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Mi Body Composition Scale Price and Review

by Jenny Xiao
Throw your normal weighing scale - Xiaomi is here

Product Name: Xiaomi Weighing Scale

Product Description: The Xiaomi weighing scale does more than just tell you your weight. It collects data of you and your family members and tells you if you've lose weight over time or gained. It's the fat loss accessory that you need!

Brand: Xiaomi

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Xiaomi Body Composition Scale

The Xiaomi Body Composition Scale, Rated!

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We all think about getting fit and looking good. But with unhealthy fast food everywhere and our sedentary lifestyle, you are bound to get a little plump. However, if you care about being fit and healthy, then exercise and diet is the only way. But one thing I learned about weight loss and fat loss is what you don’t measure, you don’t have any control of. If you don’t measure the inches in your hips, you won’t know the goal to target. So, how do you do it? By using a tape or going to A lab? Nope, you simply need to get the right tech. Check out our Mi Body Composition Scale Price and Review for all the details.

Xiaomi has taken the humble weighing scale and has turned it into something incredible. It is equipped with a G-shaped sensor and can read up to 13 data points with a negligible error margin. These data points range from visceral fat, muscle mass and bone mass to even BMI. It even capture more detailed stuff like Protein rate and metabolism. It captures these data points by using a unique technology called Bio-impedance.

Basically, it sends a signal from one leg that goes around your body and goes back into the scale from the other leg, thereby competing a circuit. You don’t need to be worried about the safety but as you cannot feel this signal and it isn’t harmful. So, is this brilliant gadget worth it? Let’s find out, shall we? Here’s the Mi Body Composition Scale Price and Review.

After having reviewed this Mi Body Composition Scale based on various factors like design, function, feature, performance and price. And having compared it to the other brands out there. I found out that it is truly one of a kind as it is on the higher end when it comes to accuracy. I further put it through a series of stress tests and found that:

The Mi Body Composition Scale is the best fitness scale in the entry to mid level market. It has minimalistic design with a LED screen that illuminates when the scale is in use. It accurate measures body data using not only the information it gets from the Bio-impedance sensor but also from the user data in the Mi Fit App. In addition to stating your body scores, it also allows you to set goals. It is also extremely affordable and can be used by 16 people.

Mi Body Composition Scale Price and Review 2020

Inside the Box

The Mi Composition Body Scale like most Xiaomi products comes with a standard cardboard box. On the top portion of the box, you will find an image of the device. And on the sides, you’ll find some technical information, disclaimers and specs. Now, on the Inside the box, you will find:

  • The Xiaomi Mi Composition Body Scale
  • And a manual.

This doesn’t require any chargers as it works with a battery.


mi body composition scale review

Like most Xiaomi devices, this is a beautiful piece of simplicity. This will fit in any household without any hassles from a design perspective. The top of the weighing scale is made of non-slippery tempered glass that can withstand the pressures of a full grown person. The base is made up of 4 strong grip stops that ensure the scale doesn’t slip away.

  • The interface is super simple and looks pretty great. It looks super clean and when a person stands on the scale, the number shows up magically. This is the kind of design that will make Dieter Rams from Braun proud.
  • It’s pretty light, so if you are looking to carry a weighing scale during your trips, then it’s a good idea to carry the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale. The thinnest part of the scale measures 14.75mm, which is pretty thin.
  • This body scale looks amazing to be honest. It has a simple minimalistic design that gives of a futuristic vibe. The majority of the device is made from a matte polycarbonate material. It also has four metal electrodes. These electrodes are responsible for the Bio-electrical Impedance. Although the white scale looks elegant, it is prone to staining. After having used my scale for the past two years, the discoloration is evident.

The display of the device is situated underneath the surface of the design and only illuminates once you step on it.

Function and Use

Now generally, the use of a scale is to measure weight. But modern-day fitness regimes tell you, only body weight as a measure of fitness is pointless. So a good smart weighing scale should do more and the Mi Body Composition Scale really measures up. This Xiaomi Body scale is must-have in every household.

Here are the 9 data points the Mi Scale measures

Muscle Mass

  • The muscle mass numbers are basically the amount of muscle you have in your body and how much of muscle is your body made up of compared to other parts. More the muscle mass, the better it is for you and the Mi Scale does a good job of showing this number.


  • The BMI is the universal number that is also called the Body Mass Index. I will not get into how this number is measured, except that this is a misleading number from a fitness standpoint.

Bone Mass

  • Now, this is a super important data point as some people have heavy bones. They might look light, but the weighing scale may show a higher number. This doesn’t mean they are fat. The bone mass number tells you how heavy your bones are and this helps you with your weightloss journey.


  • The number one data point is seen by most people in the world. Weight is displayed in kilograms.

Body Fat

  • The body fat percentage number is the amount of fat there is one’s body. This is the best number to be checked by people who are truly looking to get fit. The body fat number should be ideally between 10 and 15 for a very healthy adult.

Visceral Fat

  • Visceral fat is the most dangerous fat in your body as this fat covers the very vital organs such as the liver and pancreas. This is the fat that covers your belly and this can be super dangerous. If you want to improve your health, this is the number you need to look at the Mi Body Composition Scale.

Body Score

  • Xiaomi gives an overall rating for the shape of your body. You can use this information to gauge if you need more exercise or not. This is a good number to follow to understand the status of your health


  • Drinking water regularly is important for overall health and the Mi Body Composition scale gives out data on how much water is there in the body. If people are looking to gauge their weight, you can also use this number to understand how much water weight is there in your system.

Basal Metabolism

  • For people who are fit, their metabolism is high. That means they burn food much faster, which in turn leads to a fitter body and less fat. One can look at this number to see if the basal metabolism number is improving. If it is improving, then you are on the right track!

The App and Other Features

mi body composition

The Mi App is what makes this product very useful. You can get data on all your metrics, you can track your weight in the past and have a goal to follow.

  • The scale also identifies the user when they stand on it. It can store up to 16 user profiles, so it is not only for a single person but an entire family. The scale has Bluetooth enabled and it can work with AAA batteries for up to 8 months. No charging required.

Final Thoughts

The Mi Body Composition Scale is an amazing device that plays an important role in every household. This isn’t your average weighing machine, but it’s much more than that. It tracks the data it collects and gives an overall picture of your health through many data points.

It’s light, works with batteries and can be easily carried. Overall, this is an amazing product from Xiaomi and worth every penny!


  • Good Price
  • Light Weight
  • Strong and Sturdy
  • 9 Data Points
  • 16 User Profiles
  • Lasts for 8 months with 3 batteries


  • None

Is MI body composition scale accurate?

Yes and no. While the Mi body composition scale is quite accurate with a error margin the accuracy actually depends on the initial input of data. For example, you need to make sure that the initial calibration is on point and do it multiple times till you get the right results.

As the user it is also on you to input the correct data into the Mi fit app as well. This is because the scale uses this data to determine a lot of the numbers. That being said, the scale it’s is extremely sensitive and cane easily capture a change of even 50g. Check out our list of the Mi Body Composition Scale Price and Review for all the details.

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