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How Xiaomi Band Detect Sleep 2020

by Jenny Xiao

I’ve always been fascinated by certain functions of modern tech that seem out of this world. I mean it’s extremely perplexing. For example, How to modern smart fitness band like Xiaomi Mi Bands detect our sleep? Questions regarding its accuracy and benefits always keeping popping up in my head. Check out our guide on How Xiaomi Band Detect Sleep for more details.

It’s important to understand that there are three stages of sleep: light sleep, deep sleep and REM sleep. The human body cycles through these stages multiple times throughout the night. And the Xiaomi Mi Band uses a combination of sensors and data to track your not only the overall length of your sleep but also the amount of time your body spent of each stage of the sleep cycle. These must-have Xiaomi smartwatches can drastically help improve your sleep cycle.

So, let’s get it to it shall we? Let’s find out How Xiaomi Band Detect Sleep

How Xiaomi Band Detect Sleep

I mean honestly, if the Xiaomi smart band can actually track our sleep that would be pretty cool. So, I decided to act on this conundrum and decided to jump into the rabbit hole of wearable tech and sleep tracking. And I finally found out How Xiaomi Band Detect Sleep:

The Xiaomi Band has certain sensors like Accelerometer, Gyroscope and PPG (Heart Rate Sensor) to track body movements and heart rate to determine whether the user is in a light sleep stage or deep sleep stage. The latest Mi Band 5 also uses respiratory data to determine the REM sleep cycle of the user and provide comprehensive sleep pattern and health data. Most importantly, it can allow the user to improve their quality of sleep and contribute to optimizing their health.

So, why is it important to keep a track of your sleep?

  • Tracking your sleep essentially leads to improving your sleep and thus your health. By tracking your sleep you can sleep at the right time and sleep for the right amount of time.
  • Most of the people actually sleep for a far less amount of time than their body requires. Doing this on a consistent basis leads to adverse health effects. So, using a sleep tracker like the Xiaomi Mi Band helps keep a track of how much time your body actually deserves.

What Sleep Parameters does the Mi Band track?

For example, the Mi Band 5 estimates the amount of time the user spends in all three stages of sleep. This band tracks the users sleep while the data is recorded in the Mi fit app. This can help identify if the user is suffering from sleep issues. It specifically analyses how much time you spend in each stage of sleep.

  • Basically, this band will provide the user with information regarding their sleep condition and most importantly it will also tell the user how to improve their sleep. The information and sleeping habits are represented in a pictorial graph.

The Xiaomi Band specifically reads the three stages of sleep and gathers various data from the duration the user spends in each sleep stage.

Light Sleep

The Mi Band 3, 4 and 5 tracks light sleep by using a combination of an accelerometer and the heart rate sensor. During light sleep, the body slows down and movements are extremely minimal. As you drift between being awake and asleep, your heart rate also tends to slow down. But only by a bit. The Mi Band captures this first phase of the sleep cycle by reading the minimal to zero movements and the slow drop in heart rate. Light sleep is known to help with both physical and mental recovery. Which is why power naps work wonders.

Deep Sleep

Once, you’ve been in the light sleep stage for a few hours, you gradually drift off into deep sleep. This heavy sleep shuts off both the body and mind, which is why it’s harder to wake up. During this sleep stage, the body will not move and will be extremely unresponsive to external stimuli. Most importantly, the heart rate drastically slows down. The Mi band captures both these parameters and understands that the body has transitioned into the deep sleep stage. Deep sleep helps with psychological recovery and muscle recovery. This is also the time when the body supports the immune system.

REM sleep

REM sleep or Rapid Eye Movement Sleep is the final stage of our sleep cycle. Most importantly, this is the stage of sleep where we dream. While the Mi Band 3 and 4 can’t track this stage, Xiaomi’s latest Mi Band 5 makes use of the Accelerometer, Gyroscope, PPG sensor and respiratory data such as blood oxygen to track the REM cycle.

Once, the user wakes up, they are notified by the Mi Fit app as to the status of their sleep cycle. To access this information all the user has to do is click on the notification or run the Mi fit App.

  • A human being goes through multiple cycles of these stages and the number depends on the individual. Everyone’s optimal cycle is different. So, a comprehensive tracker like the Mi Band 5 does is extremely useful.
  • You simply have to click on the tile that mentions the duration of sleep to get specific details regarding the length of your sleep, sleep quality analysis, a overall sleep score. The Xiaomi Tracker also compares your sleep pattern with other people for an objective result.
  • Other than asking you how your feeling for even accurate recommendations, the Mi band also let’s you access your sleep statistics in terms of days, months, and years. This comprehensive information will allow you to improve your sleep in asytematic and gradual fashion.

How to activate mi band sleep tracker

To activate the sleep tracker all you have to do is follow these steps.

  • Run the Mi Fit app on your smartphones
  • Click on your Mi Smart Band 3, 4 or 5
  • Once, you’ve opened the user interface, tap on the heart rate monitoring feature.
  • On the heart monitoring menu, click on the automatic heart rate monitoring and sleep assistant
  • Turning this feature on.
  • Once, you go to sleep, you can expect your Mi Band to track your sleep patterns.

Before your go to sleep make sure that the band is tight but obviously not tight enough to prevent blood flow. Also make sure both the heart rate and well as the sleep assistant options are enabled.

Should I wear MI band while sleeping?

If you want to track your sleeping patterns then you must wear the Mi Band while sleeping. In fact, it’s very useful when it comes to tracking your sleep cycle/pattern. It can give you comprehensive data regarding your sleep quality allowing you to improve your sleep and health. For this, you have to wear it every night to bed. Check out our guide on How Xiaomi Band Detect Sleep for more details.

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