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i500 TWS Price and Review | $19 Airpod Replicas That Are Value for Money!

by Jenny Xiao

The TWS clones are some of the best and reliable true wireless earbuds out there. They’re extremely similar to the originals in every regard and they sell for a fraction of the original’s price. If you have ever been confused with regards to which AirPod Clone to buy then this article is meant for you. First of all, all the naming conventions such as i200 TWS and i500 TWS might confuse you, but they are nothing but upgrades on the previous versions.  Check out our i500 TWS Price and Review for all the details.

TWS stands for True Wireless Stereo. Basically, TWS is a technology that allows you to pair at least two audio devices through Bluetooth and this technology allows you to transmit left and right stereo channels separately. Almost all of the best Brands like Xiaomi use this technology in their earphones and gadgets.

Today we’re going to focus on the i500 TWS. In this i500 TWS AirPod Clone review we will unbox this product and compare it with other TWS earbuds.

Let’s go! 

i500 TWS – Good to buy?

i500 TWS Review 

i500 – Inside the Box 

This is a standard-issue TWS earphone which means you get two earbuds with the charging box, an instruction manual, a USB-C charging cable. Some vendors also give you a protective case.

i500 TWS – Design 

The design of the i500 TWS clone is the same as the Airpods. In fact, it so similar that it is a perfect 1:1 replica of the Air Pods 2. This is referred to as a true copy.

  • The i500 TWS is encased with a white shiny plastic that makes it look quite smooth and sleek. Thankfully, this plastic doesn’t make it look cheap. It lightweight and you can barely feel it when in your ears. But, you can be assured that the i500 will not easily slip out even during strenuous workouts
  • These beauties aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. Since they have no buttons on the earbuds, they come with a touch sensor to control music and volume.
  • The TWS i500 also has a tiny black dot on the sides which is basically the proximity sensor. And of course, the mesh outlet for the speaker.
  • You can use a case issued for the AirPods for this TWS clone. It has a charging notification light that lets you know the level of charge it’s at. 

The charging box itself comes with a magnetic metallic hinge that shuts smoothly. The earbuds also have a magnetic sensor in them that automatically goes into the groove with ease.  In terms of design, this is as good as any Airpods or Airpods clone in the market.

i500 TWS Function

Well, the i500 TWS Price and Review wouldn’t be comprehensive enough without mentioning the installation process. So, we’ll quickly mention how to pair your i500’s with your phone.

These headphones come with a red and blue light for both the left and right earbuds respectively. This will easily let you identify which is which. Initially, you will have to pair the right and left headphones with each other. It’ll automatically take place once you follow the following steps:

  • Switch on your phone’s Bluetooth
  • When your phones search for available devices, open the top cover of the i500 charging case. Make sure they’re charged.
  • Once the i500 charging case mit a green light. The device will pop up on your phone screen.
  • Click on it and you’ve successfully paired your i500’s with your phone.

You need to wait for a few seconds. Once the light of one earpiece dims down and the other starts blinking, it has successfully paired with each other and the device.

As mentioned earlier the i500 doesn’t lose out to the Apple Air pods in terms of function. In fact, it has the same proximity sensors on the side. These proximity sensors allow the i500’s to detect your ears. When removed from the ear it automatically stops playing music and resumes it when placed back inside.

The i500 TWS has the following functions:

i500 TWS Review – Bluetooth 5.0 Connection

You can use the i500 TWS AirPod replica with an iOS or an Android phone.

  • With an iOS device, you can get the pop-up window feature that also shows the battery level, You can also connect with your phone with a single touch in the case of an iPhone.  Unfortunately, you won’t find the pop-up window feature or animation with an Android device.
  • For Android devices, you need to manually connect it through your Bluetooth settings. I tested the connectivity strength of the i500 TWS earbuds and they are pretty good. It loses connection beyond 10 to 15 metres, but it very rarely drops the connection. 

As you have these have the latest Bluetooth 5.0, they are very fast in terms of connectivity and can last up to 15m which is pretty amazing.

i500 – Touch Sensor 

The most in-demand feature in all AirPod clones is the touch sensor.

  • The first time I showed the i500 TWS Airpods to my friends. The touch feature blew their minds. Especially, since it was unbelievable that a $20 gadget that could perform the same as a $100+ gadget.

