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Xiaomi Roidmi X20 Price and Review

by Mike Xiao
Xiaomi Roidmi X20 Price and Review
Beast of a Vacuum Cleaner!

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  • Performance
  • Attachements
  • Wireless Charging
  • Size of the dust collector

Xiaomi is one of the most popular brands that you hear around, especially in the world of smartphones. But Xiaomi is more than just smartphones. They do manufactures and make everyday household appliances too. In fact, they have an entire home appliances sub-brand Roidmi which launched the amazing vacuum we’re going to be discussing today: The Xiaomi’s Roidmi X20 also known as the Nex Storm or Xiaomi’s Roidmi Nex.

This vacuum cleaner is the next step-up in the market of advanced Internet of Things and the evolution of everyday household appliances turning into smart and capable household appliances. Here are some other smart home appliances that are amazing and super convenient.

Today, we are going to take a look at a review for the Xiaomi Roidmi X20 smart vacuum cleaner. In the review, we will be discussing an unboxing as I’ll be taking you through the contents of the packaging I received. I’ll also go through the design, internal specifications and of course my final thoughts on the product. After which you will be completely equi[[ed with the information when buying your very own Roidmi X20. Anyway, let’s get to it. Here’s the Xiaomi Roidmi X20 Price and Review

Xiaomi Roidmi X20

Xiaomi Roidmi X20 Smart Vacuum Cleaner Specifications :
Size 119.1 x 25.9 x 15.8cm
Weight 2.6KG
Brushless Motor: 120,000 RPM
Suction Strength 145AW
Air Pressure: 25kPa
Rated Power: 435W
Battery 2500 mAh Li-ion
Usage Time 65min (normal power) 38min (medium power) 12min (high power)
Charging Time 2.5 hours
Dustbin 0.4 liters
Noise 72dB at highest speed
Suction Stages 3 Levels
Connectivity Bluetooth

What do i need to know before buying the Xiaomi Roidmi X20?

The Roidmi X20 one thing for sure, a smart vacuum cleaner. But what can it do? What are the features and is it worth considering to add on your buying list of appliances? First, let’s check out the contents.

What’s inside the box?

This is definitely an innovative new addition to Xiaomi’s arsenal of amazing gadgets.

Inside the Packaging is:

  • Roidmi X20 mart vacuum cleaner
  • The instruction manual (very useful)
  • Power adapter and a wall-mounted magnetic adapter.

For brushes and mops, the package contains quite a lot of them. In fact, there are around 6 amazing brushes and mops that you get right out of the box and these things are very useful when attached to the powerful yet effective vacuum cleaner.

The 6 brushes and mops are:

  • Small cleaning brush
  • A floor roller brush
  • A motorized mattress brush
  • A floor mop unit with a spare extra mop
  • A soft mattress or what they call it a sofa brush
  • A motorized floor brush.
  • Other things you may find out of the box include an extension rod, a filter replacement and a flexible crevice nozzle.

That is quite a lot, to be honest with you, but you can do a lot with these accessories. Having many brushes and mops gives you that flexibility in handling different types of situations. We need to give some credit where credit is due, Xiaomi really went above and beyond with this Smart cleaner, at least with its attachments.

Physical Design

The Xiaomi Roidmi X20 smart vacuum cleaner is a great vacuum cleaner and has a diameter of 119.1 x 25.9 x 15.8cm and it weighs just around 2.6KG (or 1.5KG if it is only configured as a hand vacuum without its accessories).

The design is sleek however, the color of the kit is white. I’ve used this vacuum for a while and I do find this color to be prone to acquiring dirt overtime especially for a smart appliance that is geared towards cleaning dirt. I suggest for it to be regularly cleaned from time to time so as to retain its pristine white color and not an ageing greyish white. Aside from the white color, there is a small strip of red accent as a nice finishing touch.

In the middle of the vacuum cleaner itself, there is a transparent plastic where you can see the motor and the dirt goes in after the vacuum captures it.

