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Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush Price and Review

by Jenny Xiao

Store Name: Mi care

Store Description: This Aliexpress store sells mainly Xiaomi toothbrushes.

Price range: $10 - $30

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Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush

What makes this toothbrush a must buy?


Well, as obvious as it sounds, brushing is vital to nor just our hygiene but also our health. Interestingly, brushing can have an impact on gut and heart health. Now, while regular toothbrushes can do a decent job, they can never achieve perfection. Xiaomi is truly a wonder. Xiaomi has succeeded in developing a smart toothbrush with amazing functions and features. Check out our Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush Price and Review for more details.

Xiaomi’s Electric Toothbrush is not only visually appealing, but it also has features that help support your oral health. For example, you can sync this smart Toothbrush to your smartphone and set timers and access reports such as how much of your teeth you covered in your brushing session. It’ll also give you a brushing score.

Honestly, this is an amazing product. Let’s get to the review, Shall we? Here’s the Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush Price and Review.

Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush Price and Review 2020

Inside the Box

xiaomi electric toothbrush

The Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush comes in a white cardboard box with the image of the device in front and the technical specs at the back. Inside the box, you can find:

  • The Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush itself
  • A Charging port
  • A cable
  • And an instruction manual.


xiaomi electric toothbrush review

The design is rather simple and comes in two colours – Black and White. It looks beautiful and it’s pretty simple. The only thing you will notice is the thick base, which will definitely take some getting used to, for people who haven’t used an electric toothbrush before.

  • On the body of the toothbrush, there are touch buttons for various functions such as cleaning mode, sensitive mode, new hand mode and whitening mode. These modes make it one of Xiaomi’s Must Buy products.
  • There is also the main power button to turn on the device and to turn it off. I was a bit concerned about the size of the toothbrush charger and I realized that the size is pretty great and isn’t too big. It’s a perfect size and doesn’t take up too much space.

Compared to the body, the bristles seem very small, but they are of the standard size and are highly effective. Even if your bristles wear out, you can buy them separately for cheap.

Mi Electric Toothbrush Review – Function and Use

The first question on everybody’s mind is – Electronics around water, is it safe? What if you get a shock. This electric toothbrush is IPX7 rated and can be placed underwater and there are no hassles. You can clean the bristles, as well as the body of the toothbrush without any worries.

  • So how does an electric toothbrush actually work? It swings from top to bottom. The fastest swing in this toothbrush is 37,200 times a min. The brush or bristles are FDA approved and are designed differently compared to normal toothbrushes.
  • Normal toothbrushes have bristles all pointing at the same direction, the Xiaomi electric toothbrush has different angles that can reach different parts of your mouth.
  • My favourite aspect of brushing my teeth with the Xiaomi electric toothbrush is the data. Now, I’ve been in the past known to have brushed very quickly without paying attention because I need to get out of the house quickly. But with the data, I can tell how much time I spent brushing.
  • I can also set the mode I want through the app, before brushing. Therefore I’m mindful and I know exactly what I’m doing. The app also identifies your brushing habits and syncs them with the app.

The best part about the toothbrush is the various cleaning modes. The four modes are

  • Standard cleaning mode : This is for your normal mode at normal speed.
  • Sensitive mode : This is for people with sensitive gums and it goes slower than normal
  • Gum Care mode : it is suggested that one should massage their gums regularly and the gum care mode can be used for that
  • Whitening individual mode : This is a quick movement of the bristles that you should run only on your teeth for a quick shine

Coming to the charging, the battery inside the Xiaomi Soocas is pretty big and has a capacity of 1000 mAh. This is a much bigger battery than a lot of smartwatches I’ve reviewed. It has a 25-day standby and the charge lasts for 16 hours, which is pretty great. After you are done using it, you can immediately put it at the charging dock that starts charging.

Key Features

  • It’s IPX7 Waterproof. So, you don’t need to afraid of getting electrocuted.
  • The Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush can last for 30 days on a single 4-hour charge.
  • This electric brush uses high-frequency vibrations at 16500 rpm to deep clean your mouth. This high frequency vibration also results in a more effective brushing method.
  • This device comes with multiple cleaning modes and timers. For example, it will automatically stop after 2 minutes in order to provide the ideal gum care.

Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush Price and Review – Final Thoughts

People can live without an electric toothbrush, but in terms of value addition, you don’t know how much value it can add without having used it yourself. I’ve used it personally and it has made me more mindful during the brushing process. All the different modes are perfect and you can let the brush do all the effort without having to do much yourself. You can also educate yourself about your brushing habits and keep improving it.

In my mind, this is an ideal tool to reduce visits to the dentist, which can be expensive.


  • Better brushing experience
  • Cleaner teeth and suits your gums
  • 25 day standby
  • Water resistant
  • Information on your brushing


  • Expensive one time investment for the brush
  • The bristles are more expensive than a brush

Is xiaomi toothbrush good?

Yes, it honestly does an amazing job. The Xiaomi Mi Electric Toothbrush is certainly one of kind. Not only do the Timers and Features help provide consistent gum care but this electric toothbrush can be synced to your smartphone to provide brushing data that can be used to improve overall oral hygiene. Check out our Xiaomi Electric Toothbrush Price and Review for more details.

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