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Is Xiaomi Clothing Worth Buying? | Smart Clothes and Much More

by Jenny Xiao

Move aside clothing brands, cause, Xiaomi is here with their clothing! Now, when a brand that makes everything electronic suddenly ventures into fashion, the question definitely arises – Is Xiaomi clothing worth buying? or not? Let’s delve deep into some of Xiaomi’s clothing and figure out for ourselves., shall we?

Every clothing manufacturer has a selection of basic clothing, something that can be worn every day, either casually or to regular formal places like school or work. What makes basic clothing a hit is when they fit us well, the fabric seems to be durable, lasting regular washing machine and dryer routines with easy maintenance, the colour is fast and overall when it feels comfortable. 

Xiaomi has a few remarkable pieces of clothing in their basic range, for men as well as women. These are some must-have products in every home. Anyway, Is Xiaomi Clothing Worth Buying? let’s move on find out.

Xiaomi Lifestyle Products

Best Xiaomi Clothing

Best Xiaomi ClothingCheck it out on Aliexpress
Xiaomi 90 GOFUN Classic Lapel Polo ShirtsLink
“I Love Mi” tee-shirtLink
The 90 GOFUN Temperature Control Down JacketLink
Xiaomi Uleemark Down Sweater VestLink
Xiaomi Uleemark reversible down jacketLink
Xiaomi Uleemark Heated jacketLink
Xiaomi DMN Aerogel Cold SuitLink

#1 — The Xiaomi 90 GOFUN Classic Lapel Polo Shirts

These are tee shirts with a polo neck in solid colours like white, black, bottle green, navy and grey. They are neat looking with two contrasting colour stripes on the collar and the sleeve. Though these are designed to be worn for a golfing session, these very minimalist tee shirts are perfect for those semi-casual Fridays at work or for students who are in college or University. They go well with jeans of any colour as they fit well, close to the body. 

  • The fabric feels soft and since it is made of natural material, it is breathable.
  • It has a composition that includes 5% spandex that gives it a mild stretch and keeps it from sagging.
  • You definitely should avoid the dryer to prolong the life of the shirt. 

It also says that this fabric does not fade in the sun, but our advise for you is to dry all your clothing in the shade to keep them looking fresh and new.  This is available in sizes ranging from small to XXL.  

Key Features:

  • Breathable Fabric
  • Includes 5% Spandex that gives it a mild stretch

#2 — The “I Love Mi” tee-shirt

Now here’s a little something for all those hardcore Mi fans- the “I love Mi” tee-shirt. These are again round neck basic tee shirts with just that phrase printed on it. These look really neat and feel super soft when worn.

  • The base fabric is breathable cotton that is quite long-lasting.
  • It can certainly handle several washes and seems as good as new.
  • The 5% spandex mixed with the cotton gives it a slight stretch and keeps the apparel flexible.

It is priced competitively with the other established clothing brands in the market. You can, however, get good discounts when you shop online. This is available in sizes starting from S, right up to XL and the design is unisex. 

Key Features:

  • Long lasting
  • 5% Spandex

Is Xiaomi Clothing Worth Buying? – Xiaomi’s specialised clothing

While it is expected of any manufacturer to give us a set of good basic clothing, you can always trust Xiaomi to give you that something more to keep you interested. 

  • Xiaomi is a company that is reputed for its quality technology and it would not be fair if they didn’t include some kind of technology into their clothing, would it? So let’s explore some of the innovative jackets and coats by Xiaomi that incorporates a few electronics. 

#3 — The 90 GOFUN Temperature Control Down Jacket

If you live in a place where winters are harsh, or if you travel to cold places often, it is worth getting yourself this jacket. Made from Goose feathers, this jacket keeps you protected from the winter winds. It also has a poly acetate lining and is covered with IPX7 for added protection in cold weather. A lot of down jackets we find in the market are not rainproof and can easily disintegrate when exposed to water, but the Xiaomi 90 GOFUN jacket takes away that pain point and gives you something that can be worn in the rain as well.

  • The fabric has carbon nanotubes constructed within to ensure the dissipation of heat.
  • When it comes to temperature control, this jacket has heating points at the collar and around the hips. These are sufficient to warm up the rest of the torso.
  • Xiaomi uses an advanced heating technology that has an automatic shut off system to save power.
  • You can choose the temperature you want to maintain between two options and it controls the heat accordingly. 

Charging this jacket is fairly simple. All you need is a 10000 mAh power bank to charge it to the maximum and then the jacket is good to go for about 8 hours of active wearing time. These temperature control jackets are priced competitively in the market. 

Key Features:

  • Carbon nanotube to dissipate heat
  • Temperature control
  • Automatic shut off system to save power
  • Battery life of 8 hours

#4 — Xiaomi Uleemark Down Sweater Vest

Another range of warm protective clothing by Xiaomi is under the Uleemark name. These are also filled with Goose down feathers and keep the wearer protected from chill winds. There are a few options in this range. 

