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Xiaomi Mi 9T Price and Review | The best mid ranger in 2019?

by Jenny Xiao

We have covered a host of Xiaomi products on our site. But very rarely do we do phones and now we are getting into reviewing phones. Why have we delayed ding reviews of phones?

Well, because it’s harder to get your hands on a phone for free. But now that we have a source for the latest Xiaomi phones, we begin the reviews.

So what do we start with? Today we are going to tackle the so called flagship killer. The Xiaomi Mi 9T review.

In this Xiaomi Mi9T review, you will see its features, its pros, cons and ultimately whether its worth buying or not.

Is Xiaomi Mi9T Good? 

The Mi9T is a budget version of the super powerful Mi9 smartphone from Xiaomi. They have released this model to cater to the price conscious customer base who want all the features without any of the hassles.

Inside the Box

In this box, you will find an instruction manual, warranty information, a sim card tool, a hardshell phone case protector, 18W fast charger, USB-C cable and the Mi9T smartphone.

xiaomi mi 9t unboxing

Design and Display

Now let’s jump right into the design and display. The first thing you notice on the phone is the design of the phone which has a holographic back which shines through. A lot of people who are familiar with phones might realize that this is the same phone as the Redmi K20.

xiaomi mi 9t design and display

Price – $297

The first thing about the display is, it sports a 6.39-inch AMOLED display with no notch. So where is the camera? Well its a pop-up! Its one of those phones.

The display also has an in-screen fingerprint scanner which is faster than the other Xiaomi models. Protecting this phone is a Gorilla Glass 5, which pales in comparison to the Gorilla Glass 6 on the Mi9.

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Features, Function and Specifications

Specifications Details 
Display 6.39-inch
Audio Jack Yes, 3.5mm
Processor Qualcomm Adreno 618 GPU
Battery 4000 mAh
Front camera 20-MP front popup camera
Primary Camera 48MP, 13MP, 8MP Triple Camera setup
Fingerprint sensor in-screen
Storage and RAM 6GB + 64GB, 6GB + 128GB 

Price – $297


The primary camera is a 3-camera setup with 48-megapixel main camera, 8-megapixel telephoto lens that gives a 2x optical zoom and a 13-megapixel super ultra-wide angle lens. The ultra-wide angle lens can cover up to 125 degrees, which is pretty exceptional.

The front facing camera has a 20-megapixel popup camera, which is pretty rad looking. So you have an option to do some photo work on your photos using Adobe Lightroom, which helps you modify your photos a bit, without having to download an external app.

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Software and Performance

Running this phone is a MIUI10, which is the latest layer on top of Android. Just like most Android software, there are a lot of customizability options such as widget control. The face unlock feature is a bit slow because the camera has to pop-up and no matter what you do with the software, this is a hardware thing that cannot be changed.

Its powered by the Snapdragon 730 and Adreno 618 that is pretty good and as Xiaomi is pushing the gaming capabilities of all its phones, its a guarantee that this phone will perform well with power users. It has a Game Turbo 2.0 software that makes it much better for gaming.

Although the Snapdragon 730 is not as powerful as the Snapdragon 855, it is still quite alright for the specs and features of this phone.

Storage and RAM.

In terms of storage, you get the 64GB version and the 128GB version, which is pretty sufficient in my opinion. It can store quite a lot of 4k videos in the latter version.


The battery on this phone is pretty dope. There are no complaints about this because, 4000 mAh is pretty generous and also the 18W fast charger ensures that you are never out of juice. It can bring your battery up to 30% in just a few minutes, which is a god send.

Final Thoughts

This phone is a tad lesser in terms of features when you compare it to the Mi 9. The Gorilla Glass is 5 compared to the 6 on the Mi 9. The processor is a 730 compared to the 855 on the Mi 9. Even the fast charging is 18W compared to the 27W on the more expensive phone. But these aren’t major comprises at all in the grand scheme of things.

Are there any improvements on this phone?

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The Display

A lot of people like their display to be super clean and without any sort of notch. The pop-up camera gives way for a much better display.

The Battery

The battery is a major improvement at 4000 mAh, which is quite generous and more than sufficient. I’m of the type where I don’t want to have to worry about my battery draining out. With the Mi 9T, you will have none of those fears.

The Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner on the Mi 9T is also very good. Although its not better than the Mi9, it’s still a major improvement and works seamlessly well.

The Speaker

Of all the Mi 9 versions out there, the Mi 9T has the best speaker of the lot. It’s loud, clear and overall amazing.

The Camera

A few people might be concerned about the popup camera and the fragility of it too, but it has a feature where the camera immediately goes in when the phone detects sudden movement or a drop.


The bigges pros of the Mi9T are

Super budget phone
Brilliant display that is notchless and seamless
Very cool pop-up camera
Increased battery life and bigger battery is a big plus
Amazing camera for the price


Cannot charge wirelessly through a Qi-enabled wireless charger
Does not have a 27W fast charger
Fingerprint scanner is not faster than the Mi9

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