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Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser Latest Price and Review

by Mike Xiao
xiaomi mijia soap dispenser review

Now let me be honest, I’m truly super excited to be reviewing this product. The Xiaomi Mijia Soap dispenser is a sensor controlled soap dispenser. Generally speaking, products like this don’t require much of a review, but the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser is something I truly fell in love with and here’s my take on it. 

Xiaomi Soap Dispenser

Inside the Box

The Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser Box ships with an instruction manual, the top of the dispenser, a bottle with soap and four batteries. 


The design for the soap dispenser is awesome. It’s 190mm in height, 98mm in top width, 99mm is the height of the bottle that stores the soap and 73mm is the width of the base. So it’s not too big. The bottle that holds the soap has a capacity of 320ml.

Best Price – $18

Function and Use

So how does it work? The top lid of the soap dispenser has the battery provision in the bottom. So you have to flip over the top of the dispenser and add the 4 AAA batteries they ship with the dispenser. Once you’ve added the batteries, you have to attach the top of the dispenser to the bottle of soap. And when you’ve fixed it properly, you are good to go. 

When you bring your palm close to the nozzle, the sensor picks up movement and it immediately releases the soap. The soap comes not in liquid form, but in a foam form and it sends out enough to clean your hands thoroughly once. If you want more soap, you can always go for a second helping. 

If you think there’s too much soap that is being dispensed, there’s nothing you can do about it as you cannot control the amount that is dispensed. Based on preliminary tests, you can use the soap dispenser for up to 400 times from one bottle, which lasts for about 20 to 30 days depending on the use. 

Best Price – $18

Is it really worth it? 

Now when it comes to the actual use, a lot of people might think, why do they need an automatic soap dispenser. First of all, let me be honest. Not everybody needs an automatic soap dispenser, but where this can be effective is, when you don’t want to dirty your soap dispenser when your hands are really dirty. The second is, it improves the aesthetic quality of your home and makes it a bit more automated. There’s one thing that can be a bit putting off for most people and that is the soap. The soap cannot be refilled using a normal store bought soap, as the knob on top of the bottle cannot be easily removed and Xiaomi sells these soap dispensers for cheap. But an alternative, that a lot of users have figured out is using a screwdriver to remove the soap bottle’s top, where you can add liquid and then close it again. You can choose from two different types of soap. 

Best Price – $18

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Xiaomi Mijia Soap Dispenser delivers. You will love the automation bit when you actually start using it. It’s super convenient and especially if you have a sensor based tap, it makes it much better. This is a big advantage while cooking as your hands get really greasy. As you can use the dispenser for up to 400 times, it’s totally worth it and it can last for quite a bit. The two soap options are – anti-bacterial, and Ph-neutral soap for people who have skin allergies. The Xiaomi batteries last for almost a year, which makes it worth it. Overall, this is a pretty great addition to any home and if you love automation, then you will love this product. In my mind, if you are buying a soap dispenser, you might as well buy the Xiaomi soap dispenser. 

Best Price – $18


  • Make it super convenient to wash your hands
  • You can use one soap bottle for up to 400 times, which makes it easily usable for a month
  • There are two different soap types available 
  • Xiaomi sells the replacement bottles for super cheap 


  • Not easy to replace the soap the second time

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