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Best Xiaomi Routers | To Stream, Game and Much More

by Jenny Xiao

Needless to say, WiFi is an important part of our lives, gone are the days of dongles and broadband. With speed becoming a huge problem and necessity, capable routers are always trending. Unfortunately, the really good ones are extremely expensive. This is where Xiaomi as always has introduced the perfect solution: High-spec routers at an astonishingly affordable price. Check out our list of the Best Xiaomi Routers for all the details.

If anything, Xiaomi routers are the second most popular products after their smartphones. For around 50$ you can easily expect seamless connectivity of the latest WiFi 6, speeds that can download a movie in 8 seconds, and exceptional user interface to access various settings (Mi home app). You can also connect up to 128 devices and there won’t be a loss in speeds.

While The Xiaomi Routers are pretty amazing, there are quite a few. Which is why we’ve curated the best of the best taking into account various households and requirements. Check out our list of the Best Xiaomi Routers.

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Best Xiaomi Routers 2020

#1 — Xiaomi AX1800 Router

The Xiaomi AX1800 router 2020 is one of the best routers in the market. This is a one of kind router that has managed to solve a serious problem that was irritating multiple users: the data transfer speed when there are multiple users. Not only has this router managed to solve this issue is capable of delivering a seamless connection to 128 devices. This makes it ideal for gamers and smart homeowners. It’s one of the Best Xiaomi Routers of 2020.

  • The design of the Xiaomi AX1800 router 2020 is out of this world. It looked like a futuristic gaming console. In fact, it not even remotely similar to other Xiaomi products that are white and minimalistic in design. This beast has a unique box-like design with ridges and LED indicator lights.
  • Since Wifi is a shared medium, spectrum crunch is common. This results in lags, slow connections and sometimes one device is prioritized over the other when there data transfer taking place. This Xiaomi router, on the other hand, uses Wifi 6 which uses dual-band transfer to ensure a seamless connection that’s 52% faster than other router high-end routers.
  • It can also transfer a higher amount of data which makes it absolutely worthwhile. To put it into context, this router can download an HD movie in 8 seconds. It also uses OFDMA technology to improve the transmission of data, making it 66% more efficient than other routers.
  • Since this router supports Mesh networking. You can buy multiple routers and create a large stable network. this is useful if you have a large house. And this router is around 50$ so it won’t burn through your pocket.

What’s In It for You?

This Xiaomi AX1800 is equipped with 4 independent signal amplifiers and it’s the first-ever router to be powered by a Qualcomm 5 core chip. This chip delivers a stable connection to 128 devices while the signal amplifiers ensure no signal disruption. It also comes with Tencent’s Game acceleration.

Key Features

  • It uses WI-FI6
  • Supports Mesh networking
  • 4 independent signal amplifiers
  • powered by a Qualcomm 5 core chip
  • OFDMA technology for efficient data transmission
  • Can connect up to 128 smart devices
  • Tencent Game acceleration

#2 — Xiaomi Redmi Router AC2100

Although the Xiaomi AC2100 has a pretty simple design, it’s quite powerful. It is a high-performance device that can provide up to 2100 Mbps on a 5G network. Yes, unlike the previous model it still runs on Wifi 5. however, this is more than enough for your everyday tasks and gaming needs. It’s one of the best Best Xiaomi Routers in the market.

  • This router looks like any rectangular router expect that it comes with 6 antennas and has amazing design functionality. It has numerous vents, ports and perforations to promote heat dissipation to ensure stable performance. In fact, this cooling system actually helps prevent signal disruption during heavy-duty gaming. Most importantly, with dimensions of 259 x 176 x 184 mm, it’s doesn’t take up to much space.
  • It is equipped with six high gain Omni-directional antennas/signal amplifiers. This makes this router achieve maximum transfer speeds of 2100 Mbps. The data transfer is cleverly transmitted on a dual-band system to ensure a seamless connection. Specifically, 1733 Mbps is transmitted on the 5G network and rest is transmitted on the 2.4 G network. This kind of technology is perfect when your live streaming or in the middle of an RPG tournament.
  • The craziest thing is that this router can actually integrate these networks into one based on which one has more coverage and ensures more stability. This router has a dual-core processor and four-gigabit ethernet ports. It also supports the latest IPv6.

