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Xiaomi Security Camera Price and Review

by Jenny Xiao
The best home security camera on Aliexpress

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Xiaomi Security Camera

The best security camera in the world!

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Xiaomi in their bid to conquer the home market has made a series of products to make the home a smart and safe place. Leading the pack is the Xiaomi Security Camera. In this review we cover the features of this camera, we show you the unboxing and all the features and finally we end with the all-important question. Is it worth it?

Mi Home Security Camera 1080p

Unboxing the Xiaomi Security Camera

xiaomi security camera

Inside the box are the plug pin, cable for charging, and the camera itself.


Coming to the design, it’s small petite and beautiful looking. The size is an important factor as it can be used as a hidden camera if required. Contrary to some opinion, the top head does not turn around. It’s only the camera that moves around. This is one of the best camera designs around, that looks stylish and does its job. But what’s super awesome is the way it can be placed. This camera can be placed on a table or it can be inverted and stuck on the ceiling. It’s up to the user.

xiaomi 1080p security camera

Best Price – $36.26

Features and Use

Coming to the features.

360-degree protection

The first aspect is the 360-degree protection. This is a must need, otherwise there’s no point in getting a camera. If you keep the camera in a central place, the entire room can be covered, edge to edge. Even if it’s kept in the corner, all the angles can be covered by the Xiaomi security camera.

1080p camera

The camera is so good that it can be used to shoot videos if required, but other than that, the 1080p camera can be used to pick up the finest of details. This is important to capture faces, colour, shape and all the important things.

Night Vision

If a camera doesn’t work at night, it is really a security camera? The Xiaomi 360 security camera works splendidly at night because of the infrared vision. The f2.1 aperture lets in more light at night and even captures colour in the night making it one of the best security cameras.

AI Motion

This is a super important feature as the camera captures the moment some action happens, and you don’t have to go through hours of footage with no action. The AI motion detection works with the help of the sensor and when it’s activated, a photo is captured and immediately sent to the user’s phone.

Talkback feature

This is more than just a camera. This is also a communication tool. With this, you can speak to your family members with the help of the app. There is an audio receiver and a sender as well, which means a person can listen to audio and send audio. This makes it a notch above just a security camera app.

xiaomi 360 camera

Video Storage and Playback

There is video storage of 64GB built into the camera itself. With the help of the NAS Storage technology, videos stored in the SD card are automatically stored in the network freeing up precious space.

All the recorded videos can be watched directly on the tablet or phone. You don’t have to get the file on a pen drive and plug it in a computer. This is hassle-free and easy.

Hibernate Feature

Say there is the entire family at home and every room is occupied. At this point in time, you wouldn’t need to use the security camera. You can set the hibernate feature on and save disk space and give your camera a break.

Xiaomi Security Camera: Is it worth it?

Coming to the important decision. Is it worth it?

The Xiaomi security camera does everything a camera is supposed to do and one-up’s other security cameras  with the talkback feature. This is a super important feature that let’s people communicate with each other.

  • It can be placed anywhere including the ceiling
  • It shoots in 1080p
  • It shoots in the night
  • It has 64GB of storage built-in
  • It has a hibernate feature

Best Price – $36.26

At this price point, this is one of the best products money can buy. Our recommendation is a resounding yes!

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