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i800 TWS Review and Price | $14 Airpod Clones That is Tough to Beat!

by Jenny Xiao

One of the most popular TWS earbuds is the i800 TWS. The i800 TWS earphones are one of the latest releases in the TWS clone market. There are Airpod replicas that is meant to be a true copy of the Apple Airpods has been making waves. So what does it have different from other TWS earbuds? 

Is it something new or is it the same old thing? Let’s find out! 

i800 TWS Earphones

Unboxing i800 TWS

i800 tws review

Inside the i800 TWS Box, you get the earphone, the charging box, a cable for charging and an instruction manual. 

Price – $14

i800 TWS Design 

i800 tws earphones

The design for the i800 is similar to the other TWS devices. It’s a true copy which means it’s a 1:1 replica of the Apple Airpods. It does not use the USB-C cable, but uses Apple’s lightning cable. 

There is a small button that can be used to power on and off. There are two versions of the i800 TWS. One of Quality A and the other is Quality B. Quality A has a slightly better design. 

i800 TWS Features and Functions 

i800 tws Airpod clones

The i800 TWS has quite some popular features that you can expect from TWS earphones. Here they are. 

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Bi-anural Sound – Independent Earphones 

Each of the earphones are independent from each other and the sound is Binaural too which means you can get different beats and rhythms on each ear just like the music creator intended. The earphones work independently from each other and if you are taking calls or want to listen to the outside, you can choose to place one in the box and use only a single earphone. 

Wireless Charging 

There’s a wireless charging option for the i800 TWS. If you don’t want to use the cable and carry around too many cables, you can always use the wireless charger and charge your device. It’s not that slow and it’s pretty quick and it gives you a high quality charge. 

Touch Sensor 

The i800 TWS earphones is enabled with the touch sensor feature that lets you change your music and control the device without having to touch your phone. Single touch for pause and play, double touch for playing the next song and double touch on the left earbud for the previous song. Three touches or a long touch gives you access to Siri or Google Assistant. 

Pop-up Feature 

The most in-demand feature on most TWS features is the pop-up feature. The pop-up feature is similar to the one from the Airpods, where you get a pop-up box asking you to connect with the i800 TWS with your iPhone when you open the charging case. 

Price – $14

Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity 

It has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and the connection is really good. You get great quality sound and also the connection does not get disconnected often. The Bluetooth range on the i800 TWS is up to 10 metres which is pretty good. For an Android device, you need to manually access the settings section and pair with i800 TWS, for iPhone it’s the popup box that appears as mentioned before. 

I800 TWS Sound 

So how is the sound quality?

The sound quality of the i800 TWS is second to none. It matches the sound quality of the Apple Airpods and all the other TWS Earbuds. They have a good bass, good treble and does not have any sharp noises or bad sounds at all. There’s good distribution of sounds and you can hear each and every percussion clearly. 

The issue that is there in most Apple Airpod clones is the fact that it doesn’t have any noise-cancellation feature and the truth is you do get some ambient noise when you are in loud places. But it’s not too bad that this is a deal breaker. 

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I800 TWS Battery Life 

The i800 TWS battery life is pretty good. It stands at about 3.5hours or 4 hours which is pretty good in most cases and situations. You can easily charge your i800 TWS with a small portable power bank or you get TWS Earbud chargers that are portable and easy to carry. If you have a 40 minute commute one-way, you can easily use your earbuds for a few days without having to charge them. 

i800 TWS Price 

The best part in my opinion about the i800 TWS is the price. It’s super cheap and you get a good quality earphones for just $15. This is nothing like what you can see in the market and in my opinion, this is the biggest advantage of the i800 TWS.

You can easily buy a few of these and keep it in your home or office and use each independently without having to break the bank! 

i800 Specifications

True Copy Yes 1:1 Exact size of Airpods
Binaural EarphonesYes
Independent EarphonesYes
Bluetooth5.0 Version
Touch SensorYes
Wireless ChargingYes


  • Great price
  • Superb sound
  • Good and decent battery life
  • Wireless charging


  • Not the latest Airpods clone

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