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Xiaomi Touch Screen Smart Speaker Latest Price and Review

by Mike Xiao
xiaomi smart display speaker review

Xiaomi has been in the speaker business for quite a long time. They’ve made numerous speakers in the past that perform a single function. Today, they change the game. Xiaomi has released the smart speaker. We review the Xiaomi smart speaker and let’s find out if it’s worth it or not. 

XiaoAI Touch Screen Speaker Box

Inside the Box 

The display speaker, a charging adapter, instruction manual 

Design and Specs

The Xiaomi smart speaker is pretty cute. It’s dimensions are 8.2cms in height, 11.3cms in width and 7cms in breadth. This is pretty tiny, which means it can fit anywhere without any hassles. The front is a 3.9-inch display which is a multi-touch display, which has a 800 X 480 pixel resolution. 

The bottom has the speaker as well. On the top of the device you will find the volume control and the power button as well. 

The back of the device has a micro-usb for powering it. Coming to some important specifications

  • It weighs 272 grams, which is super light
  • The audio is a 1.5-inch full range speaker
  • It can be connected through Wifi 2.4Ghz
  • It also supports Bluetooth 5.0

Best Price – $41.99

Function and Use 

The question that arises in everybody’s mind is what does the Xiaomi Smart Speaker do? Before we get to that, let’s see how to set this up. You can use this device with the help of the Xiaomi AI app. Once you turn on the device, you get to see a video of the capabilities of the Xiaomi Smart Screen Speaker. You can change the clock face on the screen. There are different designs. You can also add your own photos to the smart speaker to use as a background. 

Now let’s get to the main use. As I’ve covered, you can tell the time using the device. But you can also play videos and music. This device is connected to Xiaomi smart home devices and you can use the smart speaker to control the devices. 

So if you have a Xiaomi enabled house, then you have the opportunity to control your lights, fans, turn on the AC, monitor the video camera and so on. This also works seamlessly with the Xiaomi doorbell, which we have reviewed here

Best Price – $41.99


This is ultimately a speaker and the truth be told, the speaker is not as good as it can be. Older Xiaomi speakers that have focused only on the speaker aspect and not the display aspect have performed much better in terms of sound. The Xiaomi Smart Speaker is a bit below par. 

Voice Control 

This is a bit of a bummer for non Chinese speakers. For those who speak Mandarin, can control the device with the voice feature that lets you play music among other things. 

Use Case 

For people who have a lot of Xiaomi gateway devices, then the Xiaomi smart speaker is a fantastic addition. You can easily control various devices through the Xiaomi Smart Speaker. I especially love the display and the speaker which adds a new dimension to the device. Instead of having just a one dimensional product like a speaker, you can have a clock, speaker, and display device, all built into one. 

For a lot of people, I understand, this might not be a great value addition to their lives and that is where it gets difficult to talk about the benefits of it. 

Best Price – $41.99

Final Thoughts 

The first thing that jumps at you is the lack of English language support. This is the biggest problem of Xiaomi, that they need to rectify quickly. They have all these international users who are dying to get Xiaomi products in their hands, only to find out that the device works only with Mandarin. Coming to the device, it’s a pretty neat device where you get a good display cum speakers and a clock, all built in one. It’s pretty petite and it’s easy to use as well. I wouldn’t consider this product an absolute must buy, but it does alright for the services it claims it provides. 


  • The display is fantastic and is one of the most innovative speakers there
  • The sound system is pretty reasonable
  • It’s small and it’s very easy to use
  • It connects with a variety of Xiaomi devices and makes it a hub to control these devices


  • The use case for this device isn’t clear
  • Does not support the English Language

Do I need the Xiaomi Touch Screen? 

To be honest, the average person wouldn’t need a Xiaomi touch screen. It does a little bit of everything, but not one thing completely and that’s the biggest problem. 

If I had to use the Xiaomi touch screen for something, what would it be? 

Ultimately it can be a small device with which you can put your child to sleep without a tablet to distract them. This is the biggest use case I see, apart from watching videos and listening to music. 

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