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Xiaomi Cable Box Review

by Spiddy Tan

There are more than 10 gadgets in my home office, so I really hate to have power cords all over the place.

It creates a big mess on my desk and the surge protectors are exposed so it becomes more difficult to clean it up.

The Xiaomi Cable Box might be a perfect solution for many of us. This is a very simple product that features the Chinese minimalist design philosophy.

Just like Xiaomi’s expensive gadgets, this one is just a plastic box with a removable lid and cutouts on the base and on the two sides and unlike some other cheap products the Cable box features a heat dissipation design on the bottom.

xiaomi cable box review

I appreciate that the lid has raised edges so it becomes a tray that you can put your smartphone or other small items on top of the lid. This also helps prevent dust from coming in and keep your chargers clean from inside the box. You can also put a power strip or surge protector inside so that the plugs are not visible.

The only concern is that you should check the size of the box and your power strip, as some of my surge protectors are too big for the box.  The dimensions of the box are 104mm to 110.6 mm in width and 295 millimeters in length and 140 millimeters in height.

xiaomi cable box aliexpress

Most surge protectors with less than 4 sockets will fit perfectly inside the box. The Xiaomi storage box is truly an elegant solution for cable and cord organizing.

It’s a must buy!

Price: $17.23

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