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Xiaomi Photo Printer Latest Price and Review

by Jenny Xiao

Whenever I travel or spend time with friends, I have a habit of taking photos and printing them. This is a cumbersome task because I have to choose the photos, send them to my neighbourhood printing shop and they print it. Xiaomi has a solution for photography lovers. The Xiaomi Photo Printer is a light and compact photo printer that is easy to carry and prints gorgeous, high-quality photos. Let’s check it out! 

Xiaomi Photo Printer Review

Inside the box

You will find a power adapter that is a 2-pin plug, instruction manual and the photo printer with a paper tray. 


The design of the Xiaomi photo printer is awesome. It’s small and compact and you can hold it with one hand, unlike many other printers out there. Here are its measurements. It’s about 83mm in height, 19.4mm in width and 124mm in breadth. That is super compact and can be placed almost anywhere in your house without it taking too much space. 

It weighs just 1.2kgs, which is practically nothing when it comes to printers. 

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Function and Use 

It has a 24 volt power adapter that can work seamlessly at 100 to 240 volts at 50 or 60 hz. You can expect the most important features such as Bluetooth and Wifi that lets you connect the printer to the smartphone. 

The printer can take 6-inch high resolution photo prints at 300 dots per inch. It can display 16 million colours in the prints, which is pretty great. 

The Xiaomi Photo Printer has a mountable paper tray that can be taken off that can store all the papers for printing. Even after installation, it’s not bulky at all. The only downside is, you need to buy the papers and the cartridge separately. You can get separate units of paper and the cartridge which can print up to 40 photos pretty well. This is rather cheap to buy. 

Using it 

The process for using the printer is pretty straight forward. You need to take the cartridge and insert it to the side of the printer. You will hear a click when it’s fit in place perfectly. The next thing is to take the paper tray and fill it with 20 sheets of paper. Make sure to place the glossy side upwards, that way the prints will happen on the glossy side. 

Now that your paper tray is filled with paper, you need to close the lid and attach the tray to the printer. Similar to normal printers, the paper feeder goes right above the final print tray. If you’ve attached it correctly, you will hear a click. 

The next step is to use the Mi App. In the Mi App, you need to add a new device which is the Photo Printer and it will immediately install and connect to your photo printer.

You can use the app to select the photos you want to print, that can be accessed from your photo library. Once you give the print command, the printer will take the paper from the paper tray automatically and will go back and forth. 

It prints the photos in layers, which means the paper goes back and forth about four times before the photo is finally printed. It prints the yellows, and then the cyans and the other colours. After the colours are printed, the printer adds one more layer in the end which acts protects against UV lights, watermarks and also fingerprints. 

The best part is, there is no drying time required after your print the photo. It’s ready to use almost immediately. 

So how long does it take to print a photo? The actual printing process lasts for about a minute. So if you can 10 photos done, you can get them done in about a minute’s time, which is pretty quick. 

Coming back to the app, you can change some detailing of the photos such as cropping, adding various filters and you can also choose the orientation such as a square photo or a rectangular photo. 

There are pre-built templates that you could choose from such as passport photos, document photos. You could also choose presets which help with figuring out the size of the passport photo depending on the countries such as the US, Japan and the EU etc. 

You don’t need to necessarily use only the Mi App, you can also use any laptop, desktop or tablet to take these photos. 

The Use Case

This printer isn’t so cheap that it’s an easy buy. So what is the use case for these? You take immediate print outs of pictures with friends and families and give them a copy. You could print passport sized photos. If you love framing photos and don’t want to go to the printer store to get prints every time, this is a great alternative. 

Final Thoughts 

The photo printer, in a nutshell, is pretty awesome. It’s easy to use and setup. The quality of the prints are astounding and are as good as any you will find in a shop. The additional coating, in the end, protects the photo. The end output is pretty awesome and it can be easily used to frame photos in. Using the Mi Home app is the best as you can check the preview of the photos and see how the final output is going to look. 

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  • Easy to install and use
  • Great quality prints 
  • Easy to use Mi Home App
  • Durable because of the additional coating that protects against water and smudges


  • Every photo after printing has white edges that need to be torn off
  • Paper and cartridge is not included when you purchase the printer which is a big letdown

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