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Top Xiaomi Beauty Products | Amazing Products That Will Make You Glow

by Jenny Xiao
Simple Beauty Products With Unbelievable Engineering!

Store Name: Xiaomi Youpin Store

Store Description: The Xiaomi Youpin Store is the home ground of all things beauty. This store has a huge range of grooming and beauty products for both men and women.

Price range: $10 - $30

Check out the store here!

  • Xiaomi Enchen Blackstone Razor
  • Xiaomi Soocas Hair Trimmer
  • Xiaomi Reepro Professional Hair Dryer
  • Xiaomi Mijia InFace Blackhead Vacuum

Xiaomi, one of Asia’s leading brands in electronic gadgets has created quite a significant impression amongst us. But, did you know that there is more to Xiaomi than just those fancy smartphones? They have an unbelievable range when it comes to consumer electronics as a whole and now their dabbling in beauty Products. Yup, that’s right. But these beauty products for Xiaomi will blow your mind. Check out our list of Top Xiaomi Beauty Products.

Xiaomi’s range of beauty products are at the very forefront of technology. So, basically, while each and every beauty device might look simple, it is packed with a whole bunch of amazing features.

Anyway, here is our list and review of some of the best beauty and grooming products by Xiaomi.

Best Xiaomi Gadgets

Best Mi Products 2020

#1 — Xiaomi Enchen BlackStone 3D Electric Shaver

This product is literally on every list for the best shavers ever created!

Every man has experienced the annoying stubble on the morning of an important work meeting, or that really exciting evening date you want to impress. Most electric razors, though they are convenient, simply don’t do the job the way you would like it to. Either the blades lose their sharpness or they are not flexible enough to reach those contours of your face.

There is also the issue of having to charge the razor beforehand and the lack of power. Xiaomi has successfully managed to overcome these issues with the Enchen Blackstone 3D Electric shaver with its powerful battery and sharp blades. This Youpin Ecosystem razor is one of the Top Xiaomi Beauty Products in the world.

Key Features

Here are some key points that are very impressive about this electric razor:

  • This has a powerful and quick charging battery. It charges to full in about an hour and can hold the charge while being active for about 90 minutes.
  • The razor is charged using a future-ready Type-C cable. So you just have to connect it with any existing charger that you might have.
  • There are three super-efficient Japanese steel blades.
  • These are self-grinding blades and they grind every time the device is switched on which ensure that they are always sharp.
  • It is flexible and glides over the jawline effortlessly.
  • There is an intelligent anti-overcharge and circuit protection system, so you can shave even while the razor is charging without worrying about burning yourself.
  • There are tiny LED indicators for the power-on and low battery.
  • This instrument is light in weight, making it portable and easy to carry.
  • The blades are easy to clean and fix.
  • The best part is the low noise level while it is in use and all these features make it one of the best mi products 2020.

Apart from these features, the Shaver is priced competitively in the market, making the decision of buying this a no-brainer. 

#2 — Xiaomi Soocas IPX5 Waterproof Hair Trimmer

The next beauty product on our list is the Xiaomi Soocas IPX5 nose and eyebrow hair trimmer. Man or woman, we all know that our monthly eyebrow trims in the parlour only last us for a few weeks. It is impossible to keep going to the parlour every two weeks to get it plucked out or trimmed. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a trimmer that helps trim our unwanted hair with minimum hassle and quickly? Check out the Waterproof hair trimmer by Xiaomi that is specially constructed for those annoying little hair in the nose and eyebrows. 

Key Features

Here are a few features that we love about this trimmer:

  • This trimmer works with 2W which is sufficient for trimming tiny hair.
  • It works on AAA battery and is portable.
  • The Soocas IPX5 trimmer is light in weight, easy to pack in a bag and carry with you wherever you go. 
  • It comes in a convenient soft pouch to wrap it in.
  • The blade is sharp and works on the same principle of an electric shaver. It is very small and therefore works with very tiny hair as well without pulling out the hair and causing you to bruise or bleed.
  • The blade has a transparent cap to protect it.
  • It is designed in such a way that it cannot hold dust particles. This keeps it clean, easy to maintain and a longer service life.
  • We love the fact that this is waterproof and can be washed easily, dried and put away.
  • This hair trimmer an environment-friendly power saving mechanism. It turns off automatically if it is not in use for ten minutes.
  • It is priced very affordably and can be bought online.

This instrument looks really neat as well, making it not only a pleasure to use but also, aesthetically pleasing! Do try this on your sideburns as well as it does a good job of trimming and shaping it well. 

#3 — Xiaomi Reepro 1300W Professional Hair Dryer

The next gadget on our list of Xiaomi Beauty products is the Reepro Professional Hair Dryer. No grooming range of products is complete without a hairdryer. It is one of the most basic and necessary items one must possess to keep that mane in place, neatly groomed. As Xiaomi makes products that are aimed at making our life simpler and easier, the Reepro hairdryer is designed to be a portable one, yet powerful enough for a nice blow-dry.  It is one of the Best Mi Products 2020.

Key Features

Go through some of the features of this hairdryer here:

  • As the title states, this hairdryer has a power of 1300W which is quite powerful for drying short to medium length very quickly and a slightly longer time for thick and long hair.
  • This is a foldable, mini hairdryer that can be packed in a handbag easily.
  • It weighs only about 400 gm, making this a light device, apt for travel.
  • It has two heat settings.
  • The nozzle is wide, blowing air at large volumes for that quick and strong drying effect. 
  • It blows air evenly so there is no danger of injury or burn.
  • It has Anion retouch. This gives your hair that shine and a sleek look instead of drying out the hair and making it frizzy.
  • The handle is comfortable and wide enough to hold without causing a strain on your palm and fingers.
  • This hairdryer is priced competitively with other mini hairdryers in the market.

