Home Gadgets Guide to Xiaomi Smart Home 2020 | $98 Xiaomi Home Automation Setup (September Update – New Products)

Guide to Xiaomi Smart Home 2020 | $98 Xiaomi Home Automation Setup (September Update – New Products)

by Jenny Xiao
Xiaomi Home Setup
xiaomi smart home kit

Store Name: Mi Smarthome Store

Store Description: More than 30 kinds of Smart entertainment with fast installation takes only 3 minutes. Kit includes smart sensors for windows and doors

Price range: $10 - $500

  • Easy to Setup
  • Use Case
  • Cost of Xiaomi Home Kit

Setting up the Xiaomi Smart Home

If you want home automation, then you need the full Xiaomi Smarthome Kit. Xiaomi has created an amazing home automation platform that lets you seamlessly use your phone or sensors to operate everything in your house. The whole kit would probably cost your hundreds of dollars, but it’s all worth it. 

The two main things needed to start your journey is to download the Xiaomi Mi Home App and the Smart Gateway Hub. This is basically the center point for connecting all the devices. You have 

  • Door Sensors
  • Window Sensors
  • Automated Light Sensors
  • Xiaomi Lights 
  • Xiaomi Switches
  • Xiaomi Doorbells

And more…




Xiaomi over the years has moved on from a phone manufacturer to an all-product manufacturer. What they have done effectively is take everyday objects and add a bit of technology to them and most importantly they make these products very cheap. According to Lei Jun, Xiaomi’s founder, the cost of their hardware will not exceed a 5% profit margin. Using this brilliant strategy Xiaomi has introduced tons of fantastic smart home solutions in the market. Check out our Guide to Xiaomi Smart Home 2020 for all the details.

Over the years, Xiaomi has excelled and introduced tons of smart home products that can help you save a lot of time and effort. These smart home products use IoT technology to help you automate certain controls. It’s honestly quite fascinating. Xiaomi has also collaborated with big brands like Philips and Honeywell to bring a new set of Alexa/Google assistant compatible smart home products like smart lamps, lights, temperature sensors, door and window sensors and much more.

Today we teach you how to make your home a Xiaomi smart home and take you through the must-have Xiaomi smart home products This is a Guide to Xiaomi Smart Home! Scroll down to the bottom to find out how to set up the Xiaomi smart home kit!

Guide to Xiaomi Smart Home

Xiaomi Mi Home App

For anybody who wants to build a Xiaomi Smart Home, the first thing you need to do is get the Xiaomi Mi Home App. The Mi Home App is your central hub and the brain from where you can control all your devices. All your Xiaomi devices sync with the Mi Home App. So, it absolutely important to download a Xiaomi Mi Home App on your mobile platform.

So download that first!

Android – HERE

Apple – HERE

#1 — Xiaomi Mi Smart Home Gateway 2

If you want to create a smart home hub, the first thing you will need is a Smart Home Gateway. A Smart Home Gateway is a device that let’s you control all the other smart home sensors in the house. It can also be used as a radio, an alarm, a doorbell ringer and a night light.

It works with Wifi and needs to be connected to a plug point at all times.

xiaomi aqara

Best Price – $24.90

Check it out on Amazon

Check Price on Shopee

#2 — Xiaomi Smart Bluetooth Switch

The other tool that you will need to give you overall control of your Xiaomi products is the Smart Bluetooth Switch. This is a small circular button that helps you control plugs, switches and lamps. So if you don’t want to use your app, and want a physical button to control all your devices, then this smart Bluetooth switch can help!

xiaomi bluetooth switch

Best Price – $9.99

#3 — Xiaomi Window Sensor and Door Sensor

To truly make your home smart, you need to automate various facets of your home experience. This involves attaching door and window sensors. These sensors are programmed to activate an action when a door or window is opened. One of the most common actions is to use a door sensor to automatically switch on a Xiaomi light inside your room.

The window sensors can be used to automatically turn off air conditioning if you open the window and so on.

xiaomi door sensor aliexpress

Best Price – $8.49

Check Price on Shopee

#4 — Xiaomi Wireless Keywall Switch

If you have gone smart across all your devices and lighting in your home, then it makes sense to hae a physical switch to make your life easy. Not always, it’s prudent to use the app and the Wireless Keywall Switch is the perfect replacement of the normal switch.

This switch can be stuck on the wall and this can control the Xiaomi Smart Bulb and Yeelight. This can also double up as a doorbell switch that works with your alarm gadget from Xiaomi.

xiaomi smart home

Best Price – $19.70

Check Price on Shopee

#5 — Xiaomi Smart Camera

One of the top safety requirements in your home is to set-up a camera. But most cameras are pretty basic. But the Xiaomi Smart Camera is different. Very different!

