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Xiaomi Philips LED Smart Desk Lamp 2 Eyecare Review

by xiaomilover
xiaomi philips led smart desk lamp 2
A Smart Lamp With Insane Features!

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  • Brightness Control
  • Memory Mode
  • Eye Fatigue reminder
  • Ambient light sensor

Xiaomi has been growing in leaps and bounds. While they are dominating the mid-range smartphone space, they are so much more than just smartphones. Now, Xiaomi is a full-fledged electronics company with smart home products. Xiaomi has been focused on building its Mijia brand which is Chinese for “Smart Home”, form almost the very beginning. And in this article, we’ll be looking at an infamous Xiaomi Philips collaboration. So, get ready for the Xiaomi Philips LED Smart Desk Lamp 2 Eyecare Review.

In their Smart Home range, Xiaomi has introduced a variety of products such as Yeelight, Smart Security, Cleaning Robot and more. In their bid to conquer the smart home market, Xiaomi has been taking everyday objects and making it smarter and giving them extra features.

One of them is the Xiaomi Philips eyecare Smart Lamp 2 or Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp.

This is the second edition of this lamp and Xiaomi has collaborated with Philips for this device. Philips is a global leader when it comes to lighting products. With the Xiaomi desk lamp 2, Philips created the lamp that is good for your eyes, while Xiaomi took care of the design and build.

Of course, nobody can claim to be the best. A close competition for the Xiaomi Philips desk lamp is Taotronic’s, Smart Lamp. But the Xiaomi Philips collaboration is nothing to look down on. Its still an amazing product.

Here’s the Xiaomi Philips LED Smart Desk Lamp 2 Eyecare Review.

Mijia Eyecare 2 Smart Desk Lamp Review

Out of the Box

In the box, you get:

  • An instruction manual that is in Chinese
  • A plug to connect your lamp to electricity
  • The lamp itself.

Xiaomi Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2 – Design and Features


Firstly the Xiaomi Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2, is a beautifully lamp with a simple and sleek build.

  • This Xiaomi lamp has a large circular base that is made out of plastic and has a matte finish which will protect against fingerprint. The base is quite big and you will need a big table.
  • The Xiaomi smart desk lamp 2 has two LED strips: one on the head of the device and the other one on the body.
  • Because of two lights, this lamp is far brighter than other similar devices.
  • Due to the substantial width of the LED panels, the light spreads more evenly.
xiaomi philips led smart desk lamp 2 review

Underneath the base is rubber soles which give a grip to the lamp and cannot be easily pushed. This is an important and useful detail, as it won’t fall if you push it accidentally.

The buttons are backlit, which makes it great to operate in the dark. The arm is about 15.6 inches in length which can be extended and closed and this is also quite big and it covers a wide space.

Price: $49

The Bulb

The Bulbs used in the Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp are LED lights that throw out a warm light compared to the sharp white light that you encounter on most smart lamps. This is very soothing to the eyes.


Honestly, the Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2 has quite a few advantages compared to other smart lamps or even other Xiaomi smart lamps for that matter.

  • The attachment between the head and the body is very flexible, so the light can be adjusted to various different angles: even 180 degrees.
  • Amazingly enough, you can use your smartphone to control the intensity of the light, set timers and schedules and control the various modes.
  • While this Philips Xiaomi lamp is brighter than most smart lamps out there due to dual lights, it has a very responsive touch panel to control the brightness and it also automatically gauges and controls the light to avoid eye strain.


xiaomi philips led smart desk lamp 2 aliexpress


  • Firstly, the lamp is connected via Wifi in your home or office and not via Bluetooth from your phone which is an amazing addition as Bluetooth drains your battery life. You can not only control this device like all Mi smart home products through the Mi home app.


  • As mentioned earlier, there are two lamps, one in the top of the arm and one at the stem. The light at the stem faces backwards, giving you an overall lit experience compared to a focused lamp which acts as a strain on your eyes. Switching on both the lamps lights up your environment amply.

Memory Mode

  • The Xiaomi desk lamp 2 has a memory mode remembers the last light mode on your lamp and if you turn it on, the same mode is activated. So if you had it at the highest brightness during the last operation, it will switch on with the highest brightness the next time.


  • The touch keys on the lamp let you turn the lamp on and off. You can also control the hue and the intensity directly from the base of the lamp. The brightness of the Xiaomi desk lamp can be increased and decreased with a touch motion or a sliding motion. The buttons are also backlit that lets you control the lamp in darkness.
xiaomi mijia philips led smart desk lamp 2

Mi App

  • Just like other Mi Home devices, Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp also can be controlled with your smartphone. The first step is to pair the smartphone with your device which takes a minute. Here are some of the features:

Pre-built modes

  • The app comes with a set of pre-built modes that is a certain level of brightness based on the activity that is being performed. Some of the modes are “Teen Studying”, “Adults Reading”, and “Phone/computer” mode.


  • You can choose to power off the smart desk lamp after a certain time period. This is perfect for people who go to sleep without switching off their lamps. You can choose from a range of 1 minute to about 60 minutes.

Other Modes

  • Apart from the set light modes, there are also three other features which are Night Light Mode, Eye Fatigue Reminder and Ambient Light Sensor.

Nightlight Mode

  • This is the lowest brightness settings that help you work throughout the night under calm lighting.

Eye Fatigue Reminder

  • After every 40 odd minutes, the Philips eyecare smart lamp 2 switches off reminding you to rest your eyes for a few minutes to avoid eye strain.

Ambient Light Sensor

  • This is a sensor that controls the brightness of the lamp depending on the light from the surroundings. This is similar to the sensor on your phone that controls the brightness of your display depending on the surroundings.


  • You can schedule it to turn off when you are going to sleep, reminding you subtly that you have to go sleep.
  • You can also turn on and off the Xiaomi lamp remotely which is a safety feature giving the feeling that somebody is home when you are away travelling.


The luminosity of this lamp is as follows.

  • Within an area of 60cm, there is 1200 lux
  • Within an area of 90cm, there is 300 lux
  • Within an area of 1.2 metres, there is 200 lux

Final Thoughts – Should you buy Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp?

Considering the sheer amount of features you get with this smart lamp I would definitely recommend it. The Xiaomi Philips Eyecare Smart Lamp 2 is very useful for students, graphic designers and other creative people. It’s really for anybody who has a home office and is stuck to the table for a long time.

You can set eye fatigue reminders and even use the various features to help reduce eye strain. In humble opinion, this is a brilliant product and yes although it is 50 dollars, it’s super worth it.

If there was a con, then it’s the lack of a USB port to charge your devices while using the lamp. But again, that is not the function of this lamp.

At the price point and the features provided, the Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp from Xiaomi is the lamp you need!

Price: $49

How does the Eyecare 2 protect your eyes? 

Eyecare 2 has the softest white light you will see on a lamp. This is called a soft white. This isn’t harsh. At night, when there isn’t ambient light and there is only artificial light, it cannot be too sharp. The lights emitting from Eyecare 2 is super soft that is better for the eyes. 

Does the Eyecare 2 give enough ambient light? 

More than a direct source of light, I prefer to eyecare 2 to be an ambient light emitter. The Eyecare 2 is pretty good at emitting light and creating an artificial ambient light that looks natural and is easy on the eyes. 

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