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Xiaomi Smart Trashcan Latest Price and Review

by Jenny Xiao
The Home Appliance of The Future!

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  • Design
  • Function and Use
  • Automation
  • Cost Benefit Analysis

Xiaomi Smart Trash Can

One of the best smart home appliances in the market!


When I was a kid, I was super interested in technology. I wanted an amazing future right out of sci-fi movies like Bladerunner. I wanted to command robots to take care of mundane tasks. Well, guess what ladies and gentlemen? that automated future is here. Xiaomi is bringing us to the very forefront of an automated world by turning the most important thing in our lives, the trash can, into a smart product. That’s right, a smart trashcan! Check out our Xiaomi Smart Trashcan Latest Price and Review for all the details.

Of course, this Xiaomi trash can can’t levitate and take out the trash or incinerate the waste. In fact, the Xiaomi Trash Can is a product that assists you with its practical applications. But boy does it help. For example, the smart trash can automatically replace the trash bag so you don’t need to constant waste time. It also automatically opens the lid when you need to dispose of waste, which I personally think is its most useful feature.

The automated trash can space isn’t really crowded but the Xiaomi Townew Smart Trashcan is a really amazing and most importantly an innovative device that is super useful. It’s a great addition to a smart home. So, what can this trash really do? And can it make life better? 

Check out Xiaomi Smart Trashcan Latest Price and Review for more details.

Xiaomi Trash Can

Xiaomi Townew Smart Bin Review

Inside the Box

The Xiaomi Townew Smart Trash Can comes in a brown cardboard box. On the box, you’ll find an illustration of the device and some technical specifications on the sides. Inside the box, you will find:

  • A 2-pin adapter,
  • The instruction manual
  • And of course, the Xiaomi Smart Trash Can itself. 

Xiaomi Trash Bin – Design

xiaomi smart trashbin

Coming to the design, the Xiaomi smart trash can looks great. The Xiaomi trash can measures at 40cm X 31cm X 24cm. It looks like a seamless white cube, which makes it very appealing to the eyes.

  • Like most Xiaomi devices, this smart trash can follow a minimal design scheme. It is entirely white in color and can blend into almost all indoor environments.
  • It doesn’t weigh much. In fact, it only has an internal capacity of 15.5 L which makes it a small to mid-sized trash can.
  • On the back, you will find a power input and an on/off switch. And on the inside, you’ll find two Blue LED lights and pre-installed Trash bag cartridge. This cartridge is proprietary. So, you will have to buy it from Xiaomi, once you run out.
  • In the front, you will find a button. This button triggers a bag Replacement. Basically, it seals the full trash bag and automatically replaces it with a new one.
  • The device itself is quite sturdy. You will find a balancing foot on the side which is basically provided to make sure the trash can doesn’t tip over.
  • It is equipped with a motion sensor on the top and it has an infrared button that identifies movement to help with auto-opening. 

Fortunately, this futuristic device doesn’t look out of place in any kitchen or even in an office environment, it stealthy yet beautiful. But unfortunately, while it is a beauty, the white color might lead to discoloration. Another colour would have been a good choice.

Xiaomi Trash Can – Function and Use 

Here are the specifications for the trash bin. It has a 15.5 litre capacity, which is a standard medium. This means it’s not too big or too small.

  • For houses with a big family, then this trash might be a bit small. unless you clean it out twice a day. But it definitely isn’t a problem for most nuclear family households.
  • It has a 12V power adapter that charges the device and the 2000 mAh battery keeps the trash can running for a month.  This is a serious advantage as you can imagine.

Before you get started on using the trash can, you will need to charge it when you open the box. There are a few components to the Xiaomi smart trash can that you need to know.

Here’s how it works:

Infrared Detection Auto-Open

The infrared sensor picks up movements and then opens the lid of the trash can automatically. The distance is about 30 to 40 cms. So don’t expect to trigger the motion sensor unless you’re close to it. After your drop the trash, it automatically closes. 

LED Lights

There are LED lights on the inside the trash can that gives a bit of light that especially helps in the night. These intelligent LED indicators come with various useful modes such as dimming mode, constant lighting mode, and breathing mode.

Trash bag Cartridge 

The cool part about the trash can is, it comes with its own set of trash bags that are about 28 in number. So whenever you run out of trash bags, you need to install a new cartridge. 

Automatic Bag Replacement

Here comes the best part. Once your trash bag is full, you can intimate the trash can by pressing a button. When you press the button for three seconds, the trash can automatically opens the lid and seals the trash bag for you, while the new trash bag is set in place automatically with the help of a fan-like mechanism.

  • This means you don’t need to manually seal the bag or place in a new trash bag. This is all done automatically. This feature makes this a stand out product in my opinion and one of the best. This saves so much of your time and effort. 

Overload Detection 

This function is also one of my personal favourites. Basically, the Xiaomi smart trash bin realizes when it’s overloaded, especially when the lid doesn’t shut.

  • When you press the button to replace the garbage bag. It cuts off a bigger bag to accommodate the overloading piece of trash. This again, makes this a super amazing appliance.

Refilling the Trash Bags 

When you run out of trash bags, you can always buy ‘refill’ cartridges. One refill pack comes with about 6 cartridges that is estimated to give about 150 trash bags.

  • If you use a trash bag every day, you can still use this refill pack for 5 months, which is ridiculous. It’s pretty easy to replace as well, you just need to pull out the old cartridge and replace it with the new one and press the button. 

Inside sensor

The sensor inside the Xiaomi smart trash bin intimates the machine if there is a garbage bag inside or not. So this way, it won’t open up if you haven’t replaced it with a new cartridge. 