What’s In It for You?

Like the Xiaomi AX1800, this router can also connect up to 128 devices on the same network. The Redmi Router AC2100 also lets you easily configure and control the settings when it comes to the various devices synced to the router. For example, if you’re worried about your kids watching inappropriate stuff, you can prevent them from accessing certain URLs, keep track of their history and even set the time of use.

Key Features

  • Can also connect up to 128 devices
  • Configure and control the internet settings of the connected devices
  • Has a dual-core processor and four-gigabit ethernet ports
  • Supports IPv6
  • Six high gain Omni-directional antennas
  • Maximum transfer speeds of 2100 Mbps

#3 — Xiaomi Mi AloT AC2350

Featuring a single-core this router can run much more smoothly than most of the routers in the mid-range. Additionally, this router happens to be a dual-band router so you get a seamless unsaturated experience when hooking up multiple devices. This Mi AloT AC2350 is ideal for regular households.

  • As for the design, it’s pretty basic when compared to the first two. It has a white color scheme and a basic rectangular brick-like appearance. The only thing that really stands out is the antenna. It comes with seven antennas/signal amplifiers. Unfortunately, they are not omnidirectional which is why there are three on each side.
  • The presence of the signal amplifiers, dual band connectivity and the single core processor helps this router transmit data at speeds of up to 2183 Mbps. 1733 Mbps on the 5 GHz Band and 450 on the 2.4GHz band. The signal amplifiers cast Wifi on every inch of your house. You can even connect some low powered devices that’s located in the out house or the perimeter like a security camera.
  • This Xiaomi router can also connect to 128 devices without any issues. However, the most interesting thing is that this router actually does a decent job for a single-core device. You can easily expect a smoother experience when it comes to operations, streaming and even playing games. This can be attributed to beamforming and MU-MIMO technology which makes communication more efficient.
  • Since it doesn’t have a dedicated cooling system it should ideally be placed in an environment that is somewhere in the range of 0-40°C.

What’s In It for You?

It comes with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 1 WAN and 3 LAN that deliver maximum wired speeds. You can connect your PC’s Smart TV’s and game consoles. You also get the benefit of the Mi home app which will make not only connectivity and set up much easier but even configuring the various settings become much simple.

Key Features

  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Mi Home app controls
  • Maximum speeds of up to 2183 Mbps
  • Stable connection for up to 128 devices
  • 7 high-gain Omni-directional antennas that function as high-performance independent signal amplifiers
  • MU-MIMO technology for smoother Internet access over numerous devices.

#4 — Xiaomi Mijia Router 4

The Xiaomi Mijia Router 4 is one of the best routers for regular usage. Although it’s not as otherworldly as the Xiaomi AX1800 router 2020, it still comes with the latest 802.11ac WiFi technology which is 3 times faster than the majority of your household routers. It’s a perfect choice seamless HD streaming, gaming and bandwidth-intensive tasks.

  • This router is extremely simple in design. It has a white plastic appearance in the shape of a rectangular plate and comes with 4 antennas. It also has a back-mounted aluminium heat sink.
  • The Xiaomi Mijia Router 4 has one WAN and two LAN Ethernet gigabit ports that easily meet the requirements of optical fibre broadband services that transmit data of more than 100 Mbps.
  • This Router also has a dual-channel transmission that can transfer data of up to 1167 Mbps. Although it can’t be integrated like other routers on this list this device still ensures fast and smooth transmission. The 2.4G band is suitable for multi-barrier and long-distance wireless transmission and the open 5G band has less interference to ensure smooth data transfer.

What’s In It for You?

