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Best Xiaomi Products you MUST own in 2020 (Jan 2020 Update)

by Mike Xiao
bext xiaomi products 2019

Xiaomi is conquering the world. They are one of the largest electronic companies in the world and compete with the likes of giants such as Samsung, Apple and others. They started off as a Mobile phone manufacturing company and now they have ventured into various other electronic products and non-electronic products as well.

Every year Xiaomi release new and innovative products in the market and we cover the best Xiaomi products of 2020.

best xiaomi products of 2019

Xiaomi Products

Latest Xiaomi Phones

Mi Note 10


The 6.47-inch Mi Note 10 is an absolute beast of a phone from Xiaomi. It’s primarily known for its 108 megapixel camera which is probably the best in the world. It also has a 5260 mAh with 30W fast charging. If you love a great camera and great battery life, then this is the one to go for!

Click here to check out the phone – $599

Amazfit Band 2


The Xiaomi Amazfit Band 2 is the latest fitness band from Xiaomi. The best part about the Amazfit Band 2 is its 20 day battery life. It has a 1.23-inch colour screen. It’s a premium offering from Amazfit and it’s waterproof for up to 50 metres.

Check it out here – $44

Amazift Stratos 3


The most awaited Amazfit smartwatch for a long time is the Stratos 3. It’s beautiful, stylish, functional and powerful. It has a 1.34-inch display with a very respectable 14 day battery life. It’s a sports watch with about 19 sports modes.

Check it out here – $199

Xiaomi Electronics

#1 – Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The Xiaomi Mi Band is one the most popular Xiaomi devices out there. The Mi Band 3 has been upgraded and improved over the previous versions and it’s one of the best fitness bands available in the market. Some of the features are

  • 20 days battery life
  • Large OLED Touchscreen
  • Recevies messages, notifications, SMS, Whatsapp and more
  • Water resistant up to 50 metres
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Vibrating alarms
  • Activity and sports tracker
  • Goal reminders
  • Sleep quality alert
  • Idle status alert

Best price – $23.59

#2 – Xiaomi Airdots

Best price – $23

#3 – Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

The Redmi Note 7 is the budget version of the Redmi Note 7 Pro. It’s the latest of Xiaomi’s budget smartphones that has some specs that make it a great value purchase.

It has a 6.3-inch large display. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC, which is great for high performance. The OS is MiUi 7 which is a layer on top of stock Android.

The camera is 12 megapixel shooter and powering the entire device is a 4000 mAh. A top burdget product for a top electronics manufacturer.

The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 is a must buy!

Best price – $199.99

#4 – Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headphones

The Mi Sports Bluetooth Headphones are one of the most unique headphone available in the market. First of all, the design is intuitive and sits on your ears perfectly. The tracker for the Mi sports are similar to that of the Mi Band. They are touch enabled, which means you can control your music through them.

Xiaomi provides you with 5 different ear tips that enables anybody to use the headphones seamlessly.

Attached to the wire is a button and a microphone to take calls. The Mi Sports Bluetooth is a solid Bluetooth headset for somebody looking for a state of the art headset at an amazing price!

Best price – $17.83

#5 – Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers are perfect for people who love music and are on the move all the time. It’s not big and can be easily stored in any bag and can also be carried in your pocket. This is power packed speaker that lasts for up to 8 hours of use and can be charged full withint 2.5 hours. This is a perfect companion for road trips and travels.

Best price – $29.99

Xiaomi Mi Home

#6 – Xiaomi Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp

The Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp is an amazing smart lamp from the house of Xiaomi. It’s a plain white lamp that blends into any room. It has a bendable structure that can be extended to spread the light.

The Eyecare 2 Smart Lamp has two lights, the primary one and the secondary in the back of the lamp which acts as a ambient light. As this is part of Xiaomi Mijia, you can use it with your phone to control the smart lamp.

There are features such as timer, remote control and more!

Best price – $52.13

#7 – Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum

You might have heard of the Roomba. If you haven’t, Roomba is a device, which automatically moves through your house and cleans up any dust that layers your floor.

The best part?

You never have to sweep or vacuum your floor again! Xiaomi has come up with their own Robo Vacuum cleaner that helps clean up dust. Some of the features include

  • Intelligent AI controls the path to cover the most areas
  • 2 hours of battery life
  • 480ML dust box capacity
  • 5200mAH battery, covers upto 250 metres
  • User controlled area cleaning.

Best price – $370.48

#8 – Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaner

Xiaomi Vacuum Cleaners are designed for efficiency. They are fast and suck up the maximum dirt in a matter of minutes. The vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi competes with Dyson’s vacuum cleaners and is pretty effective.

