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Xiaomi Mijia Scishare Coffee Maker Latest Price and Review

by Mike Xiao
xiaomi coffee machine

Xiaomi has always known for creating its smartphones and simple electronic gadgets. They aren’t synonymous with high-tech gadgets and home appliances, until now. With their new range of smart radiators, kettles, television sets, Xiaomi has gone to the next level. Today we are going to cover an incredibly new Xiaomi product that is different and awesome. It’s the Xiaomi Coffee Maker. Can it compete with the big coffee machine manufacturers? Let’s find out in this review of the Xiaomi Mijia Scischare Coffee Maker. 

Inside the Box 

In this box, you’ll find coffee powder with which, you can make 20 cups of coffee. The instruction manual, the coffee machine maker and also a leak tray. It comes with a 3-pin plug for charging. 


The first thing you notice about the coffee machine is its size. In the pictures, it looks pretty big, but in reality it’s pretty small and petite, which is awesome. The design, in terms of looks, is absolutely beautiful and it is sure to make your kitchen look modern. It is 34cm by 26cm and 10cms in width, which is pretty small. So if you want to carry it around, you can! 

Coming to capacity. On the back, there is a water container with a capacity of 580ml. But there’s one downside to the design and that’s the weight. It weighs 3.2 kilograms, which is pretty heavy for a coffee machine. On top of the device, there are quite a few buttons and notification lights. Let’s get into that one by one. 

Price – $104.49

Function and Use 

The first step is installation. Thanks to the new wifi option in the Scishare Coffee Maker, you can connect pretty seamlessly with the Mi Home App, which wasn’t possible with the first generation coffee maker. It’s pretty easy to set up.

  • Open the Mi Home App
  • Find the Sci Share Coffee Maker
  • Add the device
  • Connect to the Wifi
  • You can rename the device if you want
  • You can also choose the location to place the device in

Once it’s set up, it’s time to make some coffee! 

Before you get started on making your favourite beverage, there’s an option to ‘Clean the device’. In this case, the water from the water container is used and it goes through the device and flushes anything out. This is a good thing to do, especially when you are using it for the first time. But I surely love this option to clean the device. 

When you unbox the device, you get coffee packed with the coffee maker. There are two different coffee flavours. To use the machine, you need to take the coffee flavour, open the top hatch, place the coffee flavour inside and then choose the drink of your choice through the Mi Home app and then it automatically starts making your cup of coffee. 

Coming to the app settings, there are quite a few things that you could do. 

  • You can choose either to make espresso, an americano or just hot water
  • When you are making your espresso, you can choose the amount of coffee you want to use and the temperature you want it at. Initially, you might not be able to gauge the quantities, but then you will as you keep using the device. 
  • When you are making americano, you can control the amount of coffee and water that goes into the beverage and the temperature you want it at. 

Price – $104.49

The app also can be used to clean the machine, you have a log history of all the coffees you have made. There are also a few automation rules you could set up. 

When it comes to the coffee capsules, the size used by Xiaomi is the industry standard. This means you can buy capsules from any other coffee company such as Nespresso and Nescafe and more. The use case for the Wifi app is pretty awesome. When you just wake up, you can instruct your coffee machine to make coffee of your choice, provided there are a cup and capsule in place. 

At night, there is a LED light that is turned on, which brings a bit of illumination to the coffee machine. So if you’re pulling an all-nighter and you don’t want to wake the house up, then the LED light will guide you through the process. 

Final Thoughts 

The Xiaomi Mijia Scishare Coffee Machine is definitely a product for coffee lovers. If you don’t enjoy coffee as much, then I’d suggest you skip this. But if you love your coffee, then this device is amazing. You can make espresso or an americano, which are the two most popular ways of making coffee. It’s petite in size, but the weight is around 3.2kgs and that is a problem. The Wifi feature is an added bonus as you can remotely make your coffee without any fuss. The fact that you can control the water levels, coffee levels and the temperature makes this an amazing coffee machine. When I make my coffee at home, I generally add some coffee powder or drip coffee to water and then I bring it to a boil. I can avoid all of that, by just placing a capsule and then pressing a button and boom I get my coffee the way I want it! 


  • The perfect machine for coffee lovers
  • Petite in dimensions
  • Can control all the aspects of your beverage 
  • Can control the device through an app 
  • Amazing quality coffee 


  • It’s too heavy 
  • The options for drinks are limited to just two 
  • A little pricey

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