Other than that, the Xiaomi Roidmi X20’s physical design is a good one overall. Sure, there are some things that are worth taking a look at like the color and weight but once you get around with it, it will be a great performer.

Internal Features and Performance

The internal features of the Xiaomi Roidmi X20 smart vacuum cleaner is what you would expect from a smart vacuum cleaner.

  • It is strong, reliable and is capable of cleaning up almost any type of dirt that may occupy your home. For noise levels, it is relatively quiet on its low or normal speed but it cranks up once you start hitting up the highest speed.
  • Battery life is great and it is a 2500 mAh lithium-ion. It does last quite a bit longer than most portable vacuum cleaners, having at around 65 minutes on normal speed but clocks even lower if you crank up the speed levels to high which its battery life degraded faster. For a vacuum cleaner that has a higher speed, the battery lasts for around 12 minutes.

Fortunately, charging the battery of the Xiaomi Roidmi X20 is quite simple, to be honest with you. There are two ways for you to charge this vacuum cleaner.

  • One is to use the included wireless wall adapter where you simply plug in your device onto the magnetic charger and it is good to go.
  • On the other hand, you can also charge the vacuum cleaner through a regular charging cable. There is a port located on the top of the vacuum cleaner where you plug in the included charging cable. Charging time for the Xiaomi Roidmi X20 takes around 2.5 hours which is incredibly long for this device.

Another interesting feature that the Xiaomi Roidmi X20 vacuum cleaner has is the ability to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

  • Of course, you’ll need to download the handy smartphone app that Xiaomi provided called the Mi Home App. From the app itself, you are able to do a lot of variety of things like checking the battery levels, setting the vacuum strength, filter status and how much you’ve vacuumed. It is also possible to use the Xiaomi Mi Home App to install firmware updates to your Xiaomi Roidmi X20.

In terms of the performance of the Xiaomi Roidmi X20, it is pretty great.

  • The vacuum is able to easily clean up different kinds of situations from grains of rice on the floor to dust within the computer keyboard.
  • However, one minor disadvantage though is that the dust bin (the box in which the dirt is collected) is somehow a little small than usual. This may not be a problem to most people but for some, it may be a hassle to open and dispose of the contents in the trash back and forth if you’re doing a spring cleaning.

One of the more interesting features is that is the built-in LED which can be found in some of the brushes and mops like the floor roller brush. This is especially great for cleaning up places like under the bed or sofa. You’ll be able to see a clear view of what you are targeting. It is also relatively easy to use.

The Xiaomi Roidmi X20 is a great overall vacuum cleaner when it comes to performance compared to some of its competitors at this price range.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Xiaomi Roidmi X20 is a great smart vacuum cleaner that you can get for the price.

  • It got great performance and at the same time, a ton of brushes, mops and accessories for you to choose from.
  • There is some quirkiness here and there like the color of the vacuum, battery life, dust bin is quite small, and somehow a heavyweight. Other than that, the Xiaomi Roidmi X20 can be a great choice.

Now, who is this for? If you are looking for a great, high-end type of smart vacuum cleaner that can handle a ton of situations. This may be worth considering at your list to buy. However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then the Xiaomi Roidmi X20 may not be a great option.But if you are willing to spend the extra bucks for it, you won’t be disappointed with the features and accessories that Xiaomi Roidmi X20 has to offer.


  • Can be used as a handheld
  • Wireless charging
  • HEPA filter
  • It has a very strong suction of 145 AirWatt
  • It has a mopping pad that assures a cleaner floor
  • It has a technology that separates the dust and prevents it from clogging
  • lightweight and compact design


  • The small bin to collect the dust. This is a major con as you have to clean out the bin multiple times during a massive cleaning session


If you want to go for a high-end vacuum with a bunch of features then buying a Roidmi x20 is not a bad decision. And the Xiaomi Roidmi X20 Price and Review wouldn’t be complete without the price.

So, This smart vacuum is priced at around US $449.

Check it out here!

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