After using this smart trash can for around 10 months I can say with complete confidence that this device is extremely useful and the performance is stellar. I do have a few issues that I will address towards the end. This trashcan is quite handy to have if your a germaphobe or if you simply hate getting your hands dirty. I’ll break this performance bit into two parts: real-time and long term performance.

  • In real-time, the Xiaomi trashcan does work wonderfully. The sensors are pretty accurate and will open up in a second or two. Unfortunately, it’s not insanely fluid. You should still expect a lag of 2 seconds before the trashcan automatically opens up. I have seen that the lid does tend to get a bit slower as time goes by. Meaning the time it takes to open increases slightly as time goes by. For when I started to the current 11th month. the lag has increased to 5-6 seconds. This mostly due the wear and tear of life.
  • The trash bag sealing feature is of course, the most important. Although this feature itself works perfectly even till this day, you will be going through a lot of trash bags as the capacity of the trash can itself is average. Meaning you will really have to stock up on the trash can cartridges.
  • When it comes to long term performance, this trashcan does a good job. After treat it like, well, a trash can. It still works well. It does have a certain functional issues like a lag with the sensors and issues like weirdly popping open when your pass by. Other than this it’s pretty awesome device.

Xiaomi Smart Trash Can – Key Features

  • The Xiaomi trash bin has a thermoplastic sealing technology which basically means that the cover of the trash bin seals tightly so as to not let even the odor leak out.
  • It automatically seals/packs the bag and informs you when it is full. And once you remove the trash bag, it automatically installs another one. After all sanitation and hygiene are super important especially these days. Xiaomi has recently launched a series of innovative appliances to combat the germs.
  • You don’t have to get your hands dirty as this Xiaomi trash bin comes with an induction cover and a sensor that covers a distance of 0-35 cm. So, it will automatically open the lid when you come close, you can drop the waste without touching it or without even bending over.
  • It has a storage capacity of 15.5L which sufficient for a days garbage from a nuclear family.
  • It comes with intelligent LED indicators with various modes such as dimming mode, constant lighting mode, and breathing mode.
  • The battery life is pretty amazing as it lasts up to 35 days on a single charge.
  • This trash can comes with a box of non-breaking garbage bags which lasts up to a month.

Other Features:

  • The Xiaomi dustbin is extremely tough and has a strong load-bearing capacity. It doesn’t break easily.
  • It has a non-slip design that’s super stable and suitable for all sorts of floors.
  • The best part about the Xiaomi dustbin is that it has a white color shell design that matches with different environments.
  • The mouth of the Xiaomi dustbin is a tilting bucket design that makes it easier to throw garbage inside.

Xiaomi Trash Bin – Final Thoughts 

I am mighty impressed with this trash can. It truly is a magnificent product. It looks cool and futuristic and, in fact, it is futuristic. When you think of a smart trash can, you wonder what it can do.

  • Kudos to the Xiaomi designers to have put a lot of thought to this. They ensured that the most irritating parts about handling trash is done without the tiniest inconvenience. For example, tying up the trash bag and installing in a new trash bag in its place. When you think of it, this is a super annoying problem area and it handles it well. 
  • If you are wondering, why you need to waste power on a trash can, then you’ll be pretty happy to know that the trash can lasts for a month on a single charge, unless you have some kids in the house, who would love to play with the trash can by working the sensors. 
  • The refills and adding new trash bags are super easy. And the best part? You don’t have to do it for months. There’s so much time you save by not performing this action. 

However, there are a few problem areas with the Xiaomi smart trash can.

  • Firstly, it’s not large enough. This means, for large households, the Xiaomi smart bin will get filled in a matter of hours.
  • Secondly, the liquid discharge might be a problem, as the discharge might seep through the bag and fall inside the can, which means you will need to repeatedly wash it.  So, it might not be the best for wet waste.

But other than that, this is an amazing piece of innovation. It definitely does elevate the level of hygiene and sanitation in your house. Especially, if you have kids.


  • The Xiaomi smart bin has an automated trash bag sealing feature which is super useful
  • Automated trash bag replacement
  • LED light to illuminate the opening in complete darkness
  • The most important feature or rather its biggest “pro” of the Xiaomi smart bin would be the sealing technology which prevents the odor from leaking.


  • Not appropriate for large households
  • Not the best for waste waste unless you have a sturdy garbage bag that won’t seep
What is a smart garbage can?

Well, if a trashcan can open its lid automatically when you want to throw your trash in it can be called a smart garbage can. Now an amazing smart garbage can not only open it lid automatically but also seal the garbage bag when it’s full and even replace the bag automatically once it’s removed.
The Xiaomi trash bin can do all of this and more like last for 35 days on a single charge.
Now, that’s a brilliant smart trash can. Check out the Xiaomi Smart Trashcan Latest Price and Review for all the details.

How do you fix a smelly garbage can?

You don’t.
You throw out that horrendous piece of dinosaur technology and invest in the future: The Xiaomi Smart Trash Can. Yup, this smart trash bin is the future. The best part is? it doesn’t smell. This Smart home appliance comes with a sealing technology that prevents odor from leaking out and causing havoc.
Oh but that’s not all, it comes with other amazing features where it automatically opens the lid after it senses you, it automatically seals and packs the bag when it’s full. So, you don’t even have to get your hands dirty. Oh, and it replaces that bag when it’s done.
This beauty is a true value for money home appliance as it lasts for 35 days on a single charge.
Check out the Xiaomi Smart Trashcan Latest Price and Review for all the details.

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