 5 mm. While it is quite ironic, it’s also pretty damn annoying.

Final Thoughts

This is certainly device with pros and cons and fortunately the pros do outweigh the cons. The Xiaomi Enchen Hair Trimmer Is equipped with functions and features that will make your life a whole lot easier. the nano-ceramic cutter head, the two speed and the one button positioning comb help you save an insane amount of time due to the fluidity. You can also totally rely on this hair trimmer as the rounded off edges will protect you from injuries.

Most importantly, the battery life is absolutely brilliant. It can last for 90 minutes on a single charge. Which is super useful as you don’t have to keep running back to charge it like so many hair clippers out there. However, there are tiny annoyances like the rattling sound of the positioning comb and the hair that finds its way into the head of the trimmer. Other these irritating issues this It’s definitely worth investing in. After all, it actually does a good job.

Is the Xiaomi Hair Trimmer Worth it?

Yes, The Xiaomi Enchen Hair Trimmer is defintely worth it. Not only does it have a beautiful design and battery life it also has amazing features that can cut your hair trimming time in half. It has two speeds that you can easily switch between and a brilliant one button positioning comb that can let you cut hair of 0.2 to 21 mm. Check out out “How to use Xiaomi Enchen Hair Trimmer?” for more details.

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