The smart camera shoots high-quality 1080p videos and has a viewing angle of 156 degrees. It has a humanoid detection feature that recognizes humans in the video, when you are not at home and sends you a 12-second video.

This is not just a camera and you can use it as a communication device and you can talk to your friends and family through the Mijia app.

It can be attached to walls or kept on tables. It’s small and compact!

xiaomi home camera

Best Price – $14.88

Check it out on Amazon

Check Price on Shopee

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#6 — Xiaomi Yeelight Dimmer

The Yeelight Dimmer is a nifty tool that helps in controlling your Xiaomi light at your home. Just like you reduce the speed of your fan, you can also control the brightness of your Xiaomi lights. It can be easily stuck to the wall or can be connected to the wiring system as well.

Apart from the dimming features, it can switch on and off the lights, you can change the colour of the lighting, you can switch between daylight and moonlight.

This is a simple gadget to control the lighting effects of your house.

xiamoi smart home app

Best Price – $11.99

Check Price on Shopee

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The Xiaomi Yeelight Lamp

Xiaomi Yeelight LED

The Yeelight Candela and its Amazing Mesh Netwok Feature

#7 — Xiaomi Light Intensity Sensors

This is a human or animal detection sensor that informs you about any movement or can also be used in tandem with other smart Xiaomi devices. For example, you can set up the Xiaomi sensor near your bedside table and connect it to a smart Yeelight near your bedside table, that automatically gets turned on when you cross the table.

There are numerous possibilities such as this. This can also be helpful in keeping track of any movement in your home.

xiaomi human sensor

Best Price – $10.41

Check Price on Shopee

#9 — Xiaomi Smart Light Strip

Want to beautify your home and make it look premium within a budget? Then your best option is the Xiaomi Smart Light Strip. It’s 3 metres long and can be placed anywhere you like. There is a single button controller that you can use to control the entire strip.

If you aren’t using it, it can be organized with the storage organizer.

xiaomi yeelight

Best Price – $33.99

Check Price on Shopee

#10 — Xiaomi Temperature Sensor

Not a lot of people think, a temperature sensor is important, but it is very important. If you have a small toddler at home or you live in a humid area, you need to have a temperature sensor. Toddlers often start crying if the temperature increases and you will know if the reason if the weather or not with the help of the Xiaomi Temperature Sensor.

If you have indoor plants that need to be at a certain temperature, then the temperature sensor can let you know. The temperature sensor automatically syncs with the app.

xiaomi home kit aliexpress

Best Price – $11.20

Check Price on Shopee

#11 — Xiaomi Fire Alarm

There are fire alarm’s and there are Xiaomi Fire Alarms. What Xiaomi does really well is, collaborate with other top manufacturers to give you the best products. For the fire alarm, they have collaborated with Honeywell.

The best aspect of this fire alarm is battery life. It can run for 5 years without any worry.  There is also a smart feature in the Smart Home App that you can set up. To make sure your fire alarm is working perfectly, you can set-up a self-detection test every month. Every month, your fire alarm detects if it’s working well and sends you a message.

It’ made of fireproof material in case there is a fire. It can work independently or it can work seamlessly with other devices with the help of the smart gateway!

xiaomi fire alarm

Best Price – $25.55

Check Price on Shopee

#12 — Xiaomi Smart Lamp

The Xiaomi Smart Lamp is a beautifully crafted lamp that gives out warm ambient light. It’s well suited for night work and amply lights the room. It has two lights, one direct light and the other is an ambient light, which reduces the strain on the eyes.

This can be controlled through the Xiaomi smart home app.

xiaomi smart lamp

Best Price – $49.99

Check it out on Amazon

Check Price on Shopee

#13 — Xiaomi Smart Socket

The Xiaomi Smart Socket is a plus point that you can use with your smart devices. One of the premier features is, you can control the functions of the plug and remotely switch off devices that are connected to the plug.

xiaomi smart home aliexpress

Best Price – $10.13

Check Price on Shopee

Our full review on Power Strip can be found HERE.

#14 — Xiaomi Aqara Curtain Controller

If you want a cost effective electric curtain, the Xiaomi Aqara Curtain Controller is your best bet. Once you set it up you can remotely control your curtains without having to set up and expensive machine. You can of course, remotely control it via your smartphone, gateway or a wireless switch. This system will require an Aqara hub.

