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Xiaomi Pocket 2 Speaker Price and Review

by Mike Xiao
pocket 2 speaker review
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Xiaomi Pocket 2 Speaker

Is this the best Bluetooth speaker around?

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Bluetooth speakers are one of the best electronic devices that money can buy. They are loud, they are portable and they are the life of any party or even a road trip. Xiaomi has made some popular Bluetooth speakers in the past and today we cover a different beast altogether – The Pocket 2.

In this Pocket 2 Speaker Review, we will cover all the features of the device and whether it’s worth the price you pay for it!

Inside the Box

Inside the box is only the Bluetooth Speaker and a manual.


I look at the Pocket 2 and the first thing that comes to my mind is, this device is sexy. It’s a beautiful looking device that kind of reminds of the Google Home at the base. It comes in two colours that are super sleek – White and Black.

At the outset, you don’t know how to use the device, but if you look closely, the “cap” on top is the volume controller. This is a supremely awesome design created by Xiaomi and this will be a conversation starter if it’s in your house.

The material used in this device is a mix of Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Its properties include heat resistance, mechanical properties that enable the smooth sound flow.

The speaker on top is built with an aluminium mixed with an anodized oxide finish. The design is super well thought out and even the materials are high quality and give a rich finish and sturdiness that is expected of a portable speaker.

Although it’s called the Pocket 2, it might not fit in your pocket, but the size of it is pretty tiny. This makes it easy to pack and carry and will not take up much space.

Xiaomi Pocket 2 Speaker

Function and Use

The use of this product is pretty straight forward. Firstly you need to connect your phone to the Pocket 2 Speaker via Bluetooth. Once connected, there are pretty simple ways to control the speaker.

The aluminium knob on top can be turned clockwise and anti-clockwise which controls the volume. This directly reduces the volume on your phone as it is connected via Bluetooth.

The top knob also plays the role and pausing and playing, when you press the button down.

There is a LED indicator at the base of the device which informs you when the device is one and it is paired and so on. This indicator is a very useful notifier in a rather seamless and clear device.

My only major concern with the device is the knob that can be turned like a jar. Xiaomi hasn’t given any data on what the lifetime for the knob is, but I’m guessing that might be a problem in the future.

Now coming to the aspect of music and sound quality. Xiaomi has worked with Tymphany, a Danish acoustic brand to build the speakers for this device. We tasted the bass and the treble on this device and it is fantastic.

There is a playback of up to 7 hours, which is possible with the 1200 mAh battery. There is also the feature of hands-free calling, which means you can communicate with people with the help of the speakers.

You can charge it through USB with 5.0-volt charger.

Xiaomi Pocket 2 Speaker review

Best Price – $27

Final Thoughts

The Pocket 2 speaker is another major hit from the house of Xiaomi. Xiaomi keeps succeeding in the market because of their great pricing and amazing design quality. And they’ve once again brought those to the Pocket 2 speaker.

This is an amazing device for a great price. The colour options make it an easy buy because you can’t go wrong with Black or White, The design itself is too simplistic, with the knob on top performing the role of volume control and an on/off button.

It is a Bluetooth 4.1 device, which means seamless playback through your phone. The battery life of 7 hours is absolutely brilliant and this is mostly thanks to the 1200 mAh battery.

The sound quality is fantastic and this is a device that can throw out some good treble and bass. The size also needs to be mentioned as it is super tiny, this means you can carry it anywhere. Perfect for trips, parties and there isn’t any extra paraphernalia you need to carry like the Google Home.

This is a brilliant device overall.

Best Price – $27


Perfect size which makes it portable

Brilliant sound quality

Amazing battery life at 7 hours

Seamless controls


Charging time maybe a bit because of the USB charging.

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