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Xiaomi Outdoor Speaker Price and Review

by Mike Xiao
xiaomi bluetooth outdoor speaker

Xiaomi has conquered the consumer market so much that we forget that they are one of the better electronics companies out there. Xiaomi for a long time has ignored the speaker market and have let other competitors creep in. But not anymore. 

The Xiaomi Outdoor Speaker is the latest release from Xiaomi and it promises quite a bit. It’s affordable, powerful, portable and more.

In this Xiaomi outdoor speaker review, we cover the unboxing, specifications and features. Is it worth buying or not? 

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker

Unboxing Xiaomi Outdoor Speaker

You get the Xiaomi speaker itself, an instruction manual and a USB-C type charging port. 

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Xiaomi Outdoor Speaker Specifications 

Weight380 Grams
Height14.7 cms
Width7.3 cms
Battery2600 mAh
Playback on a single charge8 hours
Charging typeUSB-C type
Waterproof ratingIP55 
NotificationLED Light

Xiaomi Outdoor Speaker – Feature and Use

In terms of the feature and use it’s a pretty standard Bluetooth speaker. It works great. 

The Bluetooth 5.0 has a range of about 10 metres. Anything beyond that and you can’t play your music. 

The best part about this Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker is the design. It has a cylindrical design with omni speakers, which means you get the same sound all around the room. This is a good thing. 

If you want more reach and depth, this is the speaker to go for. The omni speakers will ensure that you don’t need big external speakers that are expensive. 

The bottom of the speaker has the power on and off button. It’s easy to turn it on and off. There is a USB-C type connector for charging at the bottom that can be closed with a clasp that is meant from water going through. 

To control the volume, you just need to rotate the top of the cylinder clockwise and anti-clockwise. 

Connecting with Bluetooth 

A lot of of people might think it’s overkill to mention how to connect this device with your phone or laptop. But different devices have different functionalities to connect. 

3 second press

When you press the device for 3 seconds it connects automatically to the device that has been paired

5 second press 

The device will make itself available to the devices that are available to connect 

Button Functions 

You can use the Xiaomi outdoor speaker to also make calls and communicate with your loved ones over your phone. This in fact is my favourite aspect of Bluetooth speakers.

When I’m home alone, I’m either listening to music or I’m talking to my family or friends loudly over the speaker.

To activate that, here are the button functions.

Call Mode 

  • Answer a call with a short press of the button
  • End an active call with the short press of the button
  • Mute an active call by double pressing the button

In-Music Mode 

  • One time press for playing 
  • One time press for pausing the music 

Xiaomi Outdoor Speaker Sound 

The most important aspect of any Bluetooth speaker is the sound and to test that we check the bass and mids and the highs. The highs are sharp and the bass is clear as well. 

What the Xiaomi outdoor speaker does really well is controlling the sound when it hits the extremes to avoid any disturbances.

The higher register sounds better on the Xiaomi outdoor speaker compared to the bass.

Xiaomi Outdoor Speaker – Waterproof or Not?

Considering it’s an outdoor speaker, it needs to be put to test with regards to ruggedness and the waterproof feature.

It’s IP55 rated which means it can take a bit of water that includes rain without it affecting the insides of the speaker.

But, if you drop it in a puddle of water or a bucket of water, don’t expect it to work. You cannot submerge it in water and it might stop working. 

Now talking about how sturdy it is. The build is amazing. It’s super strong and it can withstand a few falls without any fuss. 

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker Price 

Coming to the price. This isn’t the cheapest speaker out there. There are cheaper options and it’s not the best for the price too. The only guarantee you get is the Xiaomi promise which is brand Xiaomi’s trust. So overall this is a good speaker that works really well, has a good battery life. But for a speaker that is advertised as outdoor, I would prefer it to actually be waterproof and be more rugged! 

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