With this brilliant device you can set the percentage of curtain opening and even set timers as to when you want it. For example, you can set it to automatically open when the sun’s out. You can even set it to open when you enter your home. this of course, needs to be done in tandem with the Xiaomi motion sensors.

You can also command this curtain controller to interact with the ambient light and change accordingly. Most importantly, this curtain controller can also sense if your manually handling it and help your movements. These are the little supportive feature that make this amazing product a must-have.

#15 — Xiaomi Aqara Air Conditioning Controller

The Xiaomi Aqara Air Conditioning Controller is one of the most useful smart home products in the Xiaomi smart home ecosystem. You can use this Hub to control all your air conditioning devices intelligently and remotely using wireless transmission technology.

Using this technology, you can easily save energy, get comfortable sleep and utilize other high-end function using the rest of the smart home sensors. For example, you can automate the air conditioner to automatically turn on when you get back from your intense workouts. or when you arrive home from a hot summer day.

Other than remotely controlling your air conditioning through your mobile or through voice, you can also using this hub in tandem with the Xiaomi door/window sensors and Xiaomi motion sensors. You can set automation settings and command the air conditioner to shut off when the window or doors are open or to turn on when the sensors register movement.

Xiaomi Aqara

Aqara is a part Xiaomi ecological chain that specializes in smart home products. So what is Xiaomi Aqara? Xiaomi Aqara is the gateway hub mentioned above. This is the central piece for the whole Xiaomi smart home. Without the Aqara, none of the automation and sensors will work. So make sure to purchase the home gateway 2 or the Aqara before you embark on your smart home journey! Check out our Guide to Xiaomi Smart Home 2020 for all the details.

Guide to Xiaomi Smart Home – How to Setup a Xiaomi Smart Home

Say you have the products, but how do you set them all up together? That’s the bigger question. So here is a simple guide to setup the Xiaomi smart home!

Firstly, you will need to purchase a Xiaomi Gateway. As the name suggests, this is the hub that connects with all of the other smart home electronics. This device needs to be plugged to a power socket at all times. 

Once you’ve plugged it in, you need to download the Mi Home App. Connect the Mi Home app to your Wifi and then press the power button on the Gateway for about three seconds and then you will see the device popup on your app. 

Press, ‘Connect’ and once it’s connected, you will see a Blue light, shine through on your Gateway hub. Once the Gateway Hub is connected, you can connect all your other Smart devices using the Mi Home app. Check out our Guide to Xiaomi Smart Home 2020 for all the details.

Connecting other smart home devices to Xiaomi Gateway 

It’s pretty straightforward to connect any other device to the Gateway hub and that is by resetting the device. Every device comes with a pinhole that you can press for 3 seconds straight and they will get reset. So when you reset the device, the gateway automatically picks it up and connects to the device. Check out our Guide to Xiaomi Smart Home 2020 for all the details.

Connecting the devices 

Each of the devices is super useful and can be connected in myriad ways. You need to connect each of the sensors, trackers to the Mi Home App. Post that you can attach the devices in the place you want them. Most of them have glue in the back that can be stuck. Check out our Guide to Xiaomi Smart Home 2020 for all the details.

Which smart home system is best?

Xiaomi’s home automation products are pretty amazing. They are fundamentally cheaper compared to a lot of other products. If you compare Nest to Xiaomi, Xiaomi is way cheaper. Also, Xiaomi has a whole portfolio of products under their smart home umbrella such as sensors, temperature machines, lighting. All of them fit into the smart home space. 

Xiaomi’s smart home is also easy to set up, as most devices are plug and play and doesn’t require too much effort. 

Based on all these factors, it’s safe to say that Xiaomi’s smart home system is the best. 

What is Xiaomi Gateway?

Xiaomi gateway is the hub around which all of Xiaomi’s home automation products synchronize with each other. The Xiaomi gateway is this device that doubles up as an alarm, but it’s main function is to sync all devices with each other. This hub can be controlled from the Mi Home app directly. 

The Xiaomi gateway is a MUST buy if you want to set up a Xiaomi home or you want to do home automation of any kind. 

Does Xiaomi work with Google home?

Xiaomi does work with Google Home pretty seamlessly. Google Home works with Android and iOS devices and there is no problem with Google Home and Xiaomi. If you are wondering if Mi Home works with Google Home, the answer is yes. There was a temporary disablement of features of Mi Home from the Google Home app because of security concerns. But after Xiaomi fixed the problem, Google reinstated it. So this means Mi Home and Google Home (Nest) work seamlessly together. 

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