So what can the touch sensor do? Heres the touch sensor guide portion of the i500 TWS Price and Review.

  • Tap the touch panel on any side of the earphone twice to answer a call
  • Press the touch panel for more than 2 seconds to refuse a call.
  • Tap the touch panel on any side of the earphone once in order to play or pause music
  • Tap the touch panel of the left earphone three times in order to play the next song.
  • Double tap the touch panel of the right earphone to increase the volume.
  • Double tap the touch panel of the left earphone to decrease the volume.
  • Long press the touch panel for 3 seconds for Siri.

i500 TWS Airpods – Binaural Individual Earphones 

Each i500 TWS earphone can be used independently.

  • This means you can keep one in the box and the other will work seamlessly. 

TWS i500 – Mic 

The i500 TWS comes with a built-in mic at the base through which you can communicate over call. This is the perfect hands free experience that most people are looking for. 

  • The mic works amazingly. In fact it can pick up your voice very clearly regardless of the external noise.
  • The mic is equipped with a CVC noise cancelling technology.

i500 TWS Review – Sound Quality

How is the sound quality on the i500 TWS, you ask?

  • Although the TWS i500’s doesn’t have the noise cancellation feature, It has decent bass and sharp sound. It can a good balance between the bass and treble. so you get a really good sound quality regardless of the volume.
  • Can you hear the outside noise when listening to these earphones? Just a bit, it won’t irritate you unless you’re in a super crowded place.
  • In some cases, the sound has been too loud that I had to reduce the volume.

As mentioned earlier, the sound quality of the i500 TWS really good, much better than the older versions such as i30, i60 etc. They used sub-par mic quality in the previous models and the i500 earphones are a huge improvement. 

i500 TWS – Battery Life 

  • The TWS i500 has a 300mAh battery.
  • The battery life on the i500 TWS is the standard 3.5 hours to 4 hours which is more than sufficient especially for moderate use. And it will last up to 6 hours if calls are your thing.
  • If the earbuds run out of charge you can always put it back into the charging case. It’ll take about an hour to charge the buds to 100%. But if the charging bin is also out of charge then it will take you around 3 hours to go from 0 to a 100 and that is a serious pain.
  • If you travel very long distances every day and you need your music plugged for hours on end, I would suggest carrying a power bank that can power your phone and your TWS earphones too. 


Charging the TWS i500 is fairly simple, the case itself is the charging bin. Just pop the earbuds inside its case and check the light indicator.

  • If it’s green it’s fully charged. If its orange its almost run out of charge and if the light doesn’t show, then there is no charge.
  • You can charge the i500 TWS Airpods by using the USB cable and attaching the bottom part of the charging case to a charger.
  • Ideally, you should get a charging mat such as the Qi charger. This charge’s the device super fast and wirelessly.
  • It takes about 1 hour to charge the earbuds and 3 hours to charge the charging bin.

i500 TWS Features

  • The i500 AirPods has an open cover pop-up window
  • it supports wireless charging which is super useful. You should make the best use of this by investing in a Qi wireless charger.
  • It, of course, comes with the latest and greatest Bluetooth 5.0. And it can automatically pair with your device.
  • It has the Binaural call option
  • It has a decent battery of 300mAh and can last for 6 hours. it takes up to 1 hour for the earbuds to charge and three hours for the charging case to charge. The charging case can charge the earbuds at least 4 times.
  • The best part is these earbuds are sweat-proof, so you can work out without stress
  • The i500 comes has good sound quality with a brilliant balance between the bass and treble.
  • You can use the earbuds individually.

i500 TWS Price and Review – i200 Vs i500 TWS

The i500 TWS Price and Review would not be complete without comparing this beauty to other TWS devices. So here’s the i200 vs i500.