This durable mini hairdryer is a good choice if you travel often and have hurried mornings at a delightful price. 

#4 — Xiaomi Mijia InFace Blackhead Vacuum Suction Beauty Tool

The next Xiaomi beauty device on our list is very interesting. It’s a blackhead removal suction tool. Blackheads are probably the most annoying skin issue that is faced by people with oily skin. Sometimes even those with dry skin face this problem. They can ruin that perfectly smooth texture with those tiny ugly spots. Blackheads cannot be removed without a device and can be quite painful to remove with a blackhead remover. 

Dermabrasion is a procedure that is recommended by cosmetologists across the world for quick and effective results. Getting this procedure done by a professional can burn quite a hole in the pocket and be time-consuming as well. Also, think about the hassle of having to find the time and to fix up an appointment! The Xiaomi In face suction tool solves all of these problems. 

Key Features

Check out Xiaomi’s suction beauty tool that makes removing blackheads quick and pain-free! 

  • For the blackheads, this has four differently sized nozzles that can be attached depending on which part of your face you are going to use it for.
  • These nozzles can be removed and cleaned very easily.
  • This tool does a deep-cleansing job for your skin by sucking out the blackheads and dirt from the pores.
  • Since it only has a suction effect, this does not hurt or bruise your skin.
  • It has three settings: Low, medium and high. Choose the setting depending on your skin type. The low works well for dry skin, the medium for combination skin and the high setting is perfect for oily skin.
  • The nozzle is designed at an angle of 30 degrees so that it can reach hard to reach places like the jawline and contours of your face.
  • The nozzle itself is slightly elevated to fit a portion of your skin compactly and give it the best suction possible.
  • It works on a polymer battery that is powerful and a smart air valve.
  • It goes on two modes – suction and release. Since both modes alternate, you get a pain-free experience, unlike traditional blackhead removers.
  • This is a low maintenance device, weighs very light and is portable.
  • This is an ideal gadget if you have sensitive skin as it guards your skin against bruising and swelling.
  • One of the Top Xiaomi Beauty Products in the world.

Blackheads are a recurring problem, one that needs constant removal, maintenance of the skin and lots of care. Use the Mijia InFace blackhead remover to keep your skin clean and free of acne, all the time. 

#5 — Xiaomi Mijia Stainless Steel Nail Clippers Set

This Xiaomi Mijia Stainless Steel Nail Clippers Set is the perfect grooming set. It contains five tools to help you get a manicure and pedicure right at home. So, if you don’t have time to go to a salon or spend money on those expensive sessions this nail clipper set will surely come in handy.

The 5Pcs Mijia Nail Clipper Set is lightweight and portable. It is also equipped with a magnetic absorption base. This combined with the bayonet-type slot, allows each accessory to magnetically stick to the base. You can be assured that each too is stored stably and won’t fall out easily.

Key Features

  • It has a fine dot textured file that helps with round repairing, fixing, and fine grinding. The dot pattern of this file is uniform and smooth. It can fix your nails with damaging your nails or the underlying skin.
  • This tool box is small enough to be highly portable and it’s very easy to carry. It weighs only about 104 grams which makes it extremely lightweight. So, it won’t feel uncomfortable in your pocket, bag or purse.
  • This Xiaomi clipper set is made from high quality 420/430 stainless steel has 4 times tougher than the industry standard. Additionally, it’s extremely durable, wear-resistance and rust resistance. The tools won’t even discolor for years to come.
  • It contains two nail clippers, a flat mouth nail clipper for a clean manicure and an oblique nail clipper with bevelled blade design that can penetrate into hard to reach areas such as nail edges.
  • You also get a double edged beauty scissors that can help you neatly trim stuff. It’s sharp so it won’t pull your hair.
  • The fifth tool is a super useful ear pick with rounded edges. You can easily and thoroughly clean your ear canal without hurting the inner walls or your ear drum.

With our busy lives, we don’t really have the time to always get to that beauty parlour except maybe once a month. For mid-month grooming, it is certainly a good idea to have our own grooming equipment at home, for that clean and polished look every day. 

Grooming has just become much easier and so much more convenient with all those Xiaomi Beauty and grooming products. As you can see from our article, those products are priced quite nominally, keeping in line with Xiaomi’s range of innovations: “The best quality, durable and long-lasting at affordable prices”. We also find most of the products quite interesting and so easy to use. Do get yourself a few from our list to make your life easier!

Xiaomi New Products

Are Xiaomi products good?

Of course. Xiaomi is at the forefront of innovation in every sense. You find unique and unbelievable tech from Xiaomi that’s almost straight out of a sci-fi movie or at the very least their going in that direction. Some of their unique products range from a smart trash can to simple beauty products. But although beauty products look simple, they’re filled with amazing features.
For example, Xiaomi’s blackhead remover is designed perfectly for all facial contours and comes with multiple modes for different types of skin. It’s a brilliant piece of engineering. Check our list of the Top Xiaomi Beauty Products for all the details.

Which Xiaomi Product is the best?

The best of the best would be the Xiaomi Enchen Razor for men and the Blackhead Vacuum for Women. The razor shaves your facial hair with complete flexibility. The Japanese steel blades glide over your jawline with ease. This razor has an intelligent anti-overcharge and circuit protection system, so you can shave even while the razor is charging without worrying about burning yourself.
The Vacuum can deep-clean your skin by sucking out the blackheads and dirt from the pores and it has 3 settings and 4 nozzles that are made for all types of skin and for the different areas of the face. It does a great job cleaning the skin.

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