Best price – $56.28

#9 – Xiaomi Humidifier

A humidifier is opposite from a dehumidifier. A humidifier, makes your home or office more humid. This is perfect for cold and dry places which can make your lips dry, make your skin dry and more. The Xiaomi humidifier adds a bit of water vapur into the air and adds much needed humidity into your room.

A must buy product for cold and dry climates.

Best price – $33.39

#10 – Xiaomi Smart Home Sensor Kit

The Xiaomi Smart Home Sensor Kit makes your home a safe and secure place within a budget. In this kit, you get numerous products that help with safety and protection of your home. The items you get are door sensor, motion sensor, wireless switch and temperature sensor. The door sensors can also be connected to Xiaomi lamps in your room, in which case, when your door opens, your lights get turned on.

Best price – $8.85

#11 – Xiaomi LED lamp with remote Wi-fi control

The Xiaomi LED lamp is a cheap and awesome way of making your normal home a smart home. As LED lamps have an incredible life span, Xiaomi decided to add a wi-fi feature to it. Which means, you can control the LED lamp with a remote or with your smartphone. Say bye bye to switches and get a Xiaomi LED lamp for cheap.

Best price – $9.61

#12 – Xiaomi Mi TV Box

If you want a smart TV experience, but don’t want to shell so much for a smart TV, then you can get one of these nifty boxes. The Mi TV Box gives you all the settings of smart TV and has pre-built apps like Netflix and other commonly used apps. The OS is stock android and has all the features of an Android device. With the help of the Mi TV Box, you can install gaming software and play games with the 8GB of internal storage.

Best price – $66.53

#13 – Xiaomi Body Composition Smart Scale

Weighing yourself with a normal scale? It’s time to tech-up! Get the Xiaomi Smart Scale and verify your weight accurately. Apart from that, it gives you data points on Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat, BMI, Body Fat and other data points that can help you track your progress.

It works seamlessly with the Mi Fit App.

Best price – $45.60

#14 – Xiaomi Mosquito Repeller

Mosquitoes annoying you? The Xiaomi Mosquito Repeller can help you. How does it work? The repeller sends out a sound in a low frequency that affects the mosquitoes. If placed next to you and switched on, then the mosquitoes won’t show up. A simple solution to a timeless problem!

Best price – $6.87

#15 – Xiaomi Electric Kettle

The Xiaomi Electric Kettle is a seamless and wireless electric kettle that can be used anywhere without a wire. This is a perfect product for a large house where the kitchen is far from the rooms. If you want hot water in your room, you can get it quickly and wirelessly with the Xiaomi Electric Kettle.

xiaomi electric kettle aliexpress cheap

Best price – $31.99

Xiaomi Personal products

#16 – Xiaomi Massager

Don’t have the time for a dedicated massage session. Then worry not. The Xiaomu massager can help you. This is a simple device with a massage patch that gives you a massage anytime and anywhere.

The controller vibrates at different levels and massages your muscles, in turn relaxing them. Each patch lasts for 100 massage sessions and can be replaced for cheap.

It’s light weight and can be fit inside a shirt without people getting to know. Make your day, a relaxing day with the Xiaomi massager.

Best price – $16.79

#17 – Xiaomi Sonic Electric Tooth Brush

One of the most popular personal grooming products is the Xiaomi Sonic Electric Tooth Brush. It’s more expensive than your normal toothbrush, but this you don’t have to replace every 3 months. The toothbrush heads are cheap and reasonably priced.

The sonic toothbrush has four modes that are Cleaning Mode, Sensitive Mode, New Hand Mode (For new users) and Whitening Mode.

It is waterproof, has standby of 25 days and helps you get a better brushing experience.

Best price – $38.43

#18 – Xiaomi Electronic Nose Trimmer

Finding nose hair troublesome? Don’t rely on scissors! Xiaom’s Electric Nose Trimmer is created for this exact reason. It works with AAA batteries and annihilates your nose hair seamlessly and without pain.

It has a 2W power and weighs only 30 grams. It has a 360 degree rorating blades that are concealed and on contact with skin does not affect your skin, but removes your hair effectively.

Best price – $2.99

#19 – Xiaomi Hair Dryer

The Xiaomi Hair Dryer is a ceramic based dryer that looks beautiful and works seamlessly. Made of an aluminium alloy, the device itself is sturdy and the parts don’t break easily like the plastic dryers do. Also, the alloy ensures the device does not heat up too much.

It has a 3 gear system and generates 1800 watts of power that blow dries your hair in a jiffy. It’s much needed product for people who want to mvoe to a superior hair dryer.