The i500 is the successor of the i200 and both are replicas of the Apple Airpods 2. If you are wondering if the i500 is better than the i200, It obvious there are certain changes but they are very subtle. For example:

  • The design it almost the same. The key word here being “almost”. The i500 looks a lot better to the i200. They have the same dimensions, but the feel of the pairing button and the steel plate which connects the lids is vastly improved from the i200. Most importantly, the huge ugly green light of the i200 which screamed “trash” is improved as the i500 comes with a small and elegant light indicator.
  • The sound quality has a very obviously improved with the i500. This is probably due to the CVC noise cancelling technology.
  • Battery life is the only weird aspect. The i200’s charging case has a bigger battery of 35 mAh. So you can charge your earbuds an extra time. The i500’s charging case has a charging case with a battery of 300Mah. So you get where I’m going with this. But the charge of the individual earbuds lasts longer in the i500 than the i200. This is because the individual earbuds of the i500 has a battery of 33mAh whereas the i200 has a charge of 30mAh.
  • Both have Bluetooth 5.0 but i200 has a limit of 10 meters whereas the i500 can last up to 12-15 meters.

As you can see the winner is clearly the i500.

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i500 TWS Airpod Clones

At the end of the day, the i500 TWS is your average TWS Airpod Clone that does its job really well.

  • It looks fabulous the sound is great, and the battery life is amazing.
  • Considering newer models have been released with not much extra value addition, the i500 TWS is a great product to buy in the current season! 


  • True copy of the Apple Airpods
  • Decent battery life
  • Quick and fast charging that charges the device in 30 minutes
  • Good quality sound
  • Sturdy design
  • Super Cheap


  • Battery life could have been slightly better 

i500 TWS Review

Are the i500 TWS good?

The i500 is absolutely brilliant. It is a true 1:1 replica of the Apple AirPods2 and it functions exactly the same.
The sound quality is brilliant with an amazing balance between bass and treble. This device is built for persistence and productivity. The battery life is decent as the earbuds last up to 4-6 hours and the charging case will let your charge the earbuds at least 4 times.
Most importantly, it also looks amazing.
Check out the i500 TWS Price and Review for all the details.

Is i500 TWS waterproof?

Yes, the TWS is waterproof and sweat-proof. So, you don’t have to worry about your seat damaging the device when your working out.

How do I use my i500 TWS?

To use your i500 TWS. Follow these steps:
1. Switch on your phone’s Bluetooth
2. When your phones search for available devices, open the top cover of the i500 charging case. Make sure they’re charged.
3. Once the i500 charging case emits a green light. The device will pop up on your phone screen.
4. Click on it and you’ve successfully paired your i500’s with your phone.
Once the device is pair with your phone. You can play music or even take calls.
Check out the i500 TWS Price and Review for details on all the fantastic features.

What are the Convenient Features of i500 TWS AirPods?

Other than being absolutely cheap, the i500 has tons of convenient features is made up of ABS material and weighs around 0.0040kg. The lightweight natrure of these buds really come in handy especially if you listen to music for hours on end. It won’t hurt your ears or easily slip out during your workouts. Check out our i500 TWS Price and Review for more details.

User Reviews

They sound fairly decent, but for a brand that prides itself on being an exact replica. Especially, the audio quality, they are a little flat, but not as flat as most cheap earbuds. Sound is solid, there’s room for improvement, but not junk.



Again, I don’t understand some folks issues with the battery. I’ve spent six of the last seven workdays of use using them for almost six hours of continuous music. I’ve only heard the low battery voice once or twice, and then I’ve popped the earbud back in the case, and charged it for a little and away I went. I will say the wireless charging case is definitely a plus, it helps for when I get home after work and want to charge the case up. I will warn I took a star a point off, as it gets a little warm after a night of wireless charging. So I stick to short term wireless charging or wired charging for long term.

Build Quality:


After comparing with the Airpods they look and feel VERY similar, weight is different, but the size is virtually identical. Has the plastic hinge, but the lid is a little wobbly, but not in a crazy way. and it doesn’t have all the markings like on the actual AirPods and case like the originals. The touch sensor on each earpiece is very fiddly, sometimes I can’t get it to skip track, only pause. They do display in the Batteries widget for me.

Despite the issues I mentioned, these are extremely good reps and I would say are definitely worth the price

Nathan from USA

I did not expect much from 15 euro AirPods but this exceeded my expectations, one thing that’s difficult is touch controls but the sound and calling with them is fine so far

Agatha From New Zealand

They immediately connected to the phone. They work both together and separately and do not need to arrange dances with the bub according to their configuration just pulled out of the case and they combine-removed any of them and works the rest. Sound clean interlocutor hears well. The cons-the wire is very short.

Sasha From Russia

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