  • This sweater vest is a good option for lighter weather where the use of a very heavy jacket may not be required. Since this is a light item of clothing, it is a good option for layering as well. 
  • It’s made from high-quality materials. Not only is the fabric amazing but the fluffy fill is made from a highly processed material that keeps you warm while being lightweight.

The Xiaomi Uleemark Down Sweater Vest is water-resistant and will keep you warm and dry during precipitation and mild rain showers

Key Features:

  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight

#5 — Xiaomi Uleemark reversible down jacket

Another interesting option is the reversible jacket in the Uleemark range. With two different colours on both sides, you can choose the one you wish to wear. While one side has the look of a puffer jacket, the other side has a smooth finish that is waterproof. So you not only have two different colours, but also two completely different textures!

  • This jacket is also rainproof which is a huge relief for all those who feel it is difficult to maintain down jackets and they require extra care.
  • These come with several convenient pockets as well to carry your important stuff.

It comes with the same 600 fluffy fill as the Uleemark vest. It’s placed alternatively in pocket and is stitched using a baffle and anti-static thread stitching to prevent leakage of fill.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Reversible

#6 — Xiaomi Uleemark Heated jacket

The Uleemark jackets also come in heated versions which is an excellent choice for those biting winter chills. The design of the jacket is minimal, just like other Xiaomi clothing and it has a very premium finish. 

  • You can press a button to turn on the heat and it is maintained automatically to keep you warm and toasty. These come in several temperature options which is great compared to the GOFUN which has only two options.
  • Also, the entire jacket, along with the temperature control switches is completely waterproof, keeping you safe and protected at all times, under any circumstance.

These heated jackets are also reversible with two different textures, so you kind of get two very good looking, completely varied looks for the price of one! These jackets have a versatile design and can be worn by both men as well as women. 

Key Features:

  • Several Temperature control options
  • Control switches are water proof
  • Reversible
  • Unisex

#7 — Xiaomi DMN Aerogel Cold Suit

If your looking for something heavy-duty and stylish to combat the cold then the Xiaomi DMN Aerogel Cold Suit is the best cold-resistance jacket in the market. This Aerogel cold suit is made from a new type of 3 mm material that’s waterproof, windproof and resitant to cold temperatures of -40 degree celsius. It’s one of the best Xiaomi clothes in the market right now.

  • This beast of a jacket can take -196 degree Celsius liquid nitrogen spray. Meaning you could take this spray directly and still come out without any issues. This can be primarily attributed to the combination of three layers: a waterproof coating laying, the new Aerogel material, and a silver ion mesh layer.

It also looks amazing and trendy design. Every inch of this jacket is made from a lightweight and flexible material. This Xiaomi coat has a detachable hat, a windproof skirt, velcro adjustable cuffs and a two-way zipper. It is also machine washable.

Key Features

  • Aerogel material
  • Silver ion mesh layer
  • Detachable hat
  • A windproof skirt
  • Velcro adjustable cuffs
  • A two-way zipper

Top Xiaomi Clothing 2020 – Final Thoughts

When we heard that Xiaomi was beginning to manufacture clothes, we were, of course, pleasantly surprised but also super excited to try out these new products. Since then Xiaomi has come up with plenty of styles for both men as well as women. Their range varies from basic clothing to more technologically powered clothing, as you saw from our list above. 

We have to agree that even though their basic clothing is not all that great and for the same price there are several other manufacturers in the market, the tech powered jackets are quite interesting and something that any techy geek would want to check out. 

So, coming back to our initial question, Is Xiaomi clothing worth buying?

We would say, yes, because the clothing is ethically sourced and made from organically grown natural material. Also, the temperature control jackets are absolutely fantastic. They do look premium and are durable, which is value for money. Do buy one or two of their specialised clothing cos they definitely seem worth it!

Is xiaomi a trusted brand?

Xiaomi’s brand is all about innovation and has proved it time and again in each and every product that it has given the world so far. Xiaomi is super popular in the eastern market, not without reason and they are slowly catching on in the American markets as well.  So you can definitely trust the brand. After all, it has ten years of legacy behind it. So credibility isn’t a problem.

In fact, Xiaomi is a tech giant with innovative products across the board. They even have smart clothing. However, Is Xiaomi clothing worth buying? Check out our review for all the details!

Why are xiaomi products so cheap?

Most Xiaomi Products do seem cheap because Xiaomi, Unlike other companies, do not spend a lot of money on traditional advertising. Basically, when you buy a product the cost of marketing is also accounted for. This is why although the tech is cheap the price of the product is insanely high. A great example is Apple, Apple and Xiaomi vary a bit in terms of hardware and software. But Apple products are more than twice the price of Xiaomi Products.

Of course, this isn’t the only criterion. Xiaomi products are indeed cheap, but they have a good tech that lasts for a reasonable amount of time.

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