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Xiaomi Neckband Latest Price and Review 2021

by Jenny Xiao

I’ve used pretty much used and reviewed all types of Xiaomi Earphones. And I’ve definitely seen the technology that the consumer electronics giant has to offer. However, sometimes I really do find something so unique it warrants a major review. The Xiaomi Neckband is one such device. This Neckband is an unusual cross between wireless earbuds and regular earphones. It takes the wireless aspect of earbuds and the stability aspect of earphones; And offers an audio device that is perfect for various situations that demand stability like when riding a motorcycle. Check out our Xiaomi Neckband Latest Price and Review for all the details.

After having reviewed the Xiaomi Necjband based on various factors like design, function, feature, performance, and price; My team and I concluded it was one of the best in its price segment. It was further put through a series of tests to determine its limits and capabilities We found that:

The Xiaomi Neckband is one of the best Xiaomi Earphones in the market. Not only does it have an amazing design that offers extra stability but it also comes with various features that make it one of the best. Additionally, the audio quality is fairly decent with the bass and lows standing out. Most importantly, it can last for 8 hours on a single charge.

Xiaomi Neckband Latest Price and Review

Inside the Box

The Xiaomi Neckband comes in a standard black and white cardboard box with orange accents like most Xiaomi Accessories. On the front portion of the box, you’ll find a photo of the device in addition to some technical information. On the sides you can find the specifications of the product. Inside the box, you” find:

  • The Xiaomi Neckband earphones themselves
  • Type-C USB charging cable
  • 2 Silicone ear supports
  • 6 Silicone earplugs
  • And the instruction manual. 


Before we get to the design of the Xiaomi neckband, let’s discuss the form factor. Xiaomi again has nailed the quality, the look and finish of the neckband. It’s super sturdy and it does have a “feel” and texture of a premium product. However, when it comes to comfort and control, this neckband needs some improvement.

  • The Xiaomi Neckband is certainly unique compared to the majority of the earphones out there. It has an over the collar design is flexible and definitely helps with the stability. The earbuds also happen to have an uncanny resemblance to Apple’s earphones.
  • The middle portion of the neck is nice and thick which makes it the perfect option for around your neck. The contour and shape make it good fir with the neck. It weighs around 40 grams and considering it’s a neckband, it makes sense that it has that weight. It won’t get in the way or cause any discomfort but you’ll know that it’s there. Most importantly, It won’t slip or fall off easily when you’re on your runs.
  • On the left side of the neckband are the various control buttons like power on/off, buttons to control songs, volume control buttons and buttons to launch a voice assistant. Along the side, there is a small micro-USB port with which you can charge the Xiaomi neckband. Thus port comes with a dust cover to prevent damage. The neckband also has a built-in microphone with which you can speak pretty seamlessly.
  • The internal construction of this Xiaomi Neckband results is pretty good acoustics. Although it’s not as good as Apple’s, it still offers amazing sound quality. Especially for the price.
  • So we can’t talk about design without talking about how you’ll look wearing it. To be honest, it’s a little weird. The neckband rests over your neck and then similar to normal earphones, these earphones connect to your ears. You might get a few looks now and then because it’s not a style of earphones that is popular and used by everybody. Of course, this is subjective to the user. It won’t be extremely comfortable as the “flexible” band is actually quite stiff. So, it feels like your wearing a collar.

However, even when it comes to control, the buttons refused to respond sometimes and needs a few clicks for it to work.

Function and Use 

So how does the Xiaomi neckband work? Firstly this is a Bluetooth earphone, which means it’s powered by a battery. There is a small battery inside the earphones that can be fully charged within an hour. This gives you a battery life of about 7 hours, which is double the amount given by the Airdots.

  • Firstly, you will need to connect it via Bluetooth which is a straightforward process. You will need to pair your neckband with your phone. It comes with a CSR8645 Bluetooth chip which ensures that the connectivity is quick, seamless and stable. It can connect to the smartphone up to 10 meters.
  • Most importantly, it uses AAC advanced audio coding technology and the latest apt-X lossless codec. The combination of both elevate the quality of the audio output and brings CD-grade stereo experience to the table. The overall music quality is beautiful with the audio output easily capable of hitting 100Db.
  • Using it is pretty easy. You have a button to pause and play. If you double press the same button, you can access Siri and other personal assistants through which you can give voice commands pretty easily. 
  • Long pressing the same button will turn off the neckband. This way you can conserve your battery as per your choice. 
  • To control the volume, you have the volume rocker buttons, but long-pressing the same button lets you go to the next song or go to the previous song which is a pretty nifty addition.

The sound quality of these earphones is pretty awesome. You can make some pretty amazing voice calls with this neckband too. 


The Xiaomi neckband has pretty decent battery life. It can easily last for 8 hours on a single charge of 2 hours if your planning on listening to music. You can also expect a talk time of 10 hours. These earphones also have a battery that can ensure a stand-by of 200 hours. That being said, this battery is also good in terms of quality and it can last for years without deteriorating. You can charge this device using a micro-USB cable.


When it comes to the performance, the Xiaomi Neckband is pretty good. Although It has acceptable real-time performance, it is really good when it comes to long term. The sound quality is decent enough. You can definitely get pumped up as the bass is one of the strong points of these earphones. You can comfortably listen to different types of music. Especially since these beauties come with a well-defined lows. The highs aren’t bad but not as clear as the lows. It is quite unique to find a pair of headphones that’s only bass oriented.

Although the highs and lows are really good, the mids are terrible. Basically, these earphones are amazing when it comes to the instrumentals but horrible when it comes to any vocal-driven songs. The balance between the left and right channels was good. Each can do a pretty good job on its own and is more than capable enough when it comes to conversing with people during calls. However, this only applies if you have the volume turned up to its limits. Check out our list of the Xiaomi Neckband Latest Price and Review.

Final Thoughts 

The Xiaomi Neckband is unlike any other wired earphone or wireless earphones anybody has seen. If you want the best of both worlds. This is the product for you. Firstly, the build quality and colour and finish is amazing. It looks great! It also sounds great. The battery life is fantastic and it lasts for 7 hours on a single charge. Check out our list of the Xiaomi Neckband Latest Price and Review.

In terms of use, the Xiaomi neckband is super sturdy. It’s perfect for high endurance working out and it’s difficult to remove them because your hands are out of the way and it never comes close to your hands while working. Even if your earphones fall off, it falls on your shoulders and it’s easy to put back. 


  • It has the amazing form factor and the build is great
  • Perfect for working out
  • The battery life of 7 hours and it takes only 1 hour to recharge
  • It has dedicated buttons for all functions
  • The microphone lets you make hands-free calls


  • It not water or sweat proof
  • Mids are terrible
  • For people who don’t like wearing a neckband, this is a con

Is MI neckband waterproof?

The Xiaomi Mi Neckband is unfortunately not waterproof. Not only does it not have a water-proof rating but it also disappointingly does not have a sweatproof build or coating. You need to take care to wipe it down frequently if you’re using it when working out. If not then it can compromise the functions and it will not be covered under the warranty. It is on the other hand dust-proof. Check out our list of the Xiaomi Neckband Latest Price and Review.

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