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Xiaomi Mijia Projector Latest Price and Review

by Mike Xiao
xiaomi mijia projector
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Xiaomi Mijia Projector

Xiaomi Mijia Projector, Rated!

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Everybody needs to use projectors for their daily consumption. Be it gaming or watching content or even working, objects are much better with a projector. But the problem is, most projectors are too bulky or too expensive. This makes them not so consumer friendly. Enter Xiaomi. Xiaomi has redefined many products and they’ve done the same with the projector. The Xiaomi Mijia Projector is a top class product that is both affordable and portable and is one of the best projectors out there that money can buy.

Xiaomi Laser Projector

Inside the Box

The Xiaomi Mijia Projector comes packed with some peripherals. There is a remote controller, the projector, the instruction manual, AAA batteries and a power adapter that is a 2-pin plug.


Xiaomi Laser Projector

This Xiaomi Projector is a portable projector, therefore you can expect something not too bulky. It’s 15cms in height, 11.5cms in width and 15cms in length. It’s safe to say it’s pretty easy to carry. It weighs 1.3kgs, which is barely a weight to lug around. Now that we’ve established its portability, this Xiaomi Projector is quite the looker!

It comes in the Xiaomi White and the body is made of plastic. On the front is the projector itself and a small camera at the bottom that helps with auto focus. This unit in the front is covered with a black mesh.

The top of the device has a button for turning off and turning on the device.

The back of the device has a power input, Audio Output(3.5mm Jack), USB Port, HDMI Port. The back also has these circular vents that are good for releasing excess heat out.

The bottom of the Xiaomi Projector has a provision to fix a tripod, this way you can mount your projector.

Xiaomi Mijia Projector

Best Price – $430

Specifications, Function and Use

Now this is a product which is spec heavy. Here are the best specs

Power Consumption<65 Watts
Light SourceLED
ResolutionFull HD (1920 X 1080p)
Projection Range40 inches to 200 inches
Storage8GB Flash
3D FeatureYes
AudioInternal Speakers

Best Price – $430

The first thing that this projector does really well is the quality of the output. As you can see in the specs, it can display 1080p HD videos. Now the price range for a 1080p projector in the market is something that costs hundreds of dollars more. This is a bang for the buck.

Now coming to the use.

It’s pretty easy to set-up with an installation process that guides you through the wifi connection process. You can also change the language settings as per your requirement. There is also a MiTV remote that can be used to control the volume and other features of the projector.

xiaomi mijia projector price

Some features of this device are the manual focus options where you can go into the settings and control the focus. You can also choose to flip your video around.

Now coming to the quality of the output. The device is an LED projector which means the light is super bright and the quality is super rich. You can also move the projector around and it automatically re-focuses with the help of the camera in the front.

The projection distance is pretty great. I’ve always wanted to use a projector that can be viewed from a distance and the Xiaomi Mijia can be used easily for a small gathering of people by placing it about 7 to 8 metres away.

The Audio on this device is pretty good in a closed room. But if you want a bigger reach, then you can connect an external audio speaker that has a bigger range.

The ports at the back make it super easy to connect a pen drive or a hard disk that you can access to watch your favourite content.

You can also seamlessly connect the projector to your devices such as a computer, phone or a tablet through the Bluetooth connection. Works seamlessly with iOS and Android Devices.

As you can see there are endless options for connectivity. Personally I would love to connect a mouse and use the projector as my screen to do design work.

Like most Xiaomi devices, this is a smart projector, which means there is an interface and you can download apps. The interface is very similar to the Mi TV. You can download apps like Youtube and Netflix and watch it directly from the device. This is what makes this better than your average projector.

Best Price – $430

Final Thoughts

This is a cracker of a product. It’s portable, reasonably priced and has fantastic output that bright and clear. The best part is the smart feature where you can download apps such as Youtube and Netflix. The remote is a top addition where you don’t have to keep going to the projector to change the settings. But there’s a small kicker and that is the ads. Xiaomi has been able to give this projector for such a cheap price and that comes at a cost. On booting up, every once in a while an ads run for a few seconds. But it’s not something that is going to bother you in the long term.



Brilliant output

Great portability. Light weight

1080p quality

Tripod Mount Provision




Voice control in Chinese

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