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Xiaomi Earphones – The best and the cheapest (Dec 2019 Update)

by Mike Xiao
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Xiaomi makes so many products and the popular ones are the phones and the smart home products, but what many people forget is, Xiaomi makes fantastic earphones. They make some of the most affordable and best earphones that go around. Recently the Air Dots have become popular, but today we cover 5 of the best Xiaomi Earphones that money can buy.

Xiaomi Earphones Review

Type of EarphonesMi Earphones
Best wireless earbudsRedmi Airdots
Latest Xiaomi EarphonesHybrid Pro Hd
Most Popular Xiaomi EarphonesXiaomi Piston 4
Cheapest Xiaomi EarphonesMi original basic

Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD

The Xiaomi Pro HD is one of the better-looking earphones out there. It’s encased with a titanium finish. It looks premium and classy and the Pro HD is available only in this silver type of finish. This is an in-ear, earphone, which means it goes deep into your ears and gives you the surround sound finish that everybody cherishes.

The cable for the Pro HD is long at 1.25 metres and it is made of a rubber like material that doesn’t tangle easy. A lot of earphones do come with removable cable options, but the Pro HD does not have that feature. Especially, at this price point, there is no need for one as well.

In the middle of the cable are the buttons for performing the functions. This is also made of that silver finish and the buttons are pretty clear. In a lot of earphones, they use black buttons for this section and it isn’t clear.

The buttons acts as mic, volume control and call receiving and ending. The end that actually goes into your ear is tiny and the tips they give are comfortable and fits perfectly well.

The three main aspects of a earphone when it comes to sound are Sound Signature, Bass and Treble. The Pro HD has an amazing sound quality, with all the three aspects being top notch!

xiaomi pro hd

Best Price – $16.97

Xiaomi Piston 4

The Xiaomi Piston 4 is the 4th generation model in the Piston series. The materials used are plastic and metal. The cables are the usual rubber, but slightly beneath that, there’s a nylon base. This helps in reducing tangling and this is what differentiates it from other cables.

In the middle portion of the cable are the three button to control the sound, attend calls and controlling the music.

The design of the Piston 4 is the nozzle that has an angle to it. This is a style that is a bit of a hit or a miss. For some people, this is perfect, for others its not.

Coming to the sound, the Piston 4 is truly unique. It has a dual driver setup. This means there’s a driver that focuses on the bass and the other one focuses on the mid-range sounds and the high range sounds.

xiaomi piston

Best Price – $4.37

Xiaomi Airdots

The Airdots have taken the world by storm. If the Xiaomi Airdots gives you deja vu, then you aren’t mistaken. It looks very similar to the Apple Airpods. In fact, the Xiaomi Airdots can be considered replicas of the Airpods, but at a way cheaper price.

Coming to the design, this is as simple as simple can get. Th e white finish, does make it look premium. Working with the Airdots is a breeze, you can use touch to control the device. Single touch, long touch and double touch all have functions. It can connect to multiple devices without any hassle. It also supports fast charging, which means you needn’t worry about losing juice on your earphone.

In terms of comfort during wear, these are some of the most comfortable ear-wear created. The sound, thhat includes the bass, treble, highs and lows are fantastic. There isn’t much of a sound leak.

xiaomi airdots

Best Price – $39.41

Mi Earphones Basic

The Xiaomi standard earphones are so cheap, that you will want to buy a ton of them. Is it worth buying? What Xiaomi does really well is make high quality products at throwaway prices. Due to their 5% rule. This is one of those cases, where a premium product is sold for cheap.

The tilted nozzle finish is a standard that Xiaomi uses across it’s earphones. This has a simple design that is in-ear and also has a rubber cable finish that stops tangling from happening.

It has a single button to control the calls, but the sound has to be controlled with your phone. For this price, these are amazing headphones.

mi earphones basic

Best Price – $4.33

Mi earphones

Which earphone is best for Redmi 4?

Any Xiaomi earphone is suitable for the Redmi 4. This can be the Airdots, Piston 4 or even the Pro HD. Honestly any type of earphone will suit the Redmi 4 because it has the standard 3.5mm jack.

Which brand of earbuds are best?

When it comes to earbuds, there is nothing better than the Airdots. They are cheap, have fast charging capabilities (Charges fully in 1.5 hours), amazing sound and did I mention the great price?! The Airdots are indeed classic earbuds and the Airdots Pro are even better compared to the Airdots.

Which budget earphone is best?

If you are looking for truly budget earphones, then the standard Xiaomi earphone is the one you need to go for. It’s super cheap, high quality and comes in various beautiful colours.

What are the best earbuds that are cheap?

There can be no other earbuds cheaper or better than the Airdots. The Airdots have amazing sound with great battery life and it comes with a case too. In terms of a fit, it’s pretty snug and the sound is good. A lot of people consider the Airdots a cheaper version of the Airpods and I do agree. It’s pretty good!

What is the best earphone?

If you are looking for the best earphones in terms of price, style, quality of sound, then the Pro HD from Xiaomi is a top quality earphone.

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