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Xiaomi Smart Doorbell with Camera Latest Price and Review | Xiaomi Zero Doorbell Review!

by Jenny Xiao
The Smart Doorbell from Xiaomi

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Price range: $10 - $30

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Xiaomi Smart Doorbell

The Xiaomi Smart Doorbell, Rated!

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After the Ring Doorbell, smart doorbell camera sales have gone through the roof. They have become synonymous with house safety and security. There are numerous no name brands out there that make smart doorbells. But the only one we trust is Xiaomi and today we cover the Zero AI Smart Doorbell Camera from Xiaomi. Smart Doorbell cameras are a must in this day and age where security is a big issue.

So let’s see how the Xiaomi Smart Doorbell fares.

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In the Box

Inside the box, you get a handwritten letter from the CEO, the smart doorbell, speaker, batteries, screws and a screwdriver.



The design of the Xiaomi Smart Doorbell camera is typical Xiaomi style is white and clean. It has the following measurements

  • 111mm in height, 61mm in width and 23mm in breadth.

This is quite small and not bulky at all. The front of the device has a camera and a button. The Smart Doorbell also has a built-in speaker for two way communication.

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Function and Use


Firstly, setting up the camera is pretty straight forward. You need to install the batteries at the back. This connects directly with the Mi Home App and all you need to do is press the reset button on the smart doorbell and then scan the QR code displayed on your smartphone with the doorbell’s camera to authenticate it. The doorbell then syncs with your Wifi network to have a seamless connection.

Another part of the installation is to add the screw provided in the box to the side of the doorbell. You immediately get notified with an alarm when somebody tries to remove it. The doorbell comes with 3M double sided tape at the back. This is one of the ways to install the doorbell without having to use the screws. Be sure to keep it away from the water as this device isn’t waterproof.

After the setup, the doorbell will be added to your devices list in the Mi Home App. You can use the app to look through the camera’s lens and you can also use it to change the settings if required.

This doorbell does come with an external speaker and if you need to hear the doorbell ring, you will need to install the external speaker. You can pair up to 4 of these external speakers with a distance of 50 metres.

If you don’t want to use the speaker, there is an ingenious way that notifies there is someone at the door. When a person rings the doorbell you get a notification on your phone intimating you that there is someone at the door. You can click on the ‘View’ button and see real-time who is standing there.

Best Price – $43.15

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How does it work?

When somebody rings the doorbell, you immediately get a notification on your phone with the live video of the person who is standing. When you open the door, it also triggers the sensor on the device and you get an alert saying the “Door/Window is open”.

The camera itself is pretty awesome. It can cover a 105 degree angle and it works in the night pretty well too. It uses the infrared light to see the object clearly at night. It shoots 720p videos which is more than the desired requirement for a Xiaomi Smart Doorbell.

Using the App

The app plays a major role and you can perform a host of functions through it. Firstly, you can monitor the video in real time, you can speak to the visitor from your phone and the visitor will hear it through the speaker on the doorbell.

You can control the doorbell settings such as controlling the push notifications, enabling/removal of alarm, control video quality with WDR video (Consumes more battery), control the infrared settings. If you aren’t fond of the alarm sound or the doorbell ringtone, you can modify that as well.

Through the app, you can also update the firmware automatically. The features don’t stop there. For overly cautious users, there is a host of motion detection settings which are a big boon.

With the Motion Detection, you can set motion detection to automatically capture a clip when a person moves near the camera. You can also go a step further and choose the sensitivity of motion detection.

There is also a cool setting, where the doorbell starts ringing when a person knocks on the door. You can also set a pre-recorded message, which basically says what you want to say when you are not at home or to leave specific instructions. This is super important to me personally as I get a lot of deliveries and I would like to ask them to place it near the door as my house has good security.

Best Price – $43.15

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Home Automation

The doorbell seamlessly works with Xiaomi’s automation and gateway products. You can set-up a lot of different rules in case some actions happen.


Final Thoughts

This is one of the best smart doorbell cameras out there. Although a few people might complain about the 720p camera, the quality is pristine. The installation is super simple and you can do it yourself. The best part is the use case with the smartphone. You can monitor real time, you can send custom messages and also set-up motion detection to capture visitor recordings.

This is a truly creative and interesting device from Xiaomi.

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  • Motion detection
  • Live video
  • Alarm when somebody tries to remove the screw
  • Doorbell rings when somebody knocks the door



  • 720p camera

Is the Xiaomi smart doorbell worth it? 

The Xiaomi smart doorbell is pretty awesome. If you are into home automation, then there’s nothing like having a smart doorbell that can help you find out who is outside and give you lot more power in handling people outside your house. 

Does the motion detection work well in the Xiaomi smart doorbell? 

This is one of the most important features for a smart doorbell. The motion detection should work as advertised and for the Xiaomi smart doorbell, it works great. In fact, it works more than great. You will easily be able to see videos or see photographs of people when there is motion outside your house. If you are not in a noisy neighbourhood and you need to know when somebody is coming close to your door, then this feature will come in handy. 

How do I setup my Xiaomi doorbell

– Inside the box you’ll find a small screwdriver, screws and batteries along with the Xiaomi doorbell. 
– Insert the batteries and then you will have to connect the smart doorbell with the MI Home app. 
– The Mi Home app will generate a QR code, which you will need to scan through your smart doorbell’s camera. It will connect to your Wifi as well. 
– You will need to attach the screw to the side of your doorbell. The smart doorbell can detect if somebody is trying to unscrew the device and an alarm will start bleeping. 
– It comes with a 3M stick tape that you can use it to attach to a wall, which is pretty strong enough.

Is Xiaomi doorbell waterproof?

It is not waterproof, so if you don’t have a cover on top, then make sure to protect it properly. 

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