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Xiaomi Dash Cam Price and Review

by Mike Xiao
xiaomi dash car cam
The best dash cam on Aliexpress. Period.

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Store Description: Arguably the best dashcam on Aliexpress. It has all the features that covers insurance regulations and others!

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Xiaomi Dash Cam

Best Dash Cam in the planet

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It’s paramount these days to be careful when you are out travelling in your car. Accidents happen and people come across your vehicle and in a lot of countries, there are insurance scammers who are trying to make money off of you. Your dash cam comes handy in this instance.

Today we review the Xiaomi Dash Cam.

Xiaomi Mijia Dash Cam

Inside the Box

Inside the box is the charging cable, the dash cam itself, the car charging point, the sticker to stick the dash cam against the windshield


xiaomi dash cam


The design of the Xiaomi 70 is pretty neat and clean. It’s petite, there is a screen in the front facing the driver and there is a camera pointing towards the outside. The video part of the camera can be tilted up and down for better viewing angles.

xiaomi car cam


It’s black in colour so it is pretty camouflaged at night and it’s tiny as well. It can be kept hidden from untoward elements.

Function and Use

mi dash cam


Apart from the continuous recording feature, one can also record a viewing angle of 140 degrees, which is a pretty wide angle to cover.

There is also the incredible voice control feature which lets you control the device with your voice, like taking a picture is a breeze. You don’t have to remove your hands from the wheels.

More often than not you will be driving against direct sunlight and this can affect the visibility of your video because the sun is directly on the lens. This camera is super advanced and controls the exposure and lets in only a little light, which gives a better and clearer image.


xiaomi dash cam aliexpress

It also shoots in 720p, so these are pretty high-quality cameras that are even worthy of Youtube videos.

A lot of dash cams have a problem. You’ll have to start it when you begin your journey, but the Xiaomi 70mai automatically starts when you begin the car.

It has a few incredible safety features that assist you while driving. The first of them is the lane driving assistance. On highways, lane discipline is super paramount and it can be pretty dangerous when you switch lanes, the dash cam will tell you when you are switching lanes and stuff.

It also has a collision control feature, which warns you when you get close to a vehicle on the front.

Of course, the dash cam’s main objective is to make sure any mishaps are recorded. So what if you are parked and somebody bumps into your car?

When that movement happens, the dash cam automatically starts recording the details of the car such as the number plate. This makes it easier to track the person and get their insurance details.

There is also an app that lets you see through the lens. So when you are away from your car, you can turn on the camera and see what’s in front. This is one way of keeping an eye on your car.

So what about low light?

The infrared capabilities of the Xiaomi dash cam are incredible, you get high-quality night videos of the road and everything in front of the camera. This is pretty awesome and it’s your companion even at night.

Xiaomi Dash Cam – Questions

What’s the point of a dash cam?

A dash cam basically acts as evidence in case a mishap happens. Modern-day dashcams like the Xiaomi dash cam help with parking and distance recognition and also lets you access your car’s surroundings remotely.

Are dashcams legal?

Dash cams aren’t deemed outright illegal in any country because it’s used by you personally for your safety.

Is GPS necessary for a dash cam?

It always helps to have GPS for a dash cam as it helps the camera point to a certain direction. Which means, the camera speaks to the GPS systems and finds out the best areas to shoot. This helps in covering the right zones.

Where is the best place to put a dash cam?

As the name suggests, a dash cam should be placed on the dash. But products like the Xiaomi Dash Cam need to be placed on the windshield which is at a vantage point that helps with a 120 degree angle and also a certain height.

How long do Dash Cameras record for?

Dash cams record for indefinitely. Depending on the memory card you have.

What to look for before you buy a dash cam and does the Xiaomi Dashcam have them?

The fundamental difference between a dashcam and a normal video recorder is two fold. Firstly, the design. The design of the dash cam makes it easier to setup in a car and place in a car. 

Secondly, the functions. A dash cam is meant to continuously record videos without any human intervention and it automatically deletes old footage to make space for new footage. 

This is something Xiaomi’s dashcam does too. Here are other features you need to look for before buying a dash cam.

  1. Auto On / Off Feature

Does the dashcam record even when you aren’t there? When somebody hits your car, when you aren’t around? Then it’s a good dash cam. 

  1. Storage Capacity 

Does the dash cam get full just after one day of recording? Then its memory is poor. You need a dash cam with better memory

  1. Quality of the footage 

Whether you want footage of an accident or a scenic route, the quality should be top notch. Like the Xiaomi Dash cam.


  1. Mounting Style 

How easy is it to setup? Does it hold in fast speeds and will it stay put when there are speed bumps? Does it cover your view. Check for that.


  1. Heat Tolerance 

This is a big feature. If you are in a hot climate, you don’t want your dashcam melting away. What are the parts made of? Has it been tested for high temperatures? 


These are the most important things you need to look for before buying a dashcam and the Xiaomi dashcam has passed every single of these requirements.

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Final Thoughts


Overall, this is a fantastic dash cam that not only performs the role of a dash cam but also has these added safety features that make you a much better driver. The pricing is also incredible, it’s not too expensive but has enough features to not call it cheap.

The adjustable viewing angles and the small and petite design make it even more attractive. The continuous recording and collision recording also are features that are a must-have for dash cams.

This is a product that lacks nothing but has everything.

If there’s a dash cam you need to buy, the Xiaomi Dash Cam 70 Mai is a perfect choice.

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