Best price – $39

#20 – Xiaomi Amazfit Shoes

The Xiaomi Amazfit Shoes is from Xiaomi’s Ecological line. Its also their foray into the shoe market. The rubber on the sole is from the Goodyear rubber company. It has a breathable fabric, that let’s air seep through and keeps you legs cool, all the time.

The ERC materials are stretchable and the Jacquard fabric make sure that you can use this shoes in any environment. That is for climbing, running, at the gym and also in water.

These shoes can be fit with a smart chip, that is sold separately, that can track your movements, steps and syncs with your Mi app seamlessly.

Best price – $39.47

Xiaomi Portable Products

#21 – Xiaomi Portable Fan

In summers, it gets hot! And if you don’t have access to airconditioning then you can be in a load of trouble and sweat. The solution?

Get the Xiaomi portable fan! The portable fan can be kept on a table and can be angled towards your face. This way, you can get fresh air and cool down from the heat. You can carry it around anywhere and use is whereever you go. While travelling or when you are camping or even when going to the other room.

Best price – $14.13

#22 – Xiaomi Portable Blender

Who doesn’t like a juice or a shake from time to time? Everybody does. But what if you are at work and really crave a shake? It’s too time consuming to go to the smoothie shop and get yourself one. Xiaomi has a unique solution with the portable blender.

Just with a bit of cut fruits, this portable blender can give you a smoothie anytime, anywhere. It’s small enough to carry with you during your work outs or anywhere else.

It’s a must buy product for fitness enthusiasts and smoothie lovers!

Best price – $44.99

#23 – Xiaomi Cable Organizer

The Xiaomi cable organizer aims at solving a simple but pervalent problem. Cable management. When we use multitude devices, cables get tangled, fall on the floor and we run over them with our wheeled chairs or we step on them.

A simple fix is the cable organizer that can be stuck anywhere on the table or underneath the table and you will be able to organize them cleanly. For a few bucks, get yourself a clean table!

Best price – $3.79

#24 – Xiaomi Car DVR Camera

The Xiaomi dash cam is a boon for car drivers. It has a 200 megapixel camera and has a voice activation feature that let’s you control the device purely with your voice.

It has a night vision feature that works well in the dark. You can playback and download videos through the Wifi app.

It has a 130 degree angle that let’s you cover a wide spectrum of the road and not only a straight angle.

If you want a dash cam, this is the one to go for without a doubt.

Best Price – $37

#25 – Xiaomi Portable Electric Shaver

Xiaomi’s Electriv Shaver’s come in different shapes, sizes and use cases. The portable electric shaver is one of Xiaomi’s innovations. It let’s you get a quick trim when you are on the move. It’s perfect to carry while travelling and fits easily in your pocket. It’s perfect when your beard is slightly growing. In a matter of minutes, it gives you a stubble look!

xiaomi electric shaver aliexpress

Best price – $33.99

Xiaomi Products Reviews and Questions

Is Xiaomi a good brand?

Xiaomi is an amazing brand and it’s one of the biggest brands in China and all over the world. In just 8 years, they have grown by leaps and bounds to become on the largest and affordable consumer markets in the world.

Which is the best Xiaomi smartphone?

This depends on your taste, but the current Redmi Note 7 Pro is pretty amazing.

Is xiaomi better than Samsung?

Xiaomi is indeed better than Samsung as they offer the same products but for a much cheaper price.

Do Xiaomi phones last long?

Xiaomi phones do last long and with constant software updates, you will get the most upgraded phone at any point of time.

Where to buy Xiaomi products for the cheapest? 

If you are like me and are obsessed with Xiaomi products, then you might be wondering where you could buy it for super cheap. The truth of the answer is, the more middle men you have and more the logistics that your product has to go through to reach you, the more expensive your product will be. 

To buy it for the cheapest, you can get Xiaomi products from Aliexpress or Dhgate. Why Aliexpress or Dhgate?

Both these platforms aire direct selling platforms where Xiaomi lists the products directly and the products gets shipped from Xiaomi’s factories in China. 

So if you want the best cost, then it’s best to buy from one of these e-commerce platforms in China. 

Is it safe to buy a Xiaomi phone from China? 

Just have a look at the reviews for Xiaomi phones on Aliexpress. You will see thousands of reviews. Now a lot of these reviews are from different users from various other countries. Now you may think these reviews are fake. But they are not. 

Aliexpress sellers ship Xiaomi phones to all parts of the world without any hassle. To answer you, its absolutely safe to buy phones on Aliexpress.

Make sure to buy from authorized sellers. Look out for sellers who have the ‘Top Brand’ tag and also look out for reviews and the order count. If you buy from a genuine seller, you will get a much cheaper Xiaomi phone shipped directly to your house. 

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