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Xiaomi Portable Air Pump Review 2021

by Jenny Xiao

Every single time I’ve gone on road trips I’ve always wished I had a device to check tire pressure and even pump air into it to its optimal level. ill half a year ago this fantastical product was a dream. However, then Xiaomi changed things up when it launched the Xiaomi Portable Air Pump. It not only helps fill car tires but you can use it only all types of types from bikes to motorcycles and even soccer balls. It can fill up 5 tires in one go, helping you save a tremendous amount of time and money. Check out our Xiaomi Portable Air Pump Review.

Trying to find a gas station when you’re doing a cross country trip is the worst and this device could not only save time and energy but it also potentially save lives. You can have your ties up and ready within 15 minutes and it can give you important data regarding tire pressure. So, you can know whether to pump the gas or hit the brakes when you see minors bumps on the road. It’s one of the best automobile accessories in the world and must-have in every car.

This amazing device has loads of capabilities. So, let’s go ahead and review it, shall we? Here’s the Xiaomi Portable Air Pump Review.

After having reviewed all the portable air pumps in the market based on various factors like design, features, function, effectiveness, performance, and price; My team and I zeroed in on 5 that really stood out. These 5 were further put through a series of stress tests to determine the best. We found out that:

The best portable air pump in the market is the Xiaomi Portable Air Pump. It not only effectively fills up the tire of multiple automobiles but it also is also capable of recording the pressure of the device. The user can expect to fill the tires of cars, motorcycles, bikes and even sports balls. This portable device is extremely compact and robust and can be easily carried around. Additionally, it even comes with a LED light to illuminated the tires at night.

Xiaomi Portable Air Pump Review

Inside the Box

The Xiaomi Portable Air Pump comes in a white cardboard box. You’ll find an image of the device on the front portion of this sturdy box along with some highlighted features. One the sides of the box you’ll find some specs and technical information. Now, Inside the box, you will find:

  • The Xiaomi Portable Air Pump
  • A pin (American Air tap) and an adapter for the tire valves
  • A charging cable
  • Storage pouch
  • And Instruction manual

Although the instruction manual is unfortunately in Chinese, it does a table of recommended pressure values for various automotive tires.


When we come to the design of the Xiaomi portable electric tire pump, there nothing that really stands out. It’s a basic block-like device around the length of a smartphone but with a thickness of a robust power bank. It can easily fit on the palm of your hand and is highly portable. It also relatively heavy at 430 grams but not to the extent of getting in the way of comfort and convenience. It has a good build, with the exterior made out of durable plastic. So, it can definitely handle some rough use. It is only available in black color.

  • On the front you of the device you’ll find an LED screen. Which will display the various modes and values. Underneath the LED screen, you’ll find a dial like a button with to control the device. There a plus and minus button along with a play/stop button. You’ll also find a button for illumination and a button for the various modes. The buttons are an absolute gift as it helps you control the device at night or in low light.
  • On the sides you’ll find some air vents, this is to help control the airflow and even cool the pump down when it’s inflating the tire.
  • The top portion of the device consists of a pipe which is removable on one side. The removable side is attached to a port with a red tape. You will also find an LED light to help illuminate your surroundings at night.
  • At the bottom, you will find a charging port and a battery level indicator. This indicator will go from green to orange to red depending on the charge. There is also another air vent at the bottom.

Function and Use

The Xiaomi portable air pump will automatically turn on once you remove one end of the tube. If you want to turn it back off all you have to do is place it back into the port. This device will also automatically turn off if there is not operation from the users side within three minutes.

Once you remove the tube, you simply have to attach the pin and the adapter if necessary and screw it onto the valve of the tire. Once attached to the tire, it will automatically display the current pressure with an error margin of + or – 2PSI. This pump can reach a pressure limit of 150 PSI and can easily fill up a car tire in under 15 minutes.

You have the option to choose the type of tire you want to fill and let the electric pump automatically fill the air for you or you can pre-set values and customize your tire pressure. When the device is pumping in the air it tends to heat up a bit. Especially when it’s compressing the air.

You can start/stop the compressor by clicking on the middle button. You can increase or decrease the air pressure by clicking on the top or bottom button. It is recommended you know the correct/optimal pressure of your tire. In case you don’t, you can click on the right button to scroll between four modes. Each mode is meant for a different type of tire. Specially: a car tire, a motorcycle tire, a bicycle tire and a sports ball. The button on the left will activate the LED light to help illuminate the surroundings. You can also select the type of pressure as well. You can switch between PSI, bar or KPA.

Key Features

  • It has an LED screen and Light at the bottom to help you fill air at night.
  • It’s lithium battery can last for a long duration without running out of charge. In fact, it can easily fill 5 tires before it runs out.
  • The device itself is extremely comfortable when it comes to usage. It compressor air and dissipates heat. So, it won’t feel hot when your holding it.
  • The American Air Tap and the French Adapter ensure that it is compatible with majority of the tires nozzles in world.
  • Not only it is compact and portable but it also comes with a portable pouch to help carry it around with ease.
  • It can help you figure out the current pressure of a tire and even help you pre-set a pressure value and fill air accordingly.
  • This is a multi-purpose pump that can fill car tires, motorcycle tires, bikes tires and even soccer balls.

Xiaomi Portable Air Pump Review – Final Thoughts

The Xiaomi Portable Air Pump is definitely worth the price. Hell, I would have a paid a bit more, to be honest. This device is definitely a necessity. Form pump air to checking pressure values it is a must-have device. Especially if your travelling long distances. The best part is that this device is extremely versatile in nature and can be used on not just cars but also bikes and motorcycles.

It comes with a American Air Tap and a French adapter. So, it can virtually be used for any car tire in the world. It also comes with various modes and a amazing battery life. It can easily fill 5 tires before it runs out of charge.

Is the Xiaomi Portable Air Pump Worth it?

Yes, the Xiaomi portable air pump is well worth it’s price. It is compatible with almost all tires in the world and is extremely versatile. You can use it to fill car tires, motorcycle tires, bike tires and even soccer balls. Not only does it provide you with the pressure value of a tire. It can help you set the pressure requirement and fill it up accordingly. It has a brilliant battery life and can easily last till you fill up 5 tires. Check out our Xiaomi Portable Air Pump Review for all the details.

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