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Amazfit GTS Price and Review | $139 Apple Watch Alternative?

by Jenny Xiao

Xiaomi has been producing hit after hit and the only category where they lacked a certain bit was the smartwatch space. They made these budget smartwatches like the Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Bip Lite and so on. 

Till now they haven’t made a smartwatch that competed with Apple or the likes of it. Xiaomi has had enough and they bring the Amazfit GTS. 

Styled and designed similar to the Apple Watch, priced cheaper than Samsung Galaxy Active. Xiaomi’s smartwatch giant killer is here.

Presenting you the Amazfit GTS. In this Amazfit GTS review, we see if this Xiaomi smartwatch can beat the other competitors. 

Amazfit Review


  • Awesome battery life of more than two weeks
  • Beautiful AMOLED display 
  • Waterproof and can swim with it! 


  • Sports features not upto standard
  • Syncing is a problem 


The Amazfit GTS isn’t the most awesome smartwatch out there. But it works as a mid-tier smartwatch in between the budget smartwatches and premium smartwatches. 

Price – $139

Amazfit GTS Specs

Display1.65-inch AMOLED, Always on display
BluetoothBluetooth 5.0 
Battery and Battery Life220 mAh with 14 day battery life
FeaturesSports Mode (14+ activites tracked), heart rate monitor, music control, notifications, waterproof upto 50 metres.
Works onAndroid and iOS devices
Colour optionsObsidian Black, Rose Gold, Lava grey 

Amazfit GTS Design and Display 

It’s obvious isn’t it. It looks so similar to the Apple Watch, I’m sure the instructions to the smartwatch designers was “Make it look like the Apple Watch”. 

At a glance, it looks like the Apple Watch. Does it matter?

In the grand scheme of things, no. It’s a design and style that people certainly like and if you can get an Apple Watch lookalike at such a low price, then why not?

The design also has a crown on the side which can be used to wake up the smartwatch. 

The watch itself is pretty thick at 9.4mm. The beautiful AMOLED display is a 1.65-inch that sits on a plastic base. It has a always-on display that looks pretty great. 

It has numerous watch face styles that look pretty great. The colours are sharp and look pretty amazing. If you keep the brightness on auto, you will save a lot of the battery’s life. 

Under the sunlight? It’s crystal clear and sharp! 

The Amazfit GTS has a silicone strap that is 20mm thick and it comes in numerous colours. 

For being a pretty thick watch, it isn’t that heavy at all. 

Amazfit GTS Features and Settings 

Even the Amazfit Bip Lite had a good GPS tracking feature which was pretty awesome. It’s the same for the Amazfit GTS as well. The software is basic, but functional.

A simple swipe up gives you the menu options which lets you access

  • Daily status 
  • Activity Data
  • Notifications 
  • Alarms
  • Workout modes
  • Settings
  • Music
  • Compass
  • Timers

You can also find your phone with your smartwatch, where your phone beeps loudly through the app. Pretty useful feature. 

It can monitor your heart rate throughout the day and the data is pretty accurate which makes this the perfect gift for parents and grandparents. 

Once can use the GPS built-in to plot their routes and to see how much they’ve worked out, which is pretty motivating for runners.

Check it out here

Amazfit GTS Battery Life 

The battery life on the Amazfit GTS is awesome. The major issue with most smartwatches is how frequently you need to put it for charge. With some of my other devices, because I forget to charge it, I have to leave my smartwatch at home, which is irritating.

Even with using the GPS feature and activity tracking feature, the GTS can last for a week and a half easily. 

The always on display does eat battery life considerably and it’s a feature that most people will turn off because the battery wouldn’t even last a few days with it on. That’s disappointing because, that’s a feature that most people would like. 

I can compare the battery life of this smartwatch with the Bip Lite which is pretty impressive and this holds up in that comparison! 

Although most of the features work as advertised, the step counter in the Amazfit GTS has an issue. It sometimes goes awry and registers steps that haven’t been taken. 

Another downside to this smartwatch is the app. The Amazfit app is a replica of the Mi Fit app and it isn’t all too intuitive. It has its issues and one might encounter syncing the app with the phone. 

Otherwise the notifications are pretty easy to set up. 

Amazfit GTS Price

The GTS review is a good looking watch. It’s pricier than the budget versions such as the Amazfit Bip and the lite. It looks like the Apple Smartwatch and has an amazing display with a brightness that can blind you temporarily. 

Is it worth the $150 price tag? 

Not really. 

Amazfit GTS Vs Bip

FeaturesAmazfit BipAmazfit GTS
Display1.28-inch1.65-inch AMOLED
Weight18 grams24 grams
Battery and Battery Life190 mAh, 45 days standby220 mAh, 45 days standby
SupportsAndroid & iOSAndroid & iOS

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