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Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock Latest Price and Review

by Jenny Xiao
Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock Review

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Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock

The Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock, Rated!

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I’m super excited to be doing this next review. Xiaomi has made some awesome devices that I like. But a lot of them you can do without too. However, the Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock is a brilliant feature-rich alarm clock that has some impressive functions and beautiful design to be a good companion in your room. Check out the Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock Latest Price and Review for all the details.

The most amazing thing about this Xiaomi clock is that it’s an AI-equipped product. So, you can literally give voice commands to the device. It’s a must-have Xiaomi product in every household.

This mi alarm clock really takes it to the next level with the “Nap and Meditation Feature” and wakes you up well with the gradual alarm too. The Xiaomi Smart Alarm clock has many more features than that, so let’s get into the Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock Latest Price and Review!

My team and I put this alarm clock through various stress tests and reviewed it based on various factors like durability, longevity, usability and functionality. We found that:

The Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock is the best in its class. While other alarm clock does have certain similar features like radio, timers and notification. This is the only alarm clock to showcase IoT features and Ai assistant. This alarm clock also offers expectational durability and performance.

Xiaomi’s Smart Clock

Xiaomi Alarm Clock Specifications
CPU Quad Core Cortex-A35 1.3GHz
Input parameters 5V1.5A
Speaker sensitivity 95dB
Wireless connection Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz, Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Maximum output power 1.2W
Rated Power1W
Size Length 126.2mm X Width 27mm X Height 60.8mm

Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock

Inside the box

Like most Xiaomi Appliances, the Xiaomi Smart Alarm comes in a sturdy white cardboard box. On the box you’ll find and image of the smart alarm along with technical information in Chinese.

  • Although the box seemingly feels a little heavy, there’s nothing complicated in the box. Just a micro USB adapter, the alarm clock and an instruction manual. Inside the instruction manual, you’ll find a QR code which you can use to download the Mi companion app.


  • One Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock
  • One Adaptor
  • Chinese manual.



When you hold the Xiaomi alarm clock, it feels like a smartphone, but slightly thicker. However, it is quite small with dimensions of 60mm in height and 126mm in width.

  • It weighs 170 grams, which is pretty light and I particularly like it because my side table is pretty small and it’s already cluttered with my reading glasses and my lamp. So having a small alarm clock like the mi clock is ideal.
  • As for the build, the Mi smart alarm clock has a polycarbonate plasticy exterior. Which is reminiscent of the old school Apple Products. This Smart Alarm is one of Xiaomi’s latest gadgets.
  • The back of the Xiaomi clock has a provision for the micro-USB plug. This adapter comes with a standard 2-pin Chinese plug. So if you don’t have a provision for that, then you need a converter. This smart alarm clock must be plugged in at all times as there is no in-built battery.
  • Also at the back is a speaker with a tiny dot next to the micro-usb port. This tiny dot is basically the microphone.
  • On the bottom there is a rubber strip which helps prevent the Xiaomi smart alarm from slipping or falling of the table.

The top of the alarm clock has a multi-functional button that is used as a snooze button and also for turning on or off the internal microphone when using the AI speaker. The button comes with a LED ring which basically indicates various features as well as helping you locate the button in the middle of the night.

Function and Use


To start using Xiaomi’s clock, you can start by installing the companion app. This Mi App plays a significant role in controlling the Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock and here are some of its features.

  • Set-up alarm with different ringtones. You can also choose to delete the alarm after it rings. This way, you don’t have a bunch of alarms on your phone.
  • Set reminders
  • Set timers
  • It has a nap and meditation feature, which plays natural sounds like the sea, forest, sounds of rain and fire that helps you go to sleep. It’s features like these that make this Xiaomi Smart Alarm one of the best Xiaomi Gadgets of 2020.

The app has numerous other features as well. For instance, you can choose to have a 24-hour display or a 12-hour one. There is also the night-mode feature, where the clock shuts off the display if the brightness of the alarm clock is too bright.

While you do get these amazing benefits, the Xiaomi alarm clock is a tad bit complicated to set up if your living in the west.

  • Since it was intended for the Chinese market, you won’t be able to find this device on your Mi App.
  • However, there’s no need to worry. All you need to do is go to setting and Tap region and change it to Mainland China.
  • Once, this is done you will find the whole catalogue of Mi products under devices.
  • Go to the Entertainment section and you’ll be able to find the Mi Ai Alarm.
  • Once you click the alarm icon, you will successfully connect to the device. Which will be indicated by white light(home button).
  • Finally, you can set the location of the device. For example, there’s a bedroom option, living room option, etc.

Once, this is done you will be able to set various alarms, reminders and access the nap and meditation features. It’s important to note that setting the alarms will be far easier if you do it from your phone. At least, it saved me quite a few minutes.

Xiaomi’s AI Speaker

If you thought that Xiaomi’s smart alarm clock is advanced, you have no idea. This Mi clock has Xiaomi’s AI- Xiaoai as its speaker. This AI feature is equipped to listen to your voice commands.

  • Using voice commands you can set over 30 different alarms
  • The Xiaomi clock will also let you set over 80 reminders through voice commands
  • The AI can deliver stock updates, news headlines and weather alerts.

Other than using voice commands you can also set the reminder with your own instructions in English text. For example, you set an alarm at 9 AM in the morning and you input the text “Wake up right now!” The alarm would actually start ringing and say the words “Wake up right now!”

While it is unbelievably convenient to use the voice feature you can always mute the AI integration with the mute button. The power button also functions as the mute button for the microphone. Also, the translation function can only support Chinese and English.

