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Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Price and Review

by Jenny Xiao
The Amazfit Pace - Worth every penny!

Store Name: Amazfit Store

Store Description: The Amazfit Store is the one stop shop for all your smartwatch needs. From the Pace to the Bip to the Stratos to the GTS. Get the best Amazfit products.

Price range: $10 - $30

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Amazfit Pace

best Xiaomi watch yet?


We have reviewed a bunch of Amazfit smartwatches on our site. With every review, we are surprised by the feature set and pricing of the Amazfit products. Recently, the Amazfit Pace has gained some traction and it definitely has the makings of a flagship. Check out our Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Price and Review for all the details.

This review will cover the contents of the box, specifications, features and final thoughts.

Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Price and Review 2020

Inside the Box

amazfit pace unboxing

The Amazfit Pace comes in a unique box. This cool box has a cardboard base with a transparent plastic top layer instead of a cover made from cardboard like other similar products. You can see the watch the transparent covering. You will also notice the Amazfit Logo printed on the plastic covering along with some features of the watch. On the sides of the cardboard base, you can find some technical specifications of the watch. Now inside the box, you will find:

  • The Amazfit Pace itself
  • A proprietary charger
  • And an Instruction Manual

The proprietary charger is something that is a big disadvantage because Amazfit does not make standard smartwatch chargers that can be used across its line. Which means, if you have two different Amazfit watches, you will have two different chargers. That being said, don’t lose your charger as it won’t be easy replacing it.

Design and Display

amazfit pace review

As the design of a smartwatch, or any watch for that matter, is an important criterion for users. Amazfit has done a fairly decent job with the design scheme. The Amazfit Pace comes with a shiny ceramic watch face with tempered glass. It also comes with a red and black strap that can be swapped out. While the watch face and core component are quite good looking, the strap is reminiscent of my childhood Timex. Which is why I said the design is “fairly’ decent.

  • However, the Amazfit Pace certainly has a flagship smartwatch design making it much better than the Stratos. For example, the elegant ceramic face ring makes it stand out. It’s also extremely thin with virtually no trappings of a large smartwatch.
  • This Amazfit smartwatch is pretty light with a weight of only 53 grams but it’s also has a beautiful round 1.34″ display. The display is made from an e-paper technology with a resolution of 300 x 320 p. This color e-paper display actually becomes brighter and more visible as the intensity of the light reflected on it increases. So, it’s perfect for those fitness enthusiasts and athletes that are out in the sun.
  • It’s an always on display which basically means you don’t have to keep tapping the screen to check for the time or notifications. Although people are concerned about this feature from a battery life perspective, it’s honestly super useful especially when your hands are tied sown by a demanding task.
  • Of course, it’s not the most perfect smartwatch on the planet. The colors aren’t very vibrant which give it a slightly dull look. However, you can turn on the back light to improve the brightness.
  • There is a crown located on the upper right side of the Amazfit Pace. This button although not extremely tactile helps turn the device on/off. It can also lock and unlock the screen.
  • As mentioned earlier, the upper frame of the watch is made from a ceramic and the lower frame is made from polycarbonate material. Both of which are highly durable and can take a few hits. The display also has a Tempered gorilla glass 4 which is also scratch-resistant and sturdy.

On the base of the Amazfit Pace smartwatch, you will find four contact pins for the charger and an optical heart rate sensor. Overall, it has an elegant and minimalistic design.


The software running this device are similar to the one running the Stratos. We did mention there were slight interfacing issues with the OS and as it is the proprietary OS of Huami, they are still working and improving. If you are really big on interfaces and care too much for eye for detail, then you should skip this one. The interface does not affect the performing and functions of the device at all.

  • There are a few apps that work with the Pace. If you want to use a tracking app, then you can use the Nike+ running app that tracks your workouts, this can be integrated with your smartwatch in a simple manner.
  • One of the best apps that is built-into this watch is the Training Center App. The Training Center App is for trained athletes and professionals, who want to document every training session. This is much bettert han just a simple tracking tool.
  • There is also the Amazfit App which is pretty fine-looking, but the use of it is minimal. The best part about the Amazfit Pace is, all the functions you need to perform can be done directly on the watch itself.

We ran basic odometer tests with the Amazfit Pace and the GPS is pretty accurate. The heart rate monitor works pretty accurately while running, but if you perform other strenuous exercises apart from running, the accuracy drops by a bit.

Battery Life

The battery of the Amazfit Pace is one of the best we’ve seen. When I reviewed the watch, I worked out every day with the heart rate monitor on and the phone connected continuously.

  • The watch lasted a good 5 days on a single charge, which is pretty awesome, as smartwatches come. Interestingly, we did a stand-alone battery test and the watch lasted 10 days on a single charge.

During this, we only ran basic functions. So, basically. you can expect a week to a week and a half’s worth of juice if you’re running the apps occasionally.

Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Price and Review – Final Thoughts

The Amazfit Pace is a good alternative to the expensive smartwatches available in the market. It has all the features of a top smartwatch, at half the rate. It has a beautiful design and the ceramic ring is a nice touch. The touch screen is coloured and not mono-chrome, that makes this watch look even better. It’s a sports tracking smart watch and has an amazing running tracker app installed. The battery life is also brilliant, lasting a solid 5 days of constant use.

Is Amazfit a good brand?

Yes, Amazfit is a really good brand. It’s definitely one of the top three sports wearable brands in the world. In fact, it’s a close competitor to Fit Bit. All Amazfit Smartwatches are equipped with the latest tech. Including highly accurate health and fitness sensors and multiple sports modes tailored to developing the athlete in you. Of course, it also comes with usual smartwatch apps. Currently, Amazfit Pace is one of the most affordable and popular watches from Amazfit. Check out our Xiaomi Amazfit Pace Price and Review for more details.

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