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Xiaomi Faucet Infrared Motion Sensor Latest Price and Review

by Mike Xiao
xiaomi faucet sensor

I love automation. It makes things easier and you spend less time on unimportant things. Recently we reviewed the Xiaomi soap dispenser that automatically dispenses soap when you come close to its sensor. Now that’s a product I was gushing and raving about. Xiaomi in its bid to make everything automated has gone a step further and innovated on one of the oldest fixtures that are there in a household. The faucet! 

Xiaomi has introduced the Xiaomi faucet infrared motion sensor and in this review, we take a look at it and see if its worth it! 

Xiaomi Faucet Sensor

Inside The Box 

Inside the beautiful box, you get the infrared faucet with motion sensor, 6 different mounts that vary in size, instruction manual, 3 rubber rings of various sizes that give grip. 


Coming to the design of the faucet sensor. It’s made of white plastic and it has an opening at the bottom for the water to flow out. It has many perforations for a good flow of water. It has two sensors. One on the side and one at the bottom. We will get to their use in the next section. It’s small, petite and can be easily removed. It is 60mm in length, 34mm in breadth and a height of 49mm. 

Price – $18.75

Function and Use 

Firstly, let’s get to the installation. No matter, which tap you have, you probably have a tap hat. A tap has is basically the screw-up portion of your tap that also acts as a filter. You need to remove your tap hat on your existing faucet. Now when it comes to installing the infrared motion sensor faucet, you’ll need to make sure it fits. The first step is to take the right size rubber and the right size mount, place them together and make sure it fits on your tap. Once you’ve found the right size, make sure to screw it in tightly. After that, you will have the mount the sensor unit to the mount and you are good to go. 

The whole installation process should take you less than two minutes. 

Price – $18.75

Using it 

There are two motion sensors, one on the side which detections motion from about 10cms away and one at the bottom which detects motion from 15cms away. The side sensor is for long water flows, that is if you want the water running for longer. Ex when collecting water or filling a saucepan etc. To turn it off, you need to trigger the sensor again by running your hand next to it. If you forget to trigger the sensor to turn it off, it automatically turns off within 3 minutes, which in my opinion is a ridiculous amount of time. It should have been closer to a minute or two. 

The bottom sensor is for a quick wash. The bottom sensor can be quite tricky to use, as your hands need to be pretty close to the sensor. When you are washing your hands, you need to make sure the sensor is getting triggered repeatedly for continuous water flow. The second you take your hands off, the water stops immediately. 

So how does it charge? 

There is a small USB port to the side of the device with a cap on top of it. It can be used to charge the device. Now, most kitchens have a plug point somewhere and if yours is far away, then it’s a hassle. A lot of people would have preferred a AAA battery instead of a charging feature considering you need to charge it next to water, but this is what Xiaomi has gone with. 

But having said that, the 550 mAh battery lasts for a very very long time. Some tests suggest that the battery on the Xiaomi faucet can last for 3 months even with constant use. That makes it pretty awesome! 

It has a weight of 105 grams, so that doesn’t put pressure on your fixtures. The water pressure for those of you who are interested is 0.05-0.8mpa. It takes a good 3 hours to charge the battery completely that lasts for 3 months, which is not a bad return! 

The water resistance is an IPX6. 

There is one caveat though. You will need to keep your tap open at all times. I know a lot of you might not be comfortable with this, but this is what is required to use the product. You need to be careful while installing the mount and the rubber to make sure it’s tight and there are no leaks. 

This works seamlessly with the Xiaomi Mijia soap dispenser. You don’t need to touch the dispenser for getting soap and you don’t need to touch the tap for the water. A pretty seamless and cool automation setup at home! 

This also means it works only with cold or hot water and not both at the same time. If you want to change, you have to turn the knob of your faucet for whichever temperature you wish. 

Price – $18.75

Final Thoughts 

This is a product that is more of a fancy thing to have than a necessity. Do you need to survive? Definitely not? Is it cool when friends are around, yes! Overall, rating this faucet based on how it works. It works pretty well for an automatic faucet. You surely save a lot more water than when you have the tap running. It’s a perfect companion when your hands are full when you are cooking. The sensors work really well, the battery life is pretty amazing and lasts for over 3 months. 


  • Cheap and reliable. Does not leak 
  • Has multiple mount options for the perfect size
  • Two sensors for a short wash and long wash 
  • Good water pressure 
  • Charge once for 3 hours and it lasts for 3 months


  • Need to keep your tap open
  • If you need to alternate between hot and cold, you need to do it manually 

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