The Display and Use

  • The LED display is pretty awesome and bright at night. When you are looking around for the alarm in the morning, the glow around the button on top will give you the visual clues to help you find the button easily. Also, this digital display adjusts the brightness automatically.
  • It’s powered by a Quad-Core Cortex-A35 1.3GHz processor, probably by Mediatek. This type of powerful chip in an alarm clock virtually converts it into a mini smartphone. It can easily withstand heavy tasks.
  • The Xiaomi Smart Alarm clock does not come with an in-built battery. So, it needs to be plugged in all the time. Although this is a bummer, it’s acceptable considering the various features that come with the device.


Fundamentally, as alarm clocks go, this is has a very good alarm clock. But with respect to the rest of the features, Xiaomi’s smart clock is practically a beast.

  • Using the mi clock you can control other mi products in your house light smart bulbs, Mi smart home appliances etc.
  • As mentioned earlier Xiaomi’s alarm clock can deliver stock updates, news and weather reports. But according to various sources can also recite poems, read stories and tell jokes.
  • In total, the Xiaomi clock can connect to over 100 devices through the Mi Smart Home Ecosystem. However, You will need the Xiaomi Gateway Hub in order to actually put this feature into use.
  • The device can also stream over 2000 internet radio stations

And of course, you can always ask your mi clock general questions

How would I use this alarm clock?

The truth of the matter is, this alarm clock is tiny and portable and I travel a lot, which makes this a perfect companion for me when I go to sleep or wake up. But, obviously for me at least the sheer number of functions are amazing.

  • For example, I listen to the music on the radio stations when I’m in the shower and wake up to the news headlines so that I at least know whats going on in the world.
  • I’ve also dabbled with the alarm clock a lot so if you have a smart home, you can literally tell your alarm clock to shut off the lights when you go to sleep. so it really convenient.
  • The meditation and nap mode is not something that I would personally use to go to sleep, but I would definitely use it as ambient sound while working to keep me calm and the atmosphere soothing.

It has some pretty nifty reminder feature. Sometimes you keep an alarm and have no clue why the alarm is ringing. That can be avoided with the Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock as you can input English text and the AI speaker will say the text when it’s time.


This Xiaomi smart alarm is without a doubt one of the best bedside alarm clocks in the market. After using it for more than a year, it’s seamlessly managed to blend into my morning routine. In fact, it’s become quite integral. To be quite it’s not like there aren’t any other amazing modern or “techy” alarm clocks out there. However, I don’t think anything comes close to this smart alarm when it comes to IoT related features. Most importantly, the performance is out of this world.

  • This AI Smart Alarm Clock is powered by a MediaTek chipset. Which such a powerful chip at its core, you can expect stellar real-time performance as well as decent long term performance.
  • When we come to the real-time performance, there are no issues whatsoever. There’s no lags, no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Although quite obvious, these are extremely important when it comes to an alarm clock. Especially, this alarm clock as it not only wakes you up in the morning but it also helps provide really important information like news. I personally depend on this fantastic alarm for the traffic information and weather. Fortunately, everything is accurate.
  • The Xiao AI voice assistant can provide you answers with important questions and record reminders. This honestly elevates the use and value of this device, making it outperform its competition.
  • The build and the software does guarantee a certain level of long term consistent performance. However, I’ve noticed that this hardware is quite fragile. If it takes a tumble of a height of 3-5 meters, it might not work. This happened the alarm clock in my guest bedroom. It took a dive from a bedside table and started stuttering for a few days before it stopped working. So, be extremely careful with the physics and you should be able to make it last for years.

Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock Latest Price and Review – Final Thoughts

This is an Alarm Clock that I personally love. This is an amazing device that plays its role really well and yet still goes above and beyond. As mentioned earlier with the sheer amount of amazing and convenient features Xiaomi is killing it with the Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock.

  • With this mi clock, Xiaomi has done exceedingly well to provide these subtle features which totally add value to your experience.
  • For example, the LED light that maintains the brightness of the device or the night mode, where you can turn off the display if the light is too much or even the AI speaker that reads out the text you inputted, reminding you of what the alarm is about is an awesome feature. Or you can always use voice commands to literally do almost everything.

This is a good looking device and will fit into any room. My table is a small bedside table and it takes up little room there.


  • Voice commands
  • Smart Ai who can tell you news, weather, stocks, stories and general questions.
  • Control the Alarm Clock with your smartphone through the Mi App which is super convenient and you don’t have to fiddle around with the alarm clock
  • Sync to 100 devices and control them through the voice feature
  • The Mi clock has a Loud Alarm System
  • Control the sounds of your alarm
  • Nap and Meditation Mode
  • Night Mode
  • Good LED Display


  • Issues with language as it was meant for Chinese users
  • Setting the time-zone can be a hassle if you are not located in China

Xiaomi smart clock in English

Since the product was originally meant for Chinese users, the device mostly works in Chinese. but there is an English translation feature which you can use through the app, this should ideally sort the problem. But there is going to be an update very soon that will solve the language issue. The Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock will be made available in various languages.

Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock Time Zone

While you have to wait for an update for the Xiaomi smart clock in English, The Issue with the time can be sorted immediately as long as you follow Xiaomi’s Original Hack:

Solved in a few simple steps:

  • Disconnect from the application and reset with a clip at the back if you already connected it to Mi home
  • Calculate the time difference in China and yours.
  • Reduce your time by this difference.
  • Connect your device to mi home
  • Return the correct time to the phone For example, in China, 23:00 I have 20:00. The difference is 3 hours. I put the time 17:00 on the phone. When connected to the alarm clock 20:00.

The new version is only China time. Wait for the next update version. This alarm clock will synchronize your phone time. Check out our Xiaomi Smart Alarm Clock Latest Price and Review for more details.

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