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Xiaomi Diffuser Price and Review

by Jenny Xiao

Personal wellness is an important part of our lives as it helps us recharge. However, to most of us, the concept of personal wellness is an expensive day at the spa or a massage trip to Bali. While it’s true these things help us relax. There are many affordable options that pretty much deliver the same results. For example, the Xiaomi Diffuser. This device breaks down essential oils and helps elevate the ambient smell and helps you relax. Check out the Xiaomi Diffuser Price and Review for all the details.

The Xiaomi Diffuser is honestly a fantastic device. It uses a ultrasonic vaporization technology to break essential oils into a fine mist. When you breath in this mist, it helps elevate your mood, relaxes you or helps you go to sleep depending on the essential oil. Most diffusers out there are extremely expensive but Xiaomi is changing the game. After veturing into the lifestyle space, all their products are remarkable whilst being affordable.

So, let’s check out the diffuser, shall we? Here’s the Xiaomi Diffuser Price and Review.

Xiaomi Diffuser Price and Review 2020

Inside The Box

The Xiaomi Diffuser comes is a white cardboard packaging. On the box you can see the image of the diffuser and the technical specifications on the sides. Inside the box, you will find:

  • An instruction manual
  • A USB cable
  • And the Xiaomi Diffuser (XIAOMI HL Happy Life Aromatherapy Humidifier Diffuser) itself

Xiaomi Diffuser – Design and Appearance

The Xiaomi diffuser is quite compact and tiny with dimensions of 98 x 98 x 120 mm. It’s designed to look stylish and modern.

  • This XIAOMI HL Happy Life Aromatherapy Humidifier Diffuser has a minimal design like most of Xiaomi’s products. Even the color scheme is white and grey making it look futuristic.
  • Xiaomi’s diffuser is cylindrical in shape with various components on the inside. It also has non slip silicone feet which prevents it from easily being dislodged providing greater stability. It’s also extremely portable due to its compact lightweight size.
  • At the front portion of the Xiaomi Diffuser you’ll find a button and the Happy Life logo. At the back you find a USB port.

The cylindrical portion comes off leaving a base covered by another plate-like structure with a slit in the middle. You have to remove this plate-like structure to add water and essential oil solution. The water capacity is around 120ml and it lights on the inside and on the outer edge of the cylindrical cover.

and classic design with non-slip feet for greater stability on the various surfaces. Portable design 120ml capacity, indoor temperature 25° can last for about 6-10 hours, red light prompts for 10 seconds when there is a water shortage, with intelligent power-off function, very safe. Triple protection design, very safe and reliable, adding to the fun of life. Be Able to blend with the modern overall home environment.

XIAOMI Essenstial Oil Diffuser – Function and Use

The Xiaomi essenstial oil diffuser basically, creates a mist by breaking down the water-essential oil solution.

  • This can be achieved due to a 3.0MHz atomized piece of TDK material. This ultrasonic atomizing sheet generates a high-frequency vibration which turns the water/essential solution into molecules below 10UM.
  • By creating a negative pressure in the water compartment. It basically, creates a fan-like effect pushing the molecules out of the slit, thereby creating a mist. The breaking down of the molecules actually doesn’t damage the vital components. In fact, it makes it easier for you to absorb it through inhalation.
  • Since, it’s a Xiaomi Product it amazing features. for example, if the diffuser trips over,, the device will sense the action and automatically shut off.

Another interesting feature is that you can set your mood through a wide spectrum of RGB lights. You can choose one of seven. This lighting in complete darkness is a beautiful experience.

How To Use The Xiaomi Diffuser

  • It’s fairly simple when it comes to using the Xiaomi Diffuser. First, open the cylindrical cover and the secondary cover inside the device. Once you get to the completely hollow base, you add a solution of water and essential oil. As for the specific ratio, it’s totally up to you. Once you’ve filled the water, put the covering back in place.
  • Now, Make sure the device is connected to a charger through the USB cable. Press the button to turn the device on. Once it’s on, the device will automatically start breaking down the water solution into gaseous molecules. You can turn it on and leave it for about 6-10 without any issues. In case the device runs out of water. It will emit red light.

Button Controls

The button controls are as such :

  • Press the Button once to turn on/off the device
  • Press the button twice to cycle through the colors.
  • The button can withstand up to 100000 presses without deterioration.

Xiaomi Diffuser Review – Key Features

  • The Xiaomi Diffuser has an Ultra-fine Water Mist Diffusion feature. As mentioned earlier, an ultrasonic atomizing sheet made of a TDK material turns the water solution into gaseous molecules. It generates a negative pressure that creates a fan-like effect diffusing the molecules into the air. This creates the aroma spray effect.
  • This diffuser has a very simple design that blends in with almost any home.
  • It has very intelligent functionality. The Xiaomi diffuser can last for about 6-10 hours in an indoor temperature of 25 degrees. It has an amazing sensor that senses when the water is over and emits red light. It also automatically stops if it trips over.
  • The Xiaomi diffuser comes with a triple protection design an also lets you choose from seven colors to set the mood. All in all, it’s a good device that does its job quite well.

Xiaomi Diffuser Price and Review – Final Thoughts

The Xiaomi Diffuser is an pretty amazing device. This isn’t Xiaomi’s first product in the lifestyle space, which is why they’ve done a brilliant job.

  • This Diffuser is designed in a simple yet elegant fashion which suits almost every household.
  • It does a remarkable job diffusing the water/essentials oil creating a beautiful and aromatic mist. In fact, it can go on for 6-10 hours without issue.
  • However, the most important factor that makes this diffuser a good investment is the features. You won’t find many diffusers where you can set the mood through lights. It also comes with a safety feature which is a double whammy.


Is the Xiaomi Diffuser Worth it?

Yes, I’d say it’s well worth its price. You won’t find many diffusers that offer the same level of functionality whilst providing unique features like RBG light control to set the mood and safety features where the device indicates the low water level.

  • Most importantly other diffusers aren’t equipped with a sensor that shuts off the device in case it topples over. Check out the Xiaomi Diffuser Price and Review for more details.

Does the Xiaomi Diffuser actually work?

Yes, the Xiaomi Diffuser actually works. In fact it works quite well. But if the question is “will it have any affect on me?” Then it’s gets interesting. Aromatherapy is unique to everybody. Some might be strongly affected while some won’t feel a thing.

  • Ideally, you should invest in an aromatherapy diffuser once you’ve had a fair amount of experience with essential oils. You should know what works for you and how much. It’s also advised you to consult a doctor before using an aromatherapy diffuser if you have lung issues. Also breathing in essential oils for a long duration is definitely not a good thing. So use it sparingly.
  • You should also invest in a good diffuser. For example, the Xiaomi diffuser. It’s an ultrasonic diffuser that is equipped with remarkable functionality and fantastic features. Check out the Xiaomi Diffuser Price and Review for all the details.

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