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Viomi Smart Water Kettle with Bluetooth | The Best Kettle in the Market

by Mike Xiao
Xiaomi electric kettle

In this day and age, where every product becomes “smart”. I get super apprehensive about products that don’t need to be smart. Like a kettle. But if a product adds value to your life by saving time or by helping you automate, I surely think it’s worth it. The Viomi smart water kettle falls into that category of products. Does it deliver? Is it worth it? 

Let’s do a Viomi smart water kettle review! 

Xiaomi Electric Kettle

Type Features
Capacity1.5 litres
BodyStainless Steel
Heating TypeElectric
Heating Modes4 types – Milk Powder, Baby Rice Flour, White Tea, Coffee
Resting heat timeUp to 12 hours
Boiling Time5 minutes
Voltage 220V

Inside the Box 

You get an instruction manual, the water kettle and the base plate with a charging plug. 


From the outside, the water kettle looks like any other kettle, except it looks a bit futuristic. It has a nice black matte finish. The material is made of hard black plastic. On the handle, there is a display with a boil button and a warm button. The display also shows the temperature the water is at currently. If you are cooking precisely with measurements, the Viomi water kettle can help. It has markings on the inside that displays the quantities such as 500ml, 1.5 litres etc. 

The base has the plug’s coil that neatly is stuffed into the groove. 

xiaomi smart kettle

Price – $45

Function and Use 

So how does it work? 

Like most Xiaomi devices, you can use the Mi App to connect the Viomi smart kettle. It’s easy to pair it with your phone, you just have to press and hold the ‘boil’ button for 3 seconds. So now that you have connected it to the Mi Home app, you can change the temperatures and settings. You can use the predefined settings that are built-in for basic functions like making coffee or tea. 

You can also use a feature called ‘Keep warm’, which basically heats up your water to a certain temperature for a set period of time. But one glaring issue is, you cannot get the water kettle to boil water remotely. This means, you cannot instruct the kettle to start boiling the water. You need to be present physically to turn it on to boil. 

Price – $45


When it comes to the actual use, there are a certain few things to think about with a kettle and the first thing is the sound. Most kettles make a lot of noise and it can be quite annoying, what about the Viomi Smart Water Kettle? The sound that this kettle makes is pretty decent. It’s not too bad and it’s not too good either. We realized, the Xiaomi Mijia Kettle 1 has a lower sound than the Viomi smart kettle. 

Boiling Time 

So what is the boiling time like? It takes about two minutes and fifteen seconds for the first boil. Whereas the second boil takes only a minute and twenty seconds. Another aspect of keeping water in the kettle is to keep the temperature as warm as possible so that the next boiling time is quicker. The Viomi smart water kettle beats every other kettle, with a resting temperature of 57-degrees after an hour. 

Final Thoughts 

So this is your everyday kettle with a slight difference. The button for boil and warm are pretty useful and also the temperature number on the handle display. This makes it super easy to boil the water at the perfect temperature you are comfortable with. The Mi App, as always adds to the value of the product and there are a number of things you could do with the Mi app such as setting the temperature, turning on the timer, setting the continuous boiling time. The only thing you can’t do with this app is to turn on the device remotely, which is probably for the best as it can be hazardous in certain circumstances. 

Price – $45

Viomi Smart Water Kettle


  • Beautiful hard plastic and great form factor
  • An amazing display with easy to use buttons
  • Super easy to use with the Mi Home app
  • Boils the water in about a minute and a half 
  • The resting temperature is the highest among other smart kettles


  • It makes a bit of noise while using 

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