It comes with the Mi Net fast connection protocol that easily syncs your devices to the router after the first time without any annoyances or passwords. It also gives a wider coverage due to the 4 signal amplifiers and performs much better when there are lots of devices connected to it. This is by far one of the best starter routers for any household.

Key Features

  • Mi Net fast connection protocol
  • 4 signal amplifiers
  • Dual-channel transmission
  • Maximum speeds of up to 1167 Mbps
  • 3 Ethernet Gigabit ports
  • Has a back-mounted aluminium heat sink
  • Uses the latest 802.11ac WiFi technology

#5 — Xiaomi AX3600 Router

This Xiaomi AX3600 Router is definitely one of the best Xiaomi routers in the market. This beast is actually slightly better than the Xiaomi AX1800 Router when it comes to the performance. It supports a directional enhancing beamforming technology that automatically detects mobile phones, computers and other network terminals. This not only helps create a targeted stable connection but it can also cover a wider range.

  • While the design isn’t as exceptional as the the AX1800, this device is still quite the beauty. It looks futuristic with a black sheen and a blue LED lights.
  • It supports the IPv6 as it has a larger address space making the forwarding efficiency and security top-notch. Ipv6 is only picking up in terms of its exceptional applications, For example, this router can facilitate access to educational network resources of well know universities.

What’s In It for You?

It also features dual-band connectivity. With a theoretical data transfer rate of up to 2976 Mbps. Both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz band support 802.11ax technology and don’t interfere with each other. meaning it can’t be integrated. However, with this, you can still expect seamless high definition video streaming and high-end gaming.

Key Features

  • Dual-band connectivity
  • Maximum Data transfer of up to 2976 Mbps
  • Supports the IPv6
  • Amazing design
  • 6 core chip

Is Xiaomi router good?

Yes, the Xiaomi routers are pretty damn good. Not only do they look good and have amazing features but they also use the latest technology. This technology helps these routers transfer a high amount of data in seconds that make it extremely useful for Bandwidth-intensive tasks. This results in what seems like a seamless connection. Most importantly, these Xiaomi routers are unbelievably cheap only cost abut 50$.

Which is the best router for home use?

Xiaomi entered the tech market in 2010 and since their inception, they’ve been producing a low budget, mid-high range smartphones, laptops, apps, and many other products. Ever since the began their venture into Wi-Fi routers they have been able to bring to the market powerful routers, delivering high-speed connectivity at a margin of the cost.

Based on the routers listed above and personal experience, routers developed by Xiaomi have a longer life-time than others. They are durable and sleek, easy to move around and are wireless so as you may expect, not many snags.

The best router for home use would be Xiaomi Mijia Router 4. It affordable and comes with basic features. Most importantly it does fast data transfer speeds. But then again, if home use includes gaming you should ideally go for Xiaomi AX1800 router 2020 or the Xiaomi Redmi Router AC2100 which is like 15-20$ more. These offer insane features that will make your jaw drop Check out our list of the Best Xiaomi Routers for all the details.

Which Xiaomi Router would I recommend?

Of the routers listed above, the AX1800 router is by far the best. In terms of design, a sleek finish for a tower router and multiple vents for heat dissipation. It’s portable and lightweight and above all, the first Wi-Fi router to run on the Qualcomm 5 Core Enterprise chip.

Ideal for gaming and high-speed connectivity for multiple devices at the same time, the AX1800 will surely be a choice amongst avid online gamers and movie buffs.

How to choose the best Xiaomi router?

Picking a router from a wide variety that’s in the market is a tedious task and not easy. It is understandable that at a certain point either you’d give up or opt for the nearest router. However, it’s best to keep in mind that the efficiency of the router is based on the type of chipset used, the amount of ventilation it has to stay cool, and the structure of the router.

It is ideal to pick the router best suited to your personal preference. For example, my preference would be gaming or high-speed streaming, for that, I use the AX1800 as my preferred router.

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