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Yeelight Mesh LED Downlight Latest Price and Review

by Jenny Xiao
The Best Smart Light Ever!
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Store Name: Mi Homes Store

Store Description: The home of all things Mi. It houses all sorts of smart home products like the Yeelight series of lights.

Price range: $10 - $20

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  • Brightness
  • Color
  • Energy efficiency
  • Automatic controls and Timer

Xiaomi has always been at the forefront of smart home innovation, especially with their Mijia sub-brand. Mijia’s Yeelight series recently came up with a new addition to their amazing range of smart lights. Today we’re going to check out Xiaomi’s Yeelight Mesh LED Downlight Latest Price and Review.

The Yeelight Downlight is an unbelievable smart bulb that uses IoT (Internet of things) to make any home a smart home. For example, with this smart bulb, you could do amazing things, like control the brightness, color and turn it on/off all with your phone or any other Xiaomi smart home device. Isn’t that super convenient?

Anyway, let’s get to the review and check out this amazing smart light!

Yeelight Smart Downlight

Inside the box

In the box, you find the light itself and an instruction manual. That’s pretty much it.

Don’t let the lack of the contents disappoint you. The bulb alone is packed with enough technology to keep you amazed. All you need to do is set it up and use it. But first, let’s check out the design.

Check it out here! – US $10.85

The Xiaomi Yeelight Design

The Yeelight Downlight is made from ABS plastic and is white in color. It has a diameter of 10cm with a protrusion at the back which fits in the ceiling. You will need a 7 to 6 cm hole if your ceiling to attach the downlight.

  • The best part is that the diameter is a little bigger than the portion that fits into the ceiling, so it goes in perfectly without looking ugly. If you have a white ceiling, then it will blend in brilliantly.
  • The edge if the diameter is a little rough and blunt, this finishing could have been better for a seamless look.
  • This Yeelight downlight mesh light also has two red clamps so it can fit in the ceiling.
  • Other than that it obviously has the outlet for the wiring.

All in all a decent looking device.

Check it out here! – US $10.85

How To Use The Yeelight LED Ceiling Light?

The Yeelight Mesh LED Downlight Latest Price and Review would be lacking if we didn’t tell you guys the functions and usage of the product. So, let’s move on to the usage.

  • To set up this light you will need a hole in the ceiling around 7 to 6 cm hole if your ceiling. Call an electrician if you can’t but it’s fairly simple to attach the electric wire’s. Remember to turn off the electricity before you attach it.
  • Once the light is attached to the ceiling pair it with your phone through Bluetooth using the Mi App. This will be a lot smoother if you have a Bluetooth Mesh Device fro Xiaomi., especially if you have more than one Yeelight Downlight.
  • This light required around 4w to project a light of 300lm. The user can control the color intensity of the light on the app or through voice. So, basically you can control both the brightness and the color of the light which ranges from 2700k which is an orange light to 6500k which is a cool blue light. On the app, you swipe up and down for brightness and sideways for color hue.
  • You can set timers to turn the light on/off.
  • You can use the Bluetooth mesh device to for a fast batch connection of multiple lights and group control their brightness and color.

Buy it here! – US $10.85


This XiaomiYeelight is different from other smart lights that run on Wi-Fi, this one comes with something called the Bluetooth Mesh.

  • Most of Xiaomi Smart Home devices are equipped with this new central technology that is used to control a large number of smart devices at the same time.
  • It’ll help you with not only the control of various devices but it also improves the speed of the connectivity and the products. So, you can be assured of zero lag when trying to control the brightness or the color of the light.
  • But ideally, you would need a Bluetooth Gateway Device. Xiaomi’s Yeelight Mesh Gateway Bluetooth device is perfect and should be bought separately.

Other Key Features:

Of course, the speed and seamless connectivity are not the only things your paying for. This light has amazing features like:

  • Controlling both the brightness and color of the light. Which is absolutely brilliant because the range you can achieve. You can set the mood for movie night, date night and almost anything.
  • Ultra-low standby power consumption. So, you can save both money and not waste energy.
  • You can control the Yeelight smart downlight with your voice. Yup, you can literally scream at the lights if you want to dim them. And it will, due to its amazing voice accuracy.
  • You can set timers and even set the lights to automatically turn on when it detects motion.
  • And you can always control the device through the Mi Home App.

Final Thoughts on the Yeelight Smart Downlight

The Yeelight is overall a beautiful product. definitely more than worth your money. The range of control you have with a ceiling light like this is mind-boggling.

  • True, the design of the light itself might not be super great but when it’s blinded by its light you wouldn’t care.
  • The Bluetooth Mesh technology is smooth and hassle-free. It’s either equal or better than wi-fi in terms of connectivity and control.
  • The timers and automatic set up works perfectly and you definitely can’t complain about the brightness or the massive color range.
  • There is however an issue if you buy more than one light and set them on group control. While you can control when to turn it on or off you can’t control the brightness or the colour of all the lights together.

Overall the Yeelight Smart Downlight a definitely worth it considering all the things you’ll be able to achieve with a ceiling light.


  • The Bluetooth Mesh connectivity
  • The timers and the automatic controls
  • The control over the brightness and color


  • Design
  • Certain features with group control


The Price of the Yeelight Downlight ranges is around US $10.85. It’s very reasonable price.

Check it out here! – US $10.85

What is the best smart light to buy?

The Yeelight Mesh LED Downlight would be the best smart light to buy. It’s a smart ceiling light with that’s very energy efficient.
It has amazing features where you can change the color of the light and even set timers. It can also automatically turn on and off when it detects motion.
It is connected through a revolutionary Bluetooth Mesh technology instead of a Wi-Fi network. You can go through the Yeelight Mesh LED Downlight Latest Price and Review for all the specific details.
This smart light is definitely worth it.

Do smart light bulbs save money?

Yes, they are more energy-efficient so they definitely save you some money. A great example is the Yeelight Mesh LED Downlight. It not only save you a lot of money but also has a massive longevity while delivering the most amazing of features.
You can control brightness and color temperatures. And if you’re really conscious about saving money, you can set timers through your voice or the app.

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