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i500 TWS Price and Review | $19 Airpod Replicas That Are Value for Money!

by Mike Xiao

If you have ever been confused with regards to which AirPod Clone to buy then this article is meant for you. First of all, all the naming conventions such as i200 TWS and i500 TWS might confuse you, but they are nothing but upgrades on the previous versions. 

Today we cover the i500 TWS. In this i500 TWS AirPod Clone review we will unbox this product and compare it with other TWS earbuds. 

Let’s go! 

i500 TWS Review 

Inside the Box 

This is a standard issue TWS earphone which means you get two earbuds with the charging box, n instruction manual, a USB-C charging cable. With some sellers you can also opt for a protective case. 

Price – $19

i500 TWS Design 

The design of the i500 TWS clone is same as the Airpods. It’s a true copy which means it’s the exact same size as the Airpods. You can use a case issued for the AirPods for this TWS clone. It has a charging notification light that lets you know the level of charge its at. 

The charging box itself comes with a magnetic metallic hinge that shuts smoothly. The earbuds also have a magnetic sensor in them that automatically goes into the groove with ease. 

In terms of a design this is as good as any Airpods or Airpods clone in the market.

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i500 TWS Function and Features

The i500 TWS has the following features. 

Bluetooth 5.0 Connection

You can use the i500 TWS AirPod replica with an iOS or an Android phone. With an iOS device you can get the pop-up feature with the true battery level, You can also connect with your phone with a single touch in the case of an iPhone. 

For Android devices you need to manually connect it through your Bluetooth settings. I tested the connectivity strength of the i500 TWS earbuds and they are pretty good. It loses connection beyond 10 to 15 metres, but it very rarely drops connection. 

Touch Sensor 

The most in-demand feature in all AirPod clones is the touch sensor. The first. Time I showed my friends and their minds blew considering this is a $20 gadget that could perform the same as a $100+ gadget.

So what is the touch sensor?

You can use a single touch to pause and play and the music and then double touch to skip songs on go to the previous song. With this you dont need to take your phone out of your pocket to change the music or pause and play!

Binaural Individual Earphones 

Each i500 TWS earphone can be used independently. This means you can keep one in the box and the other will work seamlessly. 

Price – $19


The i500 TWS comes with a built-in mic at the base through which you can communicate over call. This is the perfect hands free experience that most people are looking for. 

i500 TWS Sound 

How is the sound quality on the i500 TWS, you ask? This doesn’t have the noise cancellation feature. It has a decent bass and sharp sound. Can you hear the outside noise when listening to these earphones? Only a little bit.

In some cases, the sound has been too loud that I had to reduce the volume. The sound quality of the i500 TWS is better than the older versions such as i30, i60 etc. They used sub-par mic quality and the i500 earphones are a big improvement. 

i500 TWS Battery Life 

The battery life on the i500 TWS is the standard 3.5 hours to 4 hours which is more than sufficient especially for moderate use. If you travel very long distances everyday and you need your music plugged for hours on end, I would suggest carrying a powerbank that can power your phone and your TWS earphones too. 

i200 Vs i500 TWS

If you are wondering if the i500 is better than the i200, I hate to disappoint you, but it’s pretty much the same. There isn’t a major difference. Truth be told, there is not a major difference between the i200 through to the i1000 TWS. Post that a lot of changes were made with regards to the materials used, better use of the battery and so on! 

i500 TWS Airpod Clones

 At the end of the day, the i500 TWS is your average TWS Airpod Clone that does its job really well. It looks good, the sound is great, the battery life is fabulous and so on! Considering newer models have been released with not much extra value addition, the i500 TWS is a great product to buy in the current season! 

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  • True copy of the Apple Airpods
  • Decent battery life
  • Quick and fast charging that charges the device in 30 minutes
  • Good quality sound
  • Sturdy design
  • Super Cheap


  • Battery life